[Romance of the Perilous Lands] Solo Hex Crawl Quest

Just started a solo hex crawl quest using Romance of the Perilous Lands as system. Using The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox (D&D5e), Forbidden Lands random tables and my own solo rules to run the quest.

Here is the link to my blog:

Solo Hex Crawl Quest - Perilous Lands [Initial Set Up]
Part two : Introduction of the characters

Solo Hex Crawl Quest - Perilous Lands : The Knight and His Companions [Part 2]
This is close to blog spam. I may delete this if you're not using the site's tools and just trying to get clicks.

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I won't copy past everything on each and every site I post. It's too time consuming. That is what blogs are for. To centralize in one place. I'm not making any money with this. You are the only one who raised an objection btw. You might want to rethink your policy.
Rainy day. I've been busy. Hope you like it.

Chapter 3 : Day One
Really like the Romance of Perilous Land system. It's a keeper. 

Part 4 of the Perilous Lands: Whitestag Keep
You many want to indicate the dice you are using for rolls like in this case: "This is very likely 1-4 is yes. Roll = Yes."

Does that mean 1-4 on a d6, d8, etc.

Also, why do you use << >> symbols instead of quotes for speaking? Just seems odd.
Indeed, I should have mentioned the die type. Usually its a d6 for basic yes/no question.

I'm French. We use «» for speaking. I'll try to find the English quote marks on my keyboard.
(06-11-2020, 12:55 PM)Atanakar Wrote: We use «» for speaking.

Wow. Interesting. I've never seen such a thing.

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