Play screen didn't save my latest... Can I get it back? :(
In a pure *facedesk* moment, I did that for every part before, but since I was on the road for much of the day and not on my desktop, I cleared the log especially to avoid said problem.
I noticed, however, that the net was really wonky yesterday, so perhaps the problem stemmed from that, not from RPGSolo directly.
Well, I played it and enjoyed it, and for the write up I will summarise that part. Much was trying to establish facts anyway.
I just had exactly the same problem once again - in the same network as last time. The problem might somehow be hinged on the combination of Safari as Browser and that particular network.
Can you try Chrome browser and see if that works better for you?
I am not a fan of chrome, so I think I will simply stop playing in that coffee shop on the public net and use my phone as hotspot instead. Fortunately your side seems to be very light on dataload. Thx for your help!

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