Simulating Prepared Aspects for Fate Core
How does the virtual GM handle aspects of the random things or places that I encounter? Should I ask a complex question or should I just let my PC's aspects matter?

Is there a hack, set of house rules or any other source material that teaches methods on how to play FATE Core or any earlier version without a GM?

The system is supposed to be flexible so there must be a method somewhere. (Besides the one already discussed here with the mythic random events being compels, this one is about aspects and maybe stunts and extras too)

I'm trying to play Fate Core all by myself since there is virtually no one in the same timezone where I live that plays tabletops.

Can you explain to me what an Aspect is in Fate?
The character in the core rules have 5 aspects, 10 skills (from the 18 skills used) and a couple of stunts.

Skills are the numerical things that are compared against each other or some other set number. Aspects are something you can invoke to re-roll a test, or more commonly, get a +2 modifier after rolling and finding the result just a tad too bad for your tastes. The aspects also state things that are true all the time invoked or not. If GM allows an aspect "Invisible", then the thing or being with such an aspect is invisible all the time and can use a fate point to invoke that aspect to get additional +2 to any roll where being invisible would help. The other side of aspect is that it can be compelled against the owner for a fate point ("Hard to get those people to listen to you, with you being invisible and all"). Stunts are things that modify skills slightly, giving bonuses to narrower situation, giving new uses to skills etc.

Example Character:

Argus the Mage

High consept: Mage of the Diamond Tower
Trouble: Appreciates female attention
Intent Gaze
Masterful negotiator
Student of Balthazar Darrik

Great (+4) Lore
Good (+3) Will, Provoke
Fair (+2) Empathy, Deceive, Rapport
Average (+1) Athletics, Physique, Stealth, Fight

Mage: Can use Lore skill to perform spells
Eager Eavesdropper: +2 to all stealth tests related to listening something not meant to your ears.
Bond braker: +2 to all Provoke and Deceive tests, when trying to affect the relationship between two people for the worse

The character is just a quick brainfart, but it should contain the most important bits.

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