Science Fiction Star Wars: The Ascension of Urweck Laar
I decided to use the free and extremely rules-light Lasers and Feelings system to provide a little structure to this game. I think it worked rather well. This is a sequel to "The Fate of Urweck Laar" in the Unplugged section, which was in turn the sequel to "The Fall of Urweck Laar" in the Actual Play Reports section.

Name: Squire Urweck Laar
Style: Alien (Utai)
Role: Squire
Goal: Vengeance
Number: 2

Name: Inquisitor Yndur Knightstalker
Style: Dangerous
Role: Inquisitor
Goal: Dark Power
Number: 4

Ship Name: The Seraglio Harbinger
Strengths: Fast, Powerful Shields
Problem: Fuel Hog

Manta Station has certainly seen better days. Though never officially allied with the CIS, the station's semi-legitimate elite invested heavily in the Trade Federation during the Clone Wars, many with nothing less than altruistic intentions. None of that mattered after the massacre of Mustafar, and the station's economy went into a sharp decline. Time will tell whether it will recover. Even so, the inhabitants of the disk-like main body of the station are fairly unfazed. The brunt of the troubles is already being borne by the city's slum and only port, the satellite district.

The satellite district is little more than an enormous, unsightly lump of rock joined by the utilitarian metal pillar of the bridge of starlight to the side of Manta station. The asteroid is riddled with an unplanned mess of air-locked passageways and starship jetties, so much so that when Manta station finally fixed it's long standing artificial gravity problems a few years back, about a quarter of the buildings in the satellite district collapsed straight away. Since then, the district has been put back on zero gravity, but the structure is still unstable, and you hear of a tunnel being closed off there or a spacer being sucked out into the void. The district is both liability and lifeblood to Manta Station. It is home to the penniless and the disreputable and is slowly but surely breaking apart into a cloud of space dust, but yet it is also responsible for the majority of the stations imports and exports, as nowhere else has the capacity to handle such a volume of moorings. If there was anywhere on the station a fugitive would hide from the Empire, it would probably be in the satellite district.

The Seraglio Harbinger pulls into the port like a cathedral-sized dagger. It is streamlined, but angular, it's essentially a scaled-down Star Destroyer. From the shadows in the depths of the ship, two figures emerge. A rugged-looking battle/protocol droid hybrid greets the visitors as they cross the threshold of their ship into the zero-gravity.
"Inform your masters that this station is under quarantine until further notice"
The droid looks sceptical, but at that moment two Venator-class Star Destroyers materialise from Hyperspace over the station, bristling with lasers. Not another word is spoken as the droid hurriedly departs.

The station is in chaos. Waves of Stormtroopers (for that is what the troopers of the Grand Army had been rechristened), push past fleeing smugglers and petty criminals, forming a living wall reinforced with alloyed armour and stun blasts. The two inquisitors push through the melee like a knife through butter, the Dark Side calling them to their prey.

The two come to a halt before a weakly fortified door. They take a second to prepare. Knightstalker kicks down a door of weak iron alloy and steps back behind a corner. His squire opens fire into the gap with lightning.

2 = 2[d6]

4 = 4[d6]

Laser Feelings + Feelings Success. Laar senses the Jedi within the room, his lightning guided to it's target with the force. A second later, blaster fire emanates from behind an upturned table and Laar dives...

5 = 5[d6]

Laser failure. The spray catches him in the chest and sends him to the floor. Knightstalker steps over him, blasting the room with a telekinetic push.

5 = 5[d6]

Feelings success. The shooter and the Jedi are thrown backwards and the Inquisitor moves in for a strike with his vibro-axe.

9 = 5[d6]+4[d6]

Laser failure + Laser Feelings. The Inquisitor reaches out in the force to assess whether the shooter is still alive, distracting him momentarily as the Jedi blocks his attack with a parry from her brilliant blue sabre, blinding in the dim light. The Jedi ripostes and the Inquisitor is forced onto the back foot. Is the shooter still conscious?

(7[d10]) Yes.

The blaster-wielder opens fire again as Laar regains his feet. The alien attempts to grab the rebel with the Force.

6 = 6[d6]

Feeling success. The rebel is lifted into the air by his neck, but not before he hits the Inquisitor, giving the Jedi an open target. The inquisitor attempts a block...

