Which Genre to use?
I've been a member here for a bit, but I've only recently really started delving into the site. I do have a question, though, and that has to do with Genre's. 

The default options contains a number of Genres one can choose for the game. But, they're also a tad limiting. Classic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Superheros, and Modern Action all make sense, but then Zombie Survival and three different options for Star Wars Clone Wars all show up. There's also an Anachronistic option, but that also seems to return a lot of Star Wars options. 

What do you guys do if gaming outside these genres? What if you're doing Horror or Post-Apocalyptic, or the like? I know there's Custom options, and those might be the best way around this, but I was wondering how others handle it.
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I've posted such oddball stuff, I've had some difficulty making up my mind.  For the most part I haven't drawn upon the buttons which generate those results, so it hasn't mattered, but I've grown curiouser and curiouser the longer I hang out here.

For the stuff I have done, I've simply tried to pick the genre closest to what I'm doing, even if that hasn't been a perfect fit.  Planet Leviathan has "anachronistic" turned on, despite the fact that it's not really such.  I mean... sort of?  The Warwind used "classic fantasy," which was probably the closest thing I've done to an established genre.  The Rebel Terminator uses "science fiction," though I experimented by pressing a location button at the very beginning (I erased the result), which ended up telling me everything was on a spaceship.

I'm not sure how to answer this one, I guess.  I imagine putting together new tables is something of a trial for Mark — or not, I have no idea — but that's probably why they haven't changed much over time.  I tend to use other generators, like those at Abulafia, for much of my non-mechanics randomization.
Well, I haven't done anything outside of Zombie Apocalypse... yet. (Someday I might get three stories going at once, like Sam does... Smile

But you could easily do Zombie Apocalypse for a generic Post Apocalypse game. If you don't want zombies, just ignore those results and re-click the button. Or you can create your own custom tables and add your own things to it and roll from that. Or you can use the MAG to spark ideas... I also use plenty of generators out on the web to help round things out. The Chaotic Shiny website is a godsend of online generators. 

Have fun out there.

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