Science Fiction Failed Jedi - A Star Wars Story
First - this is my second try at something like this. I'm posting here so I can reread what I've done and try to improve my solo game skills. I apologize if you try to read this as I'm a total newb at this sort of thing.

Chapter 1: What you Resist you Become

The setting is 9BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin)
Ezra Bridger is 10 years old, Hera and Kanus Jarrus are fighting The Empire together. Han and Chewie have been on their own for a year now. 

Kodah Pahn (KCP874)
But in another part of the galaxy, out on the Outer Rim a desperate loaner is making his way, constantly moving in an attempt to shed the guilt of his past while dangerously skirting his destiny.

He stands exactly six feet in height and if he showed you his face, chances are you'd recognize it belonging to someone else. He looks to be 40+ years of age but he has only been alive 20 years. Kodah Pahn is a clone trooper. He was fortunate that by the time his batch matured the Jedi were in charge as he somehow some way was Force sensitive. He was taken for special tutalage under human Jedi Master Salja Momar. Along with his clone trooper training Kodah Pahn practiced and trained in the force and light saber fighting in secret. No other clone troopers were known to be Force sensitives and the Jedi Council believed that such a secret could prove useful in the conflicts ahead. 

But there came a day when an order came over Kodah Pahn's comms from the Supreme Chancellor himself. One moment Kodah was training alone with his master. The next, his master lay dead at his feat. His emotions were at war with one another. On one hand he felt he had fullfilled his duty, his purpose. On the other hand he was screaming inside at what he must have done. Yet he never recalled killing his master. He simply put on his clone armor and joined the other clone troopers. He later found out that all the Jedi had been deemed traitors to The Republic and since his secret was known only by the jedi, he himself was not a target. 

Kodah Pahn found he had trouble dealing with his new reality. He didn't know what to believe, what was real, who to trust. He coldn't trust himself. Could he? Did he do what he thought he did? What happened? Why? Why? This haunted him for his remaining years serving as a clone trooper, till the day the Emperor (formerly the Supreme Chancellor) retired the clones and replaced them with Storm Troopers. Kodah Pahn gladly mustered out, bought a JM-5000 light freighter and headed out to the outer rim. He wanted to hide from something he couldn't see. He felt like something was always following him. He was always looking over his shoulder. He still hasn't figured out that it is his own past and his own inability to understand what happened that haunts him. He knows only one thing for sure, he failed the Jedi as he failed himself.

I'm using Barbarians of Lemuria as a base game system with my own additions/subtractions etc.

Here is his character sheet:

Kodah Pahn
Clone Failed Jedi (KCP874)
Health 10
Mov 8
Advantage 4
Destiny 2
Force 3
Supply 3

0220 4001

Soldier 2
Force User 2
Trader 0
Scout 0

Dueling Expert: + 1 Advantage. Melee 3

Friends in Low Places: friends in criminal world.

Lightsaber Training: no penalty die.

Warrior Society: add 1 to a combat ability (Melee). Max
for that ability is 6 & max starting ability is 4.

Hunted: 1 on a d6 when entering city means
you’ve been spotted.

Distinctive Appearance: you are memorable,
penalty die to disguise or maintain low profile.
If you are Hunted, twice as likely to be spotted
entering or leaving a city.

Gaderffi d6 Two-handed
Blaster Pistol d6L
Light Armor (concealed) d6-3, d6-2 with helmet

JM-5000 Nova Hazard
Size 4 Crew 1
Spd 4 Hull 10
Sens 5 Hand 4
Shld d6-3 HD 1
Nav 4 RP 2
Weapons (1): Nose Laser Cannons d6L.
One additional unused Hard Point
Boons: Accurate Sensors: bonus die sensors.
OUTER RIM - Main space port on Protosha.
I've made a small cargo run to keep flying. I've met a buyer in the hanger bay just outside the Nova Hazard. Does the buyer pay me?

Yes, but... +Twist: Physical event / Hinders the hero

The buyer needs a couple of days to gather the funds. Meanwhile the cargo will be kept by the port authority. Kodah Pahn decides to head to the local cantina to see if there is any work offers. Is he recognized?

6 = 6[d6]

Putting his helmet on that obscures his features Kodah heads for the nearest port cantina. Nobody recognizes him. Protosha is looking like a nice place to visit. Upon arriving at the cantina does Kodah find any job offers?

No +Twist: Organization / Helps the hero

Koda checks out the local job boards but there isn't any light freighter work. Nobody is asking for any scout work either. He has just finished eating lunch when a couple of strangers approach Kodah's table. Does he recognize who they might be from their dress?


