40K A guardsman with nothing to lose...
Hello everyone! I am a new GM who has recently lost my group due to everyday life and while I wait for them to come back around I discovered RPGSolo and decided this would be a perfect way to practice my writing skills and brainstorm new ideas for Rogue Trader.

Since I am new to the interface I had a bit of a rocky start getting started but I decided to roll with what I got. So lets see what I am going to start with...

I start out by generating a random character using cbpye's character generator online. This is what I get.

Quote:Homeworld: Death World
Skills: Survival; Traits: Survivor, Paranoid;
Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive),

Birthright: Scavenger

Lure of the Void: Criminal
gain Enemy (Adeptus Arbites) and Peer (Underworld)

Trials and Travails: Calamity
Light Sleeper

Motivations: Fortune

Career: Arch-Militant
Special Ability: Weapon Master
+Skill: Common Lore (War), Dodge, Intimidate, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Secret Tongue (Military), Speak language (Low Gothic)
+Talent: Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Thrown Weapon Training (Universal), Sound Constitution
+Gear: one best-craftsmanship hunting rifle OR two bolt pistols, one best-craftsmanship mono primitive melee weapon, microbead, void suit, enforcer light carapoace armour, bolt shell keepsake, medikit, manacles

WS : 36
BS : 39
S : 36
T : 35
Ag : 45
Int : 37
Per : 37
Wil : 33
Fel : 28
Wounds :11
Fate : 3

Now while I have him statted up I don't plan on following the rules system for rogue trader entirely. I will strip down most of the rules and see what I can play with.

Following the questions guide in the interface I came out with this setup.

Spontaneous National guardsman.

Victris Torque has, or shall we say, had a military history until he had enough of the Imperial justice drilled into the heads of his fellow soldiers in the form of a Commissariat charge of cowardice. After an unfortunate incident that involved a chimera, leaking promethium and a grox... the commisar was KIA leaving enough chaos and confusion for Victris at his earliest convenience.

So what does Victrus have on him after abandoning his unit?

Damaged vibro-sword.


Interesting! I wonder what the story is behind this..

Move / Misfortune.

Victris hasn't had much luck after he left. A drifting vagabond among the stars seeking passage however he can. So where is he now?

Setting is heavily fortified crater involving smart phone and military carnival.

A communications fortress who's guardsmen pride themselves with pomp and circumstance holding military parades on a regular basis. What is Victris's purpose here?


Hm. Fairly vague. So from here I used the MAG system and formed a story using the glyphs. Two connected hearts, a weird alien fauna, a volcano....

I interpret this as someone important to Victris has been taken captive by the Eldar for some mysterious reason. To get this person back he has come to this world to recruit a team to infiltrate the eldar fortress where his goal remains.

With this I think I have enough to begin....

My name is Victris and I have a pounding headache. Was I drinking last night?


Ugh. It's coming back to me... The crowded bar hidden away in the dirty side of the city. Offduty soldiers showing off to their comrades. Bets were made, drinks were poured... And now I pay for it with a headache the size of a grox behind. Where am I?

Cargo ship.

Looking around I see the innards of the most ram shackled ship I had ever had the pleasure of vomiting on. Dirty bulkheads filled to the brim with cargo boxes waiting to be unloaded on some hapless merchant. Is there anyone in the cargo bay with me?

No, and...

Something seems off. Lifting myself from the filthy vomit-encrusted floor I notice the surprising lack of sound. The usual din of sailors working around the ship was gone and worse no one seemed to have been in this room for quite some time if the fine layer of dust on the floor was any indication. Just how long was I out? Is there anything in the crates?



Not much useful here... Just crate after crate of small powercells. Looking around some more it quickly becomes apparent most of the cells have lost their charge quite some time ago. Very strange. Do I see any sign of what happened to the crew?

No, but...

The undisturbed dust provides no clue to the fate of crew. On closer inspection however the dust reveals the outline of false bottom in one of the crates. Opening the compartment I find...

Ammo (12 gauge).

Ammunition! The cargo hauler must have been smuggling supplies from the fortress offworld... For the crew to abandon such valuable cargo something must have gone terribly wrong. But what? