Superheroes Overwatch

Used this tool before I found out about this one.

Ran based on two of the Overwatch Cinimatics.
Unfortunately, while it worked great, I think I am having trouble with a few things.
Initiative rules most likely being the problem.

In both cases, I was pretty much too strong the whole time, and the opposition never got a break. That was likely both Tracer's fault for having too high Reflex, and also that I don't think I used the Turn order correctly.

The first worked better, but once more than two characters exist, I think my understanding of the turn rules kinda breaks down, since it made it so much worse.

I kept making up rules (which seems normal from what I read) to handle situations as they came up, and in the second heavily reduced how Tracer's blink boosted her Reflexes, but it didn't exactly help.

Also I made her weapons both swap between Lethal and Nonlethal-With temperal effects (Shamelessly ripped from Worm)

Any suggestions on how I might improve here?

~Also, is there a spoiler tag option, for collapsable text?

Quote:Tracer Pulse
Reflex Incredible
Strength above Average
Toughness High
Pulse Pistols - Exceptional Damage
Pulse Bomb - Superhuman 1 damage. One use.

Blink - Gain +1 rank shift for Reflex per charge. Every 3 applications has a Very Unlikely chance of Shutting down your Chronal Accelerator for several rounds.
Recall - Undo any damage taken from the last attack, undo any poor positioning. Once per battle. Has a Unlikely chance of shorting out your Chronal Accelerator for several rounds.
Chronal Accelerator - When offline, roll Very unlikely, with +1 rank shift per failure to reactive, each turn.

Reflex Exceptional
Strength Above Average
Toughness Exceptional
Windows Kiss - Awesome Sniper, High Machine gun.
Window Mine - Trap - Applies -2 injury, ignores toughness.

Grappling hook - Relocate, Adds +2 rank shift to reflex for manuvering and disengaging, and +4 for gaining height.
Infered Goggles - View target through cover, in crowds, etc.


Reflex - Average
Strength - Below Average
Toughness - Below Average
Assault Rifle - High damage

Spray and Pray - Tranfer up to 2 damage to reflexes with a rapid fire weapon. Trying to hit anything at all. Risk of friendly fire. -2 rank shift to hit another targe.

Widowmaker, Villian, is trying to kill "Halo", a political leader. Given his personal shield, using the sniper rifle is nessesary, as anything lesser will glance off.

Tracer pulse, is here to intercept. Protect Halo, and drive off or kill widowmaker.

Below Average
Above Average


Arriving at the Rally, attempting to locate Widowmaker
Scene #1: 

E: Progress on 'Locate Widowmaker before she Assasinates Halo': the Travel of Good

Travel of good. Nothing comes to mind. Lets try and find a likely vantage point.

Q: Do you see any good sniper vantage points from the crowd? NO

Hmm, no obvious points. Do you spot Widowmaker herself?
Q: #2 YES

Q: Is she hiding, using her grappling hook, what? An Uncertain Amount of Dullness, Locate Widowmaker before she Assasinates Halo
Well, she is likely hiding in that case, but you spotted her.

Assuming this is on a building. Its not an idea sniping location, but she is in position regardless.
Move to engage.

You disengage with the crowd and move towards the location.

Q: Is Halo in the open yet? YES

Given this, 
Q: Is Widowmaker preparing to make her shot? EXCEPTIONAL YES

While you move towards her location, a single shot goes out. Hitting Halo's shield. This, needless to say, causes a panic. Also, the shield, while not penetrated, goes down.

The guards immediately move to cover Halo, and try to get her to the APC.

You immediately blink towards Widowmaker.

Q: Do you make it while widowmaker is preparing another shot? NO

You make it just before she shoots and opens fire.

Q: Does this push her off target? YES

Q: Does it hit a guard instead? EXCEPTIONAL YES

One of the guards takes a shot through the head and dies insantly.

At this, the Civilians, go from panicking to panicking more. 

You opened fire on Widowmaker.
Given you spent the Blinks to close the distance, you get no reflex bonus here.

