Star Wars: The Fate of Urweck Laar
This sequel to "The Fall of Urweck Laar" was originally going to be a solo RPG like it's predecessor, but what was originally meant to be the intro evolved into more of a short story, so I ran from there, without any dice-rolling. Credit where it's due goes to Slaad11 for his comment suggesting this sequel. Edit: Moved from "Actual Play Reports" to "Unplugged".

Star Wars: The Fate of Urweck Laar

The Sith Code Wrote:Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

The Jedi were fools to put me in chains. The Jedi were fools to the very last. While the tides of darkness sweeping the galaxy left even the great councils of the Jedi blinded, they only opened my eyes. My cell, buried deep in the blackness of the earth, became my sanctum of the Dark Side, barred to the waning light above, immersed in shadow amid convicts and madmen. Now, the time has come for me to leave my shackles. To instruct what remains of the Jedi on the error of their ways.

The prison magistrate now stands before me, half-hidden behind his pompous desk and pathetic guards.
"Urweck Laar. Has it really been two years?" he drones with a sneer of delight.
I permit myself a smile, for I know that nothing the snivelling bureaucrat can say now will change the inevitable.
"It appears" he continues, with an unnerving smile "that there has been a change in legislation regarding your imprisonment."
I have sensed this already. The war is ended. The Jedi are dead. The dark side rules the galaxy again and my freedom awaits.
"Under the Emperor's new decree..."
My heart pounds in my chest, straining against my force-dampening bonds, just waiting for them to be removed...
"All formerly imprisoned force users..."
Visions of my future self flash before my eyes, free to carry out my every desire. I see myself, finally revenged on Eistop Xing. I see the last of the Jedi, exterminated by my hand. I see my kingdom, a system, no, a sector assigned to my iron grip by the Emperor, as befits a fellow master of the Dark Side.
"...are to be executed."

The Jedi were not the only fools.

The Emperor is not interested in assistance in ruling the galaxy. He does not desire another Dark Sider with whom to share his power. It appears, even after the prophesied Revenge of the Sith, the rule of two will not be broken. I am taken straight to the courtyard, a cavern lit by a trickle of sunlight, leaking from the Utapaun sinkhole above. The magistrate watches intently from a balcony set into the rock, flanked by his equally cowardly guards. The trooper at my back shoves me to my knees as a black-robed figure enters, with an axe looming over his shoulder. The magistrate spits a few last words from on high as my neck meets the block. The trooper withdraws and the robed figure pulls the axe from his back, resting the cold tip against my neck before making his swing. I stare at the rocky floor, but I can feel the anticipation of the Magistrate from the balcony above, his eyes fixed upon the back of my neck. The axe is raised high into the murky light. I hear the swing from the executioner's deathly grasp and, finally, the thud of a head on the rocky floor.

A voice pierces the silence like a knife.
"The Magistrate is dead. Long live the Inquisitor."
My neck cranes to see the magistrate's head on the floor before me, and the executioner's axe protruding from the mass of blood dripping from the balcony above. I rise, turning to see the executioner revealed, hood lowered, holding aloft a warrant of execution. The name at the top is not mine, it is the Magistrate's, his named successor: "Inquisitor Yndur Knightstalker", at the foot, signed: "Palpatine".
"Kneel" commands the executioner and fear overtakes me again. The chance of life I so suddenly gained is to be removed from me just as quickly. However, the man gestures for me to remain standing. It is instead the guards that kneel before him, swearing fealty to their new master.
"Leave us" utters the master and we are standing alone in the cavern.

"I would question you" intones the Inquisitor, holding his axe to one side, but not sheathing the blade.
"But I already know what you desire"
He continues before I can speak...
"The death of your betrayer"
"The death of your captors"
"The death of your judge"
"The death of your weakness"

"The first three have already come to pass. My research tells me the foolish Eistop Xing was killed in the crossfire at the Battle of Alzoc III when a Trade Federation MTT bulldozed through his house. The Jedi were your captors, they are all but destroyed by the legions of the New Order. Your judge lies decapitated before you. All that remains is the fourth desire, the most important desire... power."

"Become my apprentice and together we shall hunt down the last of the Jedi in the name of the Emperor. Their power over the galaxy is now ours."
A pause...
"I pledge my self to your teachings... master." I say, kneeling like the troopers before me.
The Inquisitor raises his axe and touches each shoulder.
"Rise, Squire Laar. We have work to do."
Awesome! I love dark stories of anti-heroes and this one is well written. The RPG Solo Play tool is great for inspiration and having fun playing random adventures, but short stories give you more freedom to craft :]

Do you plan to make it into a chronicle?
(03-27-2014, 06:24 PM)slaad11 Wrote: Awesome! I love dark stories of anti-heroes and this one is well written. The RPG Solo Play tool is great for inspiration and having fun playing random adventures, but short stories give you more freedom to craft :]

Do you plan to make it into a chronicle?
A third Urweck Laar story? I'm not writing it yet, but the third adventure will most likely be about Squire Laar and Inquisitor Knightstalker hunting down the last of the Jedi, as the ending of this one implies.
Thanks for the support Smile

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