Taking their measure Kodah sees these are warriors of circumstance. Not your mercenary or soldier. No uniforms, wary glances looking for trouble everywhere. Hmm... these folks are looking to avoid the authorities so they must be part of those resistance fighters Kodah has heard about. Kodah doesn't want to get involved in their fight. Esp since he himself is a wanted fugitive. Yet, he could really use a job to keep flying. He indicates they should sit and they do.

We hear you have a small freighter. Could you transport several passengers to a nearby stars system? 8 people and no questions asked.

Kodah doesn't normally take on passengers but if the credits are good...

Maybe, where are you headed? Kodah asks.

We need 8 people delivered to Anrippa one of the resistance fighters states.

Hey, that planet has an Imperial Blocade. says Kodah

We know, which is why we will supply you with proper Imperial codes to get you past the blockade. We can offer 50cr. The job should only take a few hours. Can we leave today?

Kodah really doesn't want to get involved in this but those are good credits and if they have proper codes and it only takes a few hours he could be back here this evening enjoying a good drink while he shops for a better hyperdrive.

Kodah tells the resistance fighters to meet him at hanger 8 in 1 hour and hell take them to Anrippa.

A couple of hours later the Nova Hazard exits hyperspace and encounters the imperial blockade. An imperial officer contacts the Hazard and demands clearance codes or the Hazard will be boarded. Are the imperial clearance codes supplied by the resistance fighters good?

Yes, and...

Nova Hazard, we notice your codes are high level clearance. Here are updated codes for you to use for the next week. You can pick them up at the port authority on Anrippa. Sorry for the delay. You may proceed. Says the Imperial Officer.

Kodah looks at the resistance fighters, they just shrug.

The Nova Hazard is guided to a landing pad. The resistance fighters pay up but warn Kodah that he may want to stay for an hour or so so as not to raise suspicions. Kodah takes their credits and decides it might be worth it to get those updated codes. They could be handy. He leaves the Nova Hazard and heads for the port authority office. Is he recognized?

4 = 4[d6]

Kodah is not recognized. He is curious at being addressed as Inquisitor by the Port Authority Officer but otherwise gets his new security codes and quickly leaves the office.
Kodah gets back in the Nova Hazard and leaves Anrippa. He uses his new codes and makes the jump back to Protosha. Is there a hyper drive mishap?

No, and... +Twist: Item / Ends the scene

Kodah arrives back at Protosha and the buyers of his cargo have already gathered their funds. Kodah meets with them to get his payment which will cover fuel and living expenses. Is he recognized?

2 = 2[d6]

Kodah is recognized when he takes his helmet off to eat at the local cantina. Is he recognized as a clone (1-4 on d6) or as a force user hunted by The Empire (5-6).

3 = 3[d6]

A farm girl, comes into the cantina. she is searching for someone when she spies Kodah her eyes widen in surprise and she rushes over to his booth in the corner. Excuse me sir but you are a clone, like my grandpa! He has been taken by some bad men who are going to hurt him real bad unless someone saves him. Gosh, you look just like him except you still have your left eye. My grandpa lost his in the war. But he doesn't like to talk about the war so I don't ever get to ask him how he lost it. Since he is like your brother, can you help him?

Who is he in trouble with kid?

Someone named Pragga Bosh.
Kodah has friends in the criminal world. Has he heard of Pragga Bosh?


Must be some small timer. Sure kid, show me.

The farm girl leads you out of the cantina where several other sibblings are gathered.

What are all of you doing here? Kodah asks.

Unfortunately, all the kids are looking at Kodah in wonder and pointing at him. Kodah puts his helmet on.  Does this other clone take care of these kids?


Kodah tells the kids to wait where they are. He steps back into the cantina and drops a bribe on the bartender and asks where he can find Pragga Bosh. Does the bribe work?


With this new info, Kodah heads to the criminal's hideout.

When he arrives he sees two weequay thugs standing outside with blasters at their sides. Kodah has his blaster and is carrying his gaderffi stick.
Not wanting to cause trouble he stops a few paces away and asks to see Pragga Bosh. Do the weequay let him see their boss? They have orders not to let anyone inside as their boss has a special guest that he is interrogating.


Kodah sighs when the weequay deny him entrance and they draw their blasters.
Kodah rolls for initiative:

8 = 6[d6]+2

Kodah goes first. He quickly closes the distance and attacks with his gaderffi stick.

6 = 2[d6]+4

13 = 5[d6]+4[d6]+4

It is important that Kodah ends this fight as quick as possible so as to limit the noise of the fight. He spends one destiny point to change his success to a mighty success and then chooses the rabble slayer option.<div class="roll_source"><small>Roll:</small> <code>ad6</code> <small>[<em>Error in the roll formula</em>]</small>

3 = 3[d6]

He does 3 points of damage which is enough to take out both rabble.