Widowmaker similarly gets no bonus either.

Q: Do you hit widowmaker with your pulse pistols? EXCEPTIONAL NO

Widowmaker's dodge, in addition to throwing her aim off (Sort of) still puts her out of the path of your bullets.

Q: Give you just spent 3 charges closing the distance, does your Accelerator short out? NO

Combat seriously begins now.

Widowmaker is distracted, given she was busy sniping at the time.

Incredible Vs Exceptional-1(High)

Q: Do you go first? EXCEPTIONAL YES

You continue firing your pulse pistols, and use a single blink to close the distance.

Widowmaker had used her grappling hook to extend the distance, so medium range.

Your action is Hasty, so -1, and medium range, so -2. Given the sudden assault, while moving, it is not erratic, -1

Incredible-4 - Below Average, Vs Exceptional.
Q: #13 NO

Given the poor situation, it is no surprise that you fail to hit. Pulse pistols suffer badly with range after all.

Widowmaker is no longer surprised, or distracted.
Incredible VS Exceptional
Q: Do you go again? NO

Widowmaker's Turn.

She might open fire, take cover, open the distance (she has range advantage, and a grappling hook, so yea), try to disengage, etc.
Check each of these. 50/50 except for disengage which is unlikely.

Q: Does she Open Fire? NO
Q: Does she Take cover? NO
Q: Does she try and open the distance? YES
Q: Does she try to disengage? EXCEPTIONAL YES

Given her attack failed and was interupted, she tries to disengage entirely. After all, getting in close combat with YOU, TRACER PULSE, isn't a good idea.

Using the grappling hook, she gains distance on you
Q: Does she use the grappling hook to gain height? YES

And tries for higher ground. Up the middle of a spiral staircase.

You attempt to follow. You spend one Blink charge.

Her disengage to gain height and distance also gains a A +2 for the grappling hook, while you gain a +1 for blinking

Q: Do you maintain medium range and keep up with her? YES

You zoom up around the stairs as fast as she goes up.

You are both now on the roof, but she has a lead on you. Immediately she leaps to the next roof, or at least tries. (High Feat, at least for superhumans like you two.)

Q: Does she make it? YES

Q: Do you go next? YES

You spend your last charge to leap over the gap and open fire again. With a medium range, close to long range, you aren't exactly confidant as to your success.

Incredible+1 vs High, 
Q: Do you make it accross? YES

You open fire at medium range.

Nothing hasty about this, and still just trying to hit in general.

Incredible vs Exceptional.

Q: #25 NO

Widowmaker is not playing around, and you miss again. She parkours out of the way and gains distance.

At this point, you probably bought the guards maybe 30 seconds. Given the crowd paniking, It is VERY UNLIKELY that Halo is safe yet, behind reinforced metal.

Q: Is Halo Safe? YES

While neither you or Widowmaker know this, the guards have managed to hustle Halo into the APC. As such, Widowmaker's mission has failed, for now.

Although, it IS possible you or Widowmaker do know, it is VERY UNLIKELY.

Q: Do you know Halo escaped? NO
Q: Does Widowmaker know Halo Escaped? NO

The Battle continues. Neither of you have gotten a hit off yet.

Widowmaker sprints past an air conditioner, and throws a widow-mine on it.

Q: Do you spot her place the mine? NO

Q: 3 Charges used, Does your Accelerator Shutdown? NO

You sprint after Widowmaker, spending a blink to try and close the distance (Medium -> Short)

Incredible+1 vs Exceptional. Except for that slight complication.

The Mine. Given you didn't spot it and it is now out of your line of sight, it would be a SuperHuman feat to spot it. 

Superhuman VS Incredible+1

Q: Do you evade the mine? EXCEPTIONAL NO

While you had a reasonable change to avoid it thanks to the blink, you fail anyway. 

FIRST BLOOD! -2 to every stat on tracer due to Widow's Poison.

