Zombieapocalypse: random Zombie Description

I was testing the Zombieapocalypse setting yesterday. It worked well IMO but it came to my minde it would be great if there is a way to create randomly a brief description of Zombies (not Zombie types). Example: "A former nurse with blood stained uniform. Half of her face is missing." or "Zombie in police riot gear. The helmet is still on and hinders the undead when it tries to bite."

If my porposal is intereseting for you I want also to offer to support by providing short desciription texts.
Did you know that you can use the custom button to create your own random lists?


THX for your answer.

I was aware that there is some way to customize something but not exactly how to do it. Anyway the reason for my post was that maybe other users would also like to have such a function within this specific genre. If that would be the case the individual efforts to maintain / customize it can be avoided (and I was hoping that most of the development could also be avoided by copy and paste of similar existing functions).

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