Zombie Apocalypse short for fun zombie survival run
Premise - fast play zombie apocalypse survival game
Each turn represents an hour, aim is to survive as long as possible.

Survivor one

Distracted criminal

Harry was a petty thief who had lived in London his whole life.
When day zero came along he was in the middle of searching someone's flat for valuables.
Hearing a lot of noise outside he glanced out the window and saw flames and smoke in the distance along with lots of sirens and people panicking.

His natural tendency to avoid people allowed him by luck more than anything to avoid the outbreak and by the time he was holed up in his loft reports of zombies were starting to spread.
His self preservation skills outweighed any disbelief and he managed to survive when others fell.

With Green zones heavily secured Harry was often in trouble, and at risk of expulsion beyond the walls.

He woke today to find himself in unfamiliar surroundings, his first thought was he can't have got so drunk or stoned, but he quickly realised he was not in the safe zone anymore.

A quick search around this room turned up

Above average cleaver

Above average ammo (5.56 mm)


Claw hammer

Some useful items even if the bullets were of no immediate use. Armed with the katana in one hand and the cleaver in the other, he left the room

Disinfected dormitory

confronted by a eerily clean corridor like some kind of hospital dormitory

any sign of anyone else?

(50/50) Yes

are they a zombie?

(Likely) Yes

have they noticed Harry?

(50/50) Yes

A shuffling figure makes its way from the other end of the corridor, Harry stand frozen momentarily

as it gets close Harry swings the Katana

(Likely) Yes

Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

slicing the zombie one arm falls to the floor with a slick slop
the zombie appears to concerned and continues to reach out with the other arm as Harry backs up

(Very Likely) Yes

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

The zombie lashes out at Harry

Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

In a panic he swings the cleaver in his left hand whilst thrusting the katana forwards blindly

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

The zombie continues to claw at him ignoring small cuts

Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

one claw like hand rips through the skin on his arm the talon like nails cutting almost the bone

dropping the katana in his injured right he takes a measured swing with the cleaver, his imminent death kicking his survival habits to the fore


his brutal swing sends the zombie head flying as it bounces from the corridor wall and its body collapses like a puppet with its strings cut
Harry sits back heavily holding his wounded arm close as he catches his breath and tries to calm down

Can Harry patch himself up with the supplies at hand

(Somewhat Likely) No

his attempts at bandaging using some cloth from one of the rooms just leaves him dizzy with blood loss.
Sitting for a moment he kicks in the door of the next room to search for aid

Rubble-strewn carnival

the room has clearly been searched and is a ruin as though a mad clown has run amok


Gas can

Trench coat


taking the clothing he tries again to bandage his arm with one good hand

(50/50) No, and...

crying in frustration he hears noise outside, holding the cleaver in his good left hand he clutches the bleeding mess of his right arm to his chest

Is it a zombie?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, and...

how many?

2 = 2[d3]

have they seen him?

(Unlikely) No

are they coming this way?

(50/50) No

watching them shuffle past the corridor, Harry leans back into the room and takes a breath.
draping the trench coat over his shoulders for added protection he slowly moves down the corridor
is there a way out?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...

it is locked?

(50/50) Yes

can he open it with his claw hammer?

(50/50) Yes

using the hammer he forces the locked door open and takes in the outside view

Burning clinic

the hospital he thought the dormitory fitted is confirmed all around him, only it is on fire directly opposite him, with signs of violence and ruin all around

are there any zombies outside in view?

(50/50) Yes, but...

they are focused on something else and moving away
can Harry see any escape route?

(50/50) No

moving slowly outside he looks for any way out of what appears to be a central court between the former hospital buildings

He spies a building that looks both quiet and not yet on fire

Old abandoned airport

As he gets closer he realises it is a control room opposite the hospitals helipad

is there a helicopter there?

(Unlikely) No

is there anything in the room he can use?

(50/50) No, but...

is there anyone in there?

(Somewhat Likely) No

is it an animal?

(50/50) No

is the radio on?

(50/50) Yes, and...

a voice is coming out
"mayday mayday, this is ...."

Tongue-tied female banker

".... well this is Cheryl is anyone out there? can you help me... please?"

is the receiver mic working?

(Likely) Yes

Harry tabs the speak button, "Hello?"

"oh my god, hello, hello" gabbles the panicked voice. "where are you? can you help?"
"I'm in a infested hospital which is on fire, not sure where I am, where are you?"

silence for a moment... "oh, you don't sound like you can help, I am locked inside the bank building in *name of town*, but they are everywhere and I can't get to the car on my own, everyone else is dead".

Harry looks around and sees a torn map, the name of the town seems to match, "Cheryl, it looks like I am outside town, you mentioned a car? can you get to it and drive to me and we can work together?"

"no, no I am the one needing help.." is the panicked response

can Harry convince her to try and get to the car

(50/50) Yes

does she make it to the car?

(Very Likely) Yes

does she drive to the hospital?