Incredible is now High. for reflexes, Vs an Average difficulty. Except for the whole, Surprise, so -2, and sudden fog, -1
High-3, for Below Average, Vs Average.
Q: Do you manage to not trip and fall prone from the surprise? EXCEPTIONAL YES

Despite the surprise, you keep running, but instinctively blink to the side, expecting a followup strike.

High+1(blink) vs  Exceptional, but you get

Q: Do you go next? YES

Despite the setback, you still have the Iniative. 

Given the half second to think rationally, you instantly activate a recall, shifting yourself back in time several seconds, to just before the mine went off.

Q: Does your Accelerator shut down? YES
E: Positive for Halo: the Vengeance of the Mundane

Your Accelerator shuts down! The Chronal energy started to surge uncontrollably, and forced a hard reset. It will be a short time before you can blink again.

Luckily for you, several guards have just reached a neiboring rooftop, and immediately open fire on Widowmaker. (Or Try to)

Guards just joined the battle. Your chronal Accelerator is temperarilly out of commission, and widowmaker is still active. Halo is long gone.
Scene #2: 

E: Ambiguous Significance: a Truce about Food

Q: Do the Guards fire on you as well? NO

R: How many Guards?: 3/8

Q: Do they have heavy weapons? NO
Q: Does widowmaker switch focus to the guards? YES

Only three guards show up. They recognize you as TRACER, and while technically illigal, you aren't know for using a sniper rifle, and they consider you the lesser threat, for now.

None of them have heavy weapons, obviously expecting military contracters, not superhuman mercinaries or assasins.

Regardless, they open fire on Widowmaker, on the other side of the roof.

With 3 of them, their below average Reflexes get a +1. Additionally, the surprise round provides +3. Below Average jumps to Exceptional, for the first round.

Widowmaker still has Exceptional reflexes however.

Exceptional Vs Exceptional 

Q: Do the guards go first? YES

All 3 open fire instantly on Widowmaker, who tries to dodge, jumping off the building and grappling into a window.

Below Average +1 because group, -3 Long range, -1 Linear Evasion. +2 Spray and Pray (-2 damage rank)
+1-3-1+2 = 3-4 = -1

Low vs Exceptional. 

Q: Do the guards hit? NO

Needless to say, they don't manage to hit, even recklessly firing the moment they spot her.

Below Average, +1 group, +2-2 spray and pray.
Given spray and pray, it might hit you, albiet even less likely.

Average vs Incredible
Q: Do they hit you? NO

Still, even without your Accelerator, you come nowhere near being hit.

Widowmaker sends out her grappling hook and crashes through a window. 

Q: Do the guards switch focus to you? NO

Two guards rush to the edge to try and see where she went. One gets a radio out and alerts other teams.

Q: Does your Accelerator reactivate? NO

Without your accelerator, you can't really safely follow her. You can leap to the next building, but it would be an Above Average Feat. If you fail, you would end up hitting the ground with a nasty splat...

Incredible Vs Above Average - No Way.

But, you are pretty awesome.

Q: Do you make it to the next building? YES
A bit scary, without a safety net, but you make it with no problems.

Widowmaker flees into a neiboring building, tracer follows
Scene #3: 

Q: Does your Chronal Accelerator Reactivate? EXCEPTIONAL NO

No, It sparks, and then gives out a sad noise as well. Gonna still gonna have to wait.

Listen Check!

Q: Do you hear anything pointing towards widowmaker? NO

No, just guards shouting, radio chatter, but no sign of her.

Q: Roof access door/stairwell? YES
Q: Roof access detail? A Surprising Lack of Compassion

Naturally, it is locked.

So, you open fire on the lock with your pulse pistols.

The door is superhuman 1, strong steel, but just blasting the lock or knocking it off it's hinges is -2 ranks, merely an Incredible Feat.
Exceptional damage, immobile item at short enough range, no chance of missing. Every shot hits, more or less, so +1 damage shift.

