This is awesome
That, or they suffer from a bladder control issue that affects public safety. Big Grin
Wow, wow, wow, yes! I can't wait to try this out!

It's like you reached into my brain and scooped out something from my subconscious wishlist.

It looks fantastic - thanks for all your work.
I had to donate. I've been looking for something like this for so long now. I wanted something that I could use on my phone (Galaxy Note) that I could use anytime and anywhere. With the right browser I can view the full page and then I can zoom in and out. It requires some scrolling but I have the tools I need where ever I want them.
A feature request list could go on forever, I'm sure, but one thing I would love to see is an option for a mobile web site view that has the control panel on the bottom and only the output panel above in a variable size to accommodate various sized screens. No need to enter text for questions or notes on a mobile device, I just want the results.
Thank you Shedoshi for your donation! I really appreciate it.

The mobile functionality that you described is on my to-do list. I just need to figure out what order to do all the things I want to do.

Thanks again!
I thought this sounded cool when Mark first told me about it, but I didn't know just HOW cool it would be until I started using it.

This site rocks :]

(If you haven't tried setting a genre and using the 'Get' buttons yet, I highly recommend it)

Enough chatter, I need to get back to my zombie apocalypse!
This is awesome just does not cut it for me.

More like...

Finally, this is what I have been looking for! Years I have searched for the complete GM Emulator. Tried Mythic, awesome, but lots of cross-paging, tried the online version. Also great but cryptic and, quite frankly I needed more. hit the mark, a critical, wonderful, bliss.

I am a budding writer (yes I know, aren’t we all) and a life-long gamer. I have been looking to combine those two great passions, a way to explore a dungeon as a writer. Nothing worked, nothing seemed to click, but alas the glory that is this site. I cannot say enough.

Now if the Dungeon Crawl Core Rules were thrown into the Emulator I may need a defibrillator!

Postdatum: If things flourish, if dungeons bloom and worlds collide, I will post the adventures. Further, its been said before "I had to donate". Lastly there is an immense gamer community at G+ perhaps we can spread the word there?
Thank you for your kind words and generous donation. It makes me very happy when people enjoy and appreciate what the site has to offer.

And actually you are the type of player that I wanted to start targeting: someone who loves both writing and gaming.

And yes, please spread the word. The community is more fun when more people are sharing and enjoying each other's stories.

Thanks again!
Writers and Gamers, we are out there, weaving our way with stories. It has actually always been a dream of mine to fuse those two elements seamlessly. To have maps in front of me, dice and very basic stats then make five to ten sentences and from that move to the laptop and write another 500 words or so. But something has always seemed to get in the way. So your RPGsolo is a BIG help, more like a companion in the depths, or perhaps, a familiar?

I will definitely post this link to the rather large fantasy writers forum over on G+.
I don't want to clutter the forum with unneeded topics, so I will piggyback and concur with everyone:

This is genius.

I am making my tentative steps into my first adventure and I am so sold on everything.
Thank you tempydempy. I always appreciate the kind words and I am happy that you are enjoying it. I look forward to reading your adventures.

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