(Likely) Yes, and...

she finds a route through to the helipad.
Its a solid looking 4x4 with wooden armour riveted over the windows for protection.

Does Harry manage to wait for her in safety?

(50/50) Yes

finding some first aid supplies whilst he tries to stay hidden, he tries again to sort out his arm

(50/50) Yes, but...

he has lost a lot of blood and is feeling woozy.

Can Harry get to the car himself?

(Likely) Yes

Harry starts to jog towards the car as best he can
is he seen?

(50/50) Yes


(Very Likely) Yes, and...

how many?

3 = 3[d5]

can he get to the car first and get in?

(Somewhat Likely) No

is one closer to him than the others?

(50/50) Yes

seeing one Zombie is going to get to him Harry turns to charge at the zombie swinging his cleaver over his head

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

the zombie trips over from the blow but is quickly back to its feet, Harry steps in and swings once more

Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

with its head hanging by a thread the zombie seems less of a threat and Harry turns back to run

can he outpace the other two zombies?

(50/50) No

does Cheryl help?

(Somewhat Likely) No

Harry screams at Cheryl to drive closer or to run over the zombies, but she seems frozen in fear
Harry turns and throws the cleaver at the nearest zombie

Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.

with the cleaver sticking out of its head like some action flick the zombie loses coordination and falls to its knees.
with the last zombie still heading for him, Harry pulls the claw hammer from his belt and prepares to bludgeon its head in


with a clean swing the hammer wedges through the zombies head with a horrible noise

letting go Harry turns to walk to the car with a smirk on his face

does he get in the car now?

(Sure Thing) Yes, and...

Cheryl give him a hug and tells him there is a first aid box he can try
does this help him recover?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes

"hey, I'm Harry, where we heading Cheryl?"

"I need to get back to the Green zone but my boss was with me and had the clearance papers"
"Papers? do they not let you in once checked for infection these days?"

"not since some anarchists opened a safe zone to the infected so they could loot the armoury, or at least that's what Ken said" as she mentioned his name she stifled a panicked sob with tears in her eyes.
"Ken was my boss, he thought we could get some valuables from the bank that would still be worth something, he had keys to the safe deposit boxes", only he got dragged away by a mob, I managed to lock myself in the bank and hide, they eventually seemed to wonder off and I found the old radio in  the guard room".

As they drive down the road

Hard-to-reach stadium

They see a large sports stadium with cars, bodies, guard posts and wreckage all over the place, it looks like they used this as a check and treatment point in the early days before it got over run and is now a ghost town.
Are there any visible zombies moving about?

(50/50) No, and...

the place is eerily quiet, does the car get them to the next location?

(50/50) No

with a clunk the car engine gives out and rolls to a stop... "no, no, no we are out of petrol"
Harry looks around "don't worry one of these vehicles should have some gas we can borrow or use instead.

does he find any fuel he can use?

(50/50) No

does he find a vehicle they can use?

(50/50) Yes, but...

Pick up

it is a old battered pick up truck, but he gets it running

do zombies appear from the stadium?

(50/50) Yes

5 = 5[d10]

can Cheryl get in the pick up with Harry before they get to them?

(Very Likely) Yes

gunning the engine they drive away

Ruined dormitory

Easily defendable signal tower

Fortified barn

as they leave the urban surroundings they find they are passing a farm with a water tower and a solid looking barn, the house looks to be in ruins following a fire.

do they stop at the barn first?

(50/50) No

driving on to the water tower they decide to climb it and either block off the ladder up or at least it should be easy to defend as the zombies don't really climb ladders.

do they find anything around the truck or area before climbing the tower?

(50/50) Yes

2 = 2[d10]

Very high quality scoped hunting rifle (.308 cal)


finding a rifle in the back of the truck Harry curses that it takes different ammo than he found earlier., the kerosene will let them have a fire at least, plenty of wood is available amongst the ruined buildings.

do they find any food

(Somewhat Likely) No


(Very Likely) Yes, and...

they find some material to use for bedding, climbing the tower they settle in for the night.

do they live through the night?

(Likely) Yes

in the morning they explore the area again for food

(Somewhat Likely) No, and...

instead the find zombies?

(50/50) Yes

5 = 5[d10]

do they spot them first?

(50/50) No

is it Cheryl ?

(50/50) No

As Harry opens a barn door a mass falls on top of him, the zombies had pilled up against the door trying to force their way out


Harry is instantly torn to pieces.
Does Cheryl get away?

(50/50) No

Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

as they finish with Harry those at the back chase down Cheryl as she trips running back to the tower.

Cheryl uses her adrenaline to get moving and staggers forwards

does she get clear?

(50/50) Yes, and...

making it to the truck and drives away clear

does she make it to the Green zone and safety?

(50/50) Yes, but...

do they let her in?

(Likely) Yes

was she infected?

(50/50) No

does she have a heart attack?

(50/50) No

in that case lets say she is fine but suffers with panic attacks from then on

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