Incredible vs Incredible
E: Resolution of 'Drive off or Kill Widowmaker': a Failure of Danger

Shes Gone.
You break through the door and rush down the stairs. And immediately see another window, where she left. Two more guards apperently encountered her and fared as well as expected.

Halo escaped, but the rally was a failure. Panic will increase, and Talon will likely consider this a partial success.

Make reference sheets, basic combat modifiers, Character sheets. Resolution sheets. Print out a dozen blank of each maybe?

Winston being a brute package, but no shield projector.

Civilians, Guard(s)
Widowmaker, Reaper
Winston, Tracer

Goals - Prevent theft of Doomfist's Gantlet, Protect Civilians, Drive off Widowmaker and Reaper.

And the Doomfist Guantlet as the goal of both sides.
With two Civilians in the area.

The trailer, Winston and Tracer vs Reaper and Widowmaker.

Try another fight scene.

Guards could have attacked Tracer as well. Overwatch is Disbanded, and illigal because Lore, so yea....

The Spray-And-Pray trait was added because of the tiny chance of actually hitting her. Trade damage for accuracy. Did them no good naturally.

I don't think Widowmaker shot more than that initial one.

I won the scenerio, but would have been more successful if I incapacitated  Widowmaker. Admittedly, I didn't really have the tools for that. Maybe make Pulse pistols a STungun type energy weapon, nonlethal damage and all. Probably with shield disrupter properties. Would fit Tracer's HEROIC streak better.

Amusingly enough, barely any combat occured, it was mostly a chase scene the whole time.

I changed some of the rules as I went. Rules for reactivating the accelerator, how you spend blinks for +Reflex or other purposes.

Was expecting her to be hiding, or a guard to run into her and I would join battle again, but the event just implied her to have left, "Failure of Danger" and all.

The Accelerator shorting out was, while expected, really painful and made following Widowmaker impossible for me to follow. If it has been active, I would have jumped off the roof after her and blinked through the window.

Halo survived, got into the APC and left no problem. This was unexpected.

Didn't really respect turn order, only used it occationally. Widowmaker spent most of her time fleeing and all.

On the other hand, Superhumans often ignore Mook's attacks, either via reflex dodging them or just tanking them as a brute.
Guards maybe too weak, And I probably made them a bit too high Reflexes.

This just goes to show that I was paralyzed by lack of ability to GET IN THERE ANRE BLOODY WELL DO IT.

Quote:After recieving Intellegence that Talon agents Widowmaker and Reaper are attempting to steal Doomfist's Gauntlet, Winston and Tracer Pulse move out to intercept and secure the Artifact. They head to the Museum, where the Gauntlet is kept.

While heading to the museum, you are interupted by Widowmaker opening fire, from one of the upper story windows.
Scene #1 (Negative Alteration): 

Q: Does Widowmaker Fire at Winston? YES

She was probably a lookout, rather than actually waiting for us.

Q: Was she scoped in, ready for a killshot? EXCEPTIONAL NO

And as such, she opens fire, at long range, without being scoped in.

As an Exceptional Sniper, Vs Winston, who has merely above average reflex, It is unlikely she will miss.

Q: Is Winston hit? YES

Widow's Shot will deal INCREDIBLE damage vs Windson's own INCREDIBLE resistance.

Q: Is Winston Injured? NO

The shot glances off of his armor, tearing a shallow groove, but not actually damaing him.

Q: Does reaper also engage? NO

Reaper is nowhere to be seen, as of yet.

Widowmaker has a reflex of High.
Tracer Pulse's Reflex is Exceptional, while Winston is merely above Average. 

That said, the Heroes are surprised (-3RS), and at lower ground (-1RS), so Exceptional drops 4 ranks down to below Average.

Q: Do the Heroes get to act? NO

Q: Does Widowmaker Disengage? YES

Q: Is she moving to group up with Reaper? YES
E: Positive for Winston: Malice regarding Success

Widowmaker Moves away from the window, likely to group up with Reaper. The Heroes plan to give chase.