Kodah comes in fast with an upper cut with his gaderffi stick hitting the first weekquay thug under the chin snapping his head back, he slides slowing down the wall next to the door he was guarding and lays there his head and shoulders leaning against the door frame. A downward swing with the gaderffi stick connects with the back of the second weequay's head. He drops his pistol and falls face first into the dirt. Kodah slides both bodies into the nearby narrow alley, then examines the door for any security. Is there any more security?


Not finding any other locks or video devices Kodah enters the small time gangster's hideout.

Once inside, is the area well lit?

No, but...

there is enough light to find his way down a narrow dimly lit hallway. He hears a nearby conversation coming from behind a closed door. This will go easier for you if you just start talking. My boys here like to see blood. Me, I'm civilized. Don't make me do, what we both know I'm gonna' do to get you to talk. Can Kodah see into the room?


The door has a small viewport. Inside the room a large human in strapped to a chair. He is dark of skin, his face has been hit several times and there are some cuts on his arms where he has been beaten and tortured. But he glares at his captor Pragga Bosh with a stare that could almost kill it has such fury behind it.

Pragga Bosh laughs at him. Oh, you are going to be so much fun. Sad that I have to give you up. See, a representative of The Empire is coming here to take care of you personally. Yeah, I've got connections. And if half of what I hear about you is true, I'm going to be a very rich boy! So, thank you for that. OH, and (Pragga Bosh punches the bound man in the fact), and thank you for that too! While Pragga Bosh is laughing there is a familiar click in the spirit of Kodah, who flings the door open and enters the fray!

4 = 2[d6]+2

Kodah gets a 4 for initiatve.
Pragga gets a

3 = 3[d6]

and the two rabble thugs go last.
Kodah attacks!

11 = 2[d6]+5[d6]+4

Kodah goes for the two thugs first. He spends another destiny point to make his success a mighty success and chooses rabble slayer again.
Damage is

1 = 1[d6]

Ouch, bad roll. Koda enters the room but there are a bunch of low hanging wires and conduits that obstruct his gaderffi stick. One of the thugs goes down unconscious.
Pragga Bosh draws a knife at his belt and lunges at the back of Kodah.

10 = 6[d6]+3[d6]+2-1

Pragga Bosh stabs Kodah for

7 = 3[d6]+3[d6]+2-1

7 = 4[d6]+2[d6]+2-1

6 = 6[d6]

1 = 1[d6]

first two rolls were still attack rolls by mistake
Pragga has to roll 2d6 and take lowest
He strikes Kodah for 1 point of damage.
Kodah's armor roll is

-1 = 2[d6]-3

not good enough.
Kodah takes 1 point of damage.
the last thug draws a blaster and shoots at Kodah.

4 = 1[d6]+4[d6]-1

He misses.
Kodah turns his attention on Pragga Bosh.

10 = 4[d6]+2[d6]+4

He hits Pragga Bosh for<div class="roll_source"><small>Roll:</small> <code>ad6</code> <small>[<em>Error in the roll formula</em>]</small>

1 = 1[d6]

1 point of damage! ugh, not much at all.
Pragga's health goes from 5 to 4.
Pragga returns the favor.

10 = 3[d6]+6[d6]+1

and hits for

5 = 5[d6]

1 = 1[d6]

One point of damage, again because he has a roll of 2d6L (take the lowest).The last thug shoots his blaster again.

11 = 6[d6]+6[d6]-1

wait, Kodah gets an armor roll against Pragga Boshes last attack, and yes the thug managed to shoot Kodah.
Armor roll

3 = 6[d6]-3

hah! no damage.from Pragga's strike
Now damage from thug (rabble only roll d3 when armed)

3 = 3[d3]

3 points of damage, Armor roll for Kodah

3 = 6[d6]-3

And armor saves the day again!
Kodah swings again at Pragga Bosh

10 = 4[d6]+2[d6]+4

A hit for

6 = 6[d6]

6 Points! Pragga is knocked unconscious!

Will the thug try to shoot Kodah again?
Hmm...system not responding.


He does try to shoot again!

5 = 1[d6]+5[d6]-1

Finally he misses.
Kodah looks at the human thug.

10 = 4[d6]+2[d6]+4

and clobbers him for

6 = 6[d6]

6 damage! Lights out for him too!

Kodah unties the captive and says his name by way of introduction. Kodah asks the former prisoner if he knows where Pragga was keeping a clone prisoner?
The former prisoner responds that Pragga wasn't. That was a lie to get Kodah to rescue him. The former prisoner has street urchins that work for him as spies and messengers. He knew he was trapped but was able to get word to his little spies. The former prisoner introduces himself as Saw Gerrera. Welcome to the resistance Kodah.

Does Kodah trust this guy?

Thanks for posting. I've enjoyed reading this so far.

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