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It's been a long time since I've used this site - time for a quick game. I'll use the superhero genre for this one. First, I need a superhero (rolling Get Skill x3)...




Yikes! So I'm a super persuasive enchantress with the power to spread disease - sounds more like a villain! I could clear the log and try the next three, but what the heck? I'll name my unlikely heroine "The Nymph" and make her a witch that uses the powers granted to her by a demonic force for good (like Ghost Rider) - should be interesting :]

Next, I'll need a mission (rolling Get Quest and Get Place)...

Escort civilians to the hideout.

Movie theatre.

Ah dang - don't you hate escort quests? They never move fast enough! Still, since The Nymph has no movement-related powers, I guess it's okay. Why would I need to escort civilians out of a movie theater? Sounds like the city is under attack!

(Rolling Get Place for the destination, and Opposition to see what is attacking)...


Exo-dimensional being.

Certainly not the intro I expected, but that's what makes RPG-solo gaming fun :]
"This is the cheesiest B-rated movie I've seen in a long time," I groan to myself, but I've always been a sucker for flash 3D effects and... (roll Opposition)

Alien parasite.

I'd swear that alien amoeba just undulated right off the screen... COOL!

(The audience at the front of the theater begins to scream hysterically as the large translucent red blob suddenly grows several tendrils that force their way into the mouths of half the people sitting in the front row)

Whoa! I've heard of "4D" movie effects, but this is too realistic! Its as if some monstrous extra-dimensional being just entered the real world through the projection on the screen...

(The people who were force fed by the ooze suddenly turn and begin attacking the panic-stricken audience like a pack of face-hungry zombies)

Yeah, this is really happening, and the stupid mob is about to do even more damage by trampling over each other to get to the exits - I need to do something fast!

I drop my innocent girl glamour and reveal myself as The Nymph, standing up on the armrests of my seat and shouting for calm with my persuasive voice.

Does the audience stop screaming and shoving their way toward the rear exits? (Somewhat Likely)


I sigh in frustration, as their screaming drowns out the power of my voice. I focus instead on the attacking zombies, first attempting to magically inflict them with blindness, then paralysis... (50/50)

No, and...

It's as if they don't even need their eyes to find the poor people that they're sinking their incisors into... Of course! The amoeba is directing them, and its physiology is too alien to be affected by my magical afflictions! What about the paralysis? (50/50)


Well, at least the malevolent mass can't move for them too! The bodies of zombies lock up and twitch convulsively from my crippling palsy. I rush toward the nearest rear exit, calming those in my immediate vicinity with my voice. I pull the fire alarm in order to evacuate the rest of the theater.

Once I'm in the lobby, am I able to gain control over the crowd? (Somewhat Likely)


Finally! I think fast, as the the alien amoeba slowly undulates up the now empty aisle in pursuit.

"Listen to me! Everyone needs make their way quickly, but CALMLY, to the main exit. Once you're outside, either get to your cars, or meet me on the corner of Main Street. I'm heading to the carnival over on North Avenue. I have a friend their that specializes in extra-dimensional aberrations - He'll know what to do. Now go go go!

Does the crowd exit before the amoeba catches up? (50/50)


Apparently "go go go!" means "leave at your leisure" - the crowd moves slower than the undulating amoeba and those at the rear are turned into another batch of ravenous zombies. I sure hope there's a way to extract this horrible parasite!

Wait! Maybe... I try inflicting the new zombies with a violent bout of projectile vomiting. Does it work? (50/50)

No, but...

It doesn't expel the ooze, but at least it slows them down and buys some time for the people still fleeing the building. I join the throng outside, only to discover that the amoeba isn't the only horrible threat to emerge from the screens of the cineplex!

To be continued...
Voodoo priest.

Chemically altered human.


Mad Mojo, the voodoo priest, and some fiery skull-headed dude are fighting with Ruger, the gun-slinging vigilante. I recognize the fiery fiend from one of the movie posters, so I'm guessing it entered this world by the same means as the alien amoeba, which is undulating through the lobby, toward the glass doors that I'm just on the other side of. I've fought with Mad Mojo before and I strongly suspect that his black magic is responsible for the movie monsters coming to life. Does Ruger get a clean shot at the burning bad guy through the fleeing crowd of innocent bystanders? (50/50)


Does the flaming guy suddenly explode, engulfing the street in flames and incinerating Ruger, the crowd, and me? (50/50)

Yes, but...

He also kills Mad Mojo, dispelling the killer zombie-spawning blob and any other monsters that materialized from the movie screens, so it's not a completely catastrophic ending.

The end.

(I got bored with this story and I'm having more fun with the classic fantasy, Beer and Bane :]

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