As a second story window, actually following her that way would be an INCREDIBLE feat, although A blink or jumpjet usecan just bypass that.

Winston charges through the front door (glass, average to break) while Tracer blinks up to the second floor window to chase widowmaker.

Winson strength of Incredible vs Average glass. As a charge, gain +1 RS. 

Q: Does he smash through the glass? YES
E: Resolution of 'Locate Reaper': the Defeat of Failure

The glass doesn't stand a chance, and his armor protects him from any shards of glass that might matter.

And runs straight into reaper.

Q: Is reaper just in the open? NO
E: New NPC: the Antagonizing of Victory

New Character? I am going to ignore that and just claim it is reaper. Who was around the corner and promptly opens fire on Winston.

Both heroes and Villains inside the museum, ready to clash
Scene #2: 

E: Negative for Reaper: the Debasement of Suffering

Reaper opens fire, but a security guards also opens fire on him. Who Goes first?

Reaper, Above Average. distracted by opening fire, -1 for Average.
Winston, Above Average, Sort of surprised, -2 RS for Below Average.
Guard, Average

Guard vs Reaper - Average Vs Average

Q: Does the guard fire first? YES

Q: Is the guard at long range? NO
Q: Is the guard at medium range? NO

Q: Is he using a shotgun? YES

Short range shotgun blast, directed at reaper. 

Exceptional damage, -1RS because short range.

Short range with Average reflex vs Average Reflex. (Due to surprise of 2) 

Q: Does he hit? NO

The shotgun blast goes wide, but it still interupts reaper.

Above Average reflex drops to average while shooting at winston, with average reflex.

Q: Does Reaper hit Winston? NO

Thanks to the guard's counter ambush, Reaper misses Winston entirely.

Jumping to Widowmaker Vs Tracer

Tracer just blinked up to the second story window (2/3 charges left before refresh).

Q: Is Widowmaker still running? YES

And sees widowmaker sprint around the corner, Long range.

Tracer spends two charges to try and catch up.

Exceptional+2 vs High
Q: Does Tracer close the distance? EXCEPTIONAL YES

Tracer is in short range, and just spent two Blink charges (0/3). Next round, will try and recover.

Tracer is at short range, optimial distance, and opens fire on Widowmaker with her Twin Pulse Pistols (Nonlethal)

Q: Does Widowmaker manage to use her grappling hook first?  NO

Tracer's blink bonus does not enhance accuracy, so it is merely Exceptional vs High.
Q: Does Tracer Hit? NO

A full Brawl in the center of the museam. The Alarm goes off, and in addition to 3 more guards heading to the main floor, a call has gone out to the police, so reinforcements are on their way.
Scene #3 (Positive Alteration): 

Q: Do any of the guards arrive immediately? YES

R: How many?: 1/3

Q: First floor? YES

A second guard, from the same location as the first shows up. but doesn't immediately open fire.

Who goes first?

Tracer, Winston, Guards, Exceptional, Above Average, Below Average.
Reaper, Widowmaker, Above Average/High

 High vs Exceptional
Q: Do the villians go first? YES

Reaper immediately discorperates, and moves to a better position on the second floor. 

 -1 reflex due to lack of initive.
Q: Does Winston manage to open fire? YES

Q: Does he hit? YES

Q: Was this before reaper discorperated? NO

High nonlethal vs Exceptional toughness 
Q: Does he injure reaper? YES

Stunning wound occurs. 

Reaper, while discorperated, takes a 1RS Stunning wound.

Q: Does this force him out of Shadow form? NO

The cloud writhes, presumably in pain, but moves to the second floor, reincorperating into Reaper, near widowmaker.

Widowmaker. Who does she target?

Guards, Tracer, Winston?

Q: Does she target Winston? NO
Q: Does she target Tracer? EXCEPTIONAL YES
E: Positive for Winston: an Agreement about Tactics

Before I can continue, I have to check Tracer's accelerator.

