Why post short stories here?
I asked Mark for this section because I was telling him about a short story I'd written years ago and thought: "Hey, you could kind of look at a sci-fi/fantasy short story as a solo adventure without tools, so why not add a section for that as well?

That and I've had some short stories sitting on writing.com for years that probably haven't been read for almost that long, so I jumped at the chance to get a few more eyes on them and possibly write some more as the inspiration hits me. It'll also be nice not to be limited to 10 stories (I'm a cheapskate, so I haven't invested money in writing.com to increase that limit).

I'll post a few of my old works in this section for your I'm-bored-and-feel-like-reading-a-short-story pleasure. I love feedback, even if its criticism, so let me know what you think.

If you guys post your works, I'll give them a read when that same boredom hits me, and I'll give you some feedback as well :]

Yeah, I felt the same dissatisfaction with writing.com.

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