Science Fiction Star Wars test run
Pardon me if such raw reports are not allowed in this forum. But I thought it might be good enough.

I couldn't wait to try this great site, so for my Star Wars game I found some one page ruleset called Lasers and Feelings. I used its adventure tables to generate general plot:

[Space pirates want to empower alien artifact to fix everything]

Then actual


Defeat the sith lord at the Alderaan.

Pirate frigate.


After the civil war, there was a Sith Lord Dakarus, who fled with few apprentices unnoticed by either side. He created a hidden mountain fortress, which he defended and kept hidden thanks to one of the prototype technology used in war. Jedi knew this, but since he was reclusive for now, they left him alone. Now this information somehow got into the hands of ambitious and desperate pirate Gaen Ortis, who due to debt is facing impending doom of his fearsome band. He want to acquire this alien artifact to fortify his base from debt collectors.

Juvenile jedi knight who was worried about this situation, despite decisions of the council, contacted his friend Haretonn about this matter. Haretonn being bounty hunter in need of clearing serious fine for criminal activity, would be eager to undertake risky mission of stopping the pirate. So he embarked to try.

The jedi, Acun Arlos, came specially to Korriban to contact Haretonn about this case. Haretonn was hiding here as well as scavenging the ruins.

'So how a mere pirate is supposed to steal from a sith lord? Are you serious?'


Cheap mount.

'He is going to infiltrate the base by setting a trade of cheap ships that Dakarus personell would use for transporting goods to sustain the fortress. The pirate crew will be hiding inside the ships which will be delivered to the base.'

Would their talk be interrupted by sudden attack, while sitting on this huge cave amongst ruined monuments?

Yes, and...

Independent jedi conselor.

Two friends are attacked by pair of sith apprentices. Now need to find some combat mechanics.

FEW IRL DAYS LATER... Wink I read basic rules for Edge of the Empire.

Suddenly a grande falls in from behind a column. Jedi is knocked unconcious (no stats for jedi), Haretonn notices two sith apprentices. He shoots and hits, but threat dice causes him to hit the column due to explosion, suffering 1 strain. 1 sith is hit for 7 damage, 5hp left.

Does he flee? unlikely

No, and...


Sith student seeing his nasty wound suddenly says 'Hey, stop, we need not to fight. You are not a friend of this jedi? We might rob him before we dispose of him.'
Haretonn just aims his gun and says: 'He is my friend'.

He gets free initiative but misses due to zero successes, but he rolled 2 advantage points which he spends to add 1 difficulty die to enemy's next check. In game world it means following:

The young sith is so startled be the answer and sudden attack, that he barely can aim now.

The sith attack with blaster pistols and fire exchange ensues. One time Haretonn missed and had one threat result that would give 1 strain, which I decided was himself slipping a bit on stone rubble. Great way of keeping combat interesting. There is huge amount of rolling in this combat system though, so combats are a bit slower than I'm accustomed to, but they really make up for it.

He quickly defeated the sith. Fortunately the jedi didn't suffer any wounds. Did the sith had any interesting loot?


However blasters may be valuable, I take one.

Before they could resume their talk, another jedi travellers runs inside the ruins. (remember "jedi conselor" roll from before?)

'I heard sounds of combat. Are you alright?'

'I bested them, though suffering no small wound.'

'I will take care of that'

With help of the jedi conselor and a bit of rest, Haretonn was fine after short time. (Third medicine roll succeed.)
They talked a bit, both hestitant to reveal their motivations to be on this planet. Did two friends rose any suspicion? (likely)

No, but...


Jedi conselor said that such rifles are usually used by bounty hunters so he asked Haretonn if he is one. He said he's a mere explorer and scavenger.

Cunning roll: fail.

Jedi kept his doubts to himself for now. They departed in different directions.

Haretonn thanked Acun Arlos for information. Now he knew that he at least have a chance of completing this task. He bid his friend farewell and boarded his space vessel straight to Alderaan.
I don't know ship rules yet so need to take this easy. Were there any encounters during space travel? 50/50


Next thing we know is how Haretonn landed in green area between forest and white mountains of Alderaan. There were signs of civilization and roads, but currently seemed deserted. He turned into direction in which he believed the pirates could be found and started heading there.

End of session 1. To play this great system properly, I need to read rules and make better preparation of material.

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