1 = 1[d6]

Lasers success. The Inquisitor catches the blade with the head of his axe, feeling it's heat mere inches from his shoulder. The manoeuvre forces him back into the doorway however, blocking his squire out of the fight. The Inqusitor then attempts a move he knows well, a disarming slash to the wrist.

10 = 4[d6]+6[d6]

Laser feelings + Laser Failure. The Jedi catches the head of the axe again and the lightsabre's blade is forced ever closer to the Inquisitor. But the Inquisitor senses a weakness in the Jedi... Is it physical (yes) or mental (no)?

(2[d10]) No.

The Inquisitor locks blades with the Jedi.
"Your friend is dead. You dishonour him" taunts Laar.
The Jedi does not repond.
"Give into your anger" hisses the Inquisitor over the crackle of blue energy "...or else you die here. You know it is the only way to avenge your comrades".

6 = 3[d6]+3[d6]

Inquisitor's roll: Feelings failure
Laar's roll: Feelings success
Inquisitor's extra roll due to help...

5 = 5[d6]

Feelings success. The Jedi glares into the Inquisitor's eyes and throws him off, sending the Inquisitor staggering to regain balance. The Jedi then swings for Laar with her sabre...

1 = 1[d6]

Laar dodges, but overbalances in the zero-gravity, drifting out of the fight. Knightstalker prepares for a leap at the Jedi, crouching against the ceiling, blocking an incoming strike with his axe...

1 = 1[d6]

Laser success. The axe comes slightly loose in his hand, but the Inquisitor manages to riposte, kicking off of the ceiling and swinging his axe for the Jedi's head...

4 = 2[d6]+2[d6]

2 Laser Successes. The axe slices into the Jedi's arm, allowing the Inquisitor to prepare for a killing blow. As the axe comes down the Inquisitor attempts to dodge as his squire pulls the blade to one side with the force.

6 = 5[d6]+1[d6]

Laser failure. Feelings failure.

The sabre stabs the Inquisitor as he holds his axe poised to strike. The Jedi pulls the blade from his body and force pushes him away. Laar stares in shock and locks eyes with the Jedi, as if seeing her for the first time. A human female, face half concealed by a Jedi's hood, eyes sunken and tired. Laar unleashes his Dark Rage and snatches up a fallen blaster, spaying bolts at the scum.

1 = 1[d6]

Feelings failure. Howling rage and clouds of lightning course through the rock and metal all around as the Jedi deflects the bolts. One of them hits Laar and he drops the blaster. The Jedi prepares a return strike with the force, summoning a ball of floating debris to her hands while the squire gets to his feet against the opposite wall. Time to disappear. Urweck fades into the shadows, using his years of training on the stage.

9 = 4[d6]+5[d6]

Laser Failure. Laser Failure. There's nowhere to run, the debris pins Laar to the wall, driving cuts and gouges into his flesh. He's exhausted all his avenues of attack. He spares a glance at his fallen master before looking from under his eyebrows at the Jedi floating in the corridor above his head.
"So will you kill me, Jedi? A helpless, unarmed enemy?" the Utai laughs "But if I escape, I will only come after you again

The Jedi doesn't sheath her sabre, just standing there before her captive.
"You see, the Jedi are just the same as the Sith beneath it all. Take a Jedi, take away their galactic domination and system of thugs and lackeys and what do you have left? Where are your standards now, Jedi, when you don't have the authority to make an arrest and forget about me for the rest of your life?"
The Jedi advances, gliding though the debris, sabre drawn and lighting her arm in an icy gleam.
"Just like the followers of the Dark Side" Laar gestures to his fallen master "you kill or be killed". Laar prepares to call his master's axe as the Jedi approaches.

6 = 6[d6]

Feelings success. The Jedi prepares a coup de grace, exposing her to the fallen vibro-axe!

4 = 3[d6]+1[d6]

Feelings success + Feeling failure. The axe twirls through the air and arcs towards the Jedi's back, but she slashes at it and sends it tumbling in peices through the station. Laar whips out his ion gun in a desperate attempt to ward the Jedi off.

3 = 3[d6]

Laser failure. The Jedi slices the weapon in two and holds her sabre to Laar's throat. Laar closes his eyes and reaches out in the force towards the abandoned blaster. If the Jedi hesitates, she will get a hail of blaster bolts in the back. If she gives in to her anger, the results are obvious...

Anger (yes) or Hesitation (no)?...

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

...Laar's head drops to the floor. A figure retreats into the shadows of the station, blue light fading away around her.

Quote:Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.

-Sorzus Syn

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