Q: Does the Accelerator Short out? EXCEPTIONAL NO

No, and she gets an extra 3 charges, leaving her at (6)

There is no real coordination that Tracer and Winston can do accross the room, so Widowmaker opens fire.

Q: Does Widowmaker use her sniper rife? YES

A snapshot, but well aimed at long+1 range is fired at Winston. 

Exceptional+1 (Sniper focus at range), but given the hastly grapple followed by swinging her rifle around, -1, Vs Winston's own merely Above Average. 
Q: Does Widowmaker hit? YES

Incredible vs Incredible
Q: Is Winston Injured? NO

Another groove is torn into the armor, but nothing serious.

Guards Average +1 (2x) Vs High(Widowmaker) and Exceptional(Tracer) 

Q: Do the guards go next? YES

The shotgun guard immediatly drops into cover behind one of the displays, alongside the Assault Rifle guard. Shotgun guard pulls out his proper Assault rifle as well.

Q: Do they open fire? EXCEPTIONAL YES

Q: Do they aim at Widowmaker? YES

Q: Both of them? YES

Q: Spray and pray? EXCEPTIONAL YES

Widowmaker has height advantage(+1), and minor cover(+1)
Both of them, Average+1, open fire on Widowmaker, spray and pray style(+2).

Average-> Exceptional vs High  -> Incredible, 
Q: Do the guards hit? YES

Exceptional damage, -2 for Above average damage, vs High durability.
Q: Is Widowmaker Injured? YES

The guards manage to get several hits on Widowmaker, causing her to jerk in pain and a small spray of blood to arc out behind her.

Exceptional vs Above Average (Widowmaker with -1RS)

Q: Do the Heroes go next? YES

Winston activates his jump jets for a +3 to reflex, and jumps a Long+1 distance, intending to land between reaper and Widowmaker.

Do widowmaker and/or Reaper react to evade the impact?

Above average +3 from jumpjects,, but plenty of lead time, so -2 for reaction time.

High vs Above Average (Widowmaker), Average (Reaper)
Q: Widowmaker dodges? NO
Q: Reaper Dodges? YES

Widowmaker, staggered from the shot, doesn't even have the change to evade, while reaper rolls out of the way, shotguns up to open fire on Winston.

Impact calculation.

Strength +1(jumpjets) area damage (nonlethal, Knockdown), -1RS per 5', Widowmaker and Reaper were 10' away, but reaper jumped to twice that distance.

Widowmaker Toughness of High(Above average cuz -1RS), vs Strength of Incredible +1, -2 from distance, so Exceptional,  

Above average vs High Reaper (At longer range)
Exceptional vs Above Average widowmaker,
Q: Is Widowmaker Injured? NO
Q: Is Reaper Injured? EXCEPTIONAL YES
E: New NPC: the Separation of the Outside

Widowmaker launches her grappling hook off, and gets out of the way. Reaper on the other hand, doesn't.... He gets a singe shotgun blast off before getting blasted off his feet himself, discorperating into a cloud immediately.

Also the police arrive, 6 of them, with more on the way.

Does reaper's shot hit winston? (Before the Critical hit)

Above average (-1RS wound), at short range (No rank shift), while mostly prepared for it (+1)
Average Vs Winston, who was on a balistic course, giving him a Average dodge (+1 because moving)

Above average vs Above Average 

Q: Is Winston hit? YES

Winston's Armor gives him Incredible defence, but Reaper's shotgun, at short range, deals Incredible Damage. 
Q: Is Winston Injured? NO

While it takes a chunk out of the armor, it doesn't actually deal more than superficial damage.

Winston hit with Awesome force on the balcony. Does it crack, collapse?

Awesome vs Awesome (Not reinforced/Fortified, but still pretty durable)
Q: Does the balcony collapse? YES

In addition to the rest of this, the balcony collapsed under winston, who ends up on the lower floor.

Reaper takes a -2RS nonlethal shockwave on impact, and is discorperated

Above average Nonlethal wound, vs Average toughness remaining.

Q: Is Reaper fully discorperated? YES

Reaper's physical form is fully disrupted, and he now seeks to escape. You may be able to capture him by modifying your shield bubble generator, or locking him in time with a pulse grenade, but it is unlikely. You might also be able to overload your tesla cannon to kill him, but that is a last resort.

Q: Does Winston's Jump pack degrade? NO

Tracer's turn. Without a fully charged pulse bomb, it is unlikely she can lock down Reaper.

Widow maker on the other hand....

As winston launches himself accross the room, you see widowmaker launch her grappling hook to escape.

Immediately, you spend 3 blink charges to cross the room and intercept her as she approaches the rafters. 

As she pulls herself up to the rafters, you are floating/falling next to her, and open fire.

Exceptional, at short range with pulse pistols(Stun), vs Above average (+1 lineral motion)

Exceptional Vs High

You hit with your pulse pistols. The Temperal slow effect takes hold immediately!

Above Average toughness (high -1 RS) vs Above Average Nonlethal (Pulse Pistols)

Q: Is Widowmaker Injured? YES

The temperal shock causes mild injuries, applying an additional 1RS injury.

You spend another charge to blink up onto the rafters, just as widowmaker reaches it.

You are out of range of the Guards and police. Winston will have to find his way out, collateral damage and all, while you try and lock down widowmaker.

4 charges spent, so you are at 7/12 charge.

Below average vs your own Incredible (exceptional +1 blink) I don't think so.

Q: Does widowmaker go next? NO

As she staggers from the shock, you continue to pepper her with pulse pistol fire, while overcharging your Chronal accelerator (in an attempt to generate 5 more charges for your pulse, Unlikely to cause an overload, but risky 

Q: Do you cause an overload? NO

R: How many charges do you gain?: 8/8

Your charges are all renewed (3/3 blinks) and your pulse bomb is ready.

Apply directly to the forehead!

You pull out your pulse bomb, and attempt to apply it to Widowmaker. Blinking past her to come from an unexpected angle.

Q: Does Widowmaker shrug off the Slow effect? YES

The pulse pistol slow effect wears off, but the other effects remail.

Incredible reflexes, at point blank range, vs merely average reflexes, to stick that bomb (In time lock mode) to Widowmaker.

Q: Do you manage to lock down widowmaker? YES

As if there was ever any doubt!

You pull out handcuffs and apply them to widowmaker. Tinkertech handcuffs, the kind that has an extendable chain that pulls tight, so that as soon as they unfreeze, their arms are pulled together.

How long until it wears off? Anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, so 5d20

R: #5: 4/20
R: #6: 5/20
R: #7: 8/20
R: #8: 6/20
R: #9: 3/20

Reaper Discorperated, Widow locked down. Naturally, the police start screaming for you to turn yourselves in. Overwatch is illegal, remember?
Scene #4 (Negative Alteration): 

You leave widowmaker where she is. You don't exactly have the ability to take her with you, timelocked and all, but you can hope the police manage to keep her locked up.

Reaper has fled, and Winston considers giving chase. However, this seems unlikely for now.

Tracer recharges her reactor for +1 charge 

Q: Does her reactor Fail? NO

And promptly blinks up to the roof, outside, and onto a neiboring building. Spends a little bit of time making a getaway, disguise, whatever, but no issues there.

Winston launches his jumpjets and follows her.

The Police decide not to open fire, given they know full well it will be ineffective.

Museam damage minor. One balcony got shattered, front glass door turned to dust, but aside from that, pretty fine.

The guards were surprisingly sneaky and managed not to get killed by reaper initially, and were a great help.

The gauntlet remains in the Excibit, although one might hope someone would secure it better? 

Reaper suffered from another body-death, but slithered away as usual.

Widowmaker got locked down, and is now in police custody. Whether that will last or not, well who knows. Doubt it though.

Mostly a successful mission, no wounds to our side. Winston has to polish his armor and replace a few plates, and tracer has to fabricate another pulse bomb, but aside from that, everything went well.

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