Rearranging posts?
Does anyone know how to rearrange posts so that I can put the last post I made at the beginning of the thread? Cause I don't want to have to delete everything just to jettison one post to the top.
Mark will probably have more information on moving a post to the top, however, I suspect it is not possible (at least as a poster, possibly Mark can move it using some "Board Owner Mysticism".) Your best bet might be to just cut the info from the last post and paste it into the first post before everything else that is already there.

As for hyperlinks, when you make a post or reply, don't use the "Quick Reply" box at the bottom of the thread. Just above that, below the last post on the right side is a button that reads "New Reply". If you use that button you will be able to use a Word Processor type editor that allows you to add hyperlinks (as well as a lot of other formatting). If are talking about hyperlinking to a specific post (i.e. for your Table of Contents), you can get the link info by right-clicking on the blue number in the upper right-hand corner of the specific post.
Thank you so much! That really helps me. Not great at hyperlinks and the like myself. Also, I've really been enjoying your Thieves story recently. I kinda of love how simple Bhart's life can seem sometimes. Overall it's a bit too much book keeping for me! though I'd love to have any just some downtime in Charms.
Thanks. I’m glad you are enjoying Thieves. I wish I could post more frequently, but with putting so much detail into each chapter and just life in general, that’s simply not happening.

Downtime in a story is really dependent on your game-play and writing style, and what you are looking for from this hobby. For me, it is half tabletop RPG and half storytelling, garnished with a bit of graphic work and image manipulation. It’s kinda the perfect storm of hobbies for me. I am always thinking ahead in my stories, imagining what I can do with my characters and what might happen depending on their choices and what rolls I make. The trick is finding the balance between letting the tools determine the story and me directing the story in a particular way. In the end, my goal with anything I post is to make it as interesting to the reader as I can. If you read my “Kage Gordain” campaign, you know the first and last chapter had almost no gameplay mechanics and was all story created by me, and I had fun writing it. If I’m just playing a dungeon crawl (which I do from time to time) there’s really no need to post. That’s just for me and my desire to “roll some dice”.

If you need help with anything or just have any questions, feel free to message me. I’ll be happy to respond and help if I can.
It's a little different for me, as it is with everybody I suppose. I find that I like the dice to lead me cause I'm renowned for hating decision making and, as much as I control the pacing closer in non-Rpg things that I write, I find it amusing to see what chance decides, in a way. But, yeah, I'm definitely more for the story, relationships and characters than the mechanics but I also feel that dice-rolling urge on occasion. I actually created a game that pretty much consisted of just rolling dice too - kind of a hex-based survival colony based thing - that I use sometimes but I've been really loving charms right now.

Will do with the questions! Usually I'm fine at least game wise cause I like homeruling things if I'm unsure but I'm not very technologically savvy, which maybe I should be being a millennial but eh. 

I haven't been able to write so much cause school's started again up here in rainy Scotland but this is the longest written rp log I've ever done so I'm pretty sure commitment is still high. I'm not known for finishing my projects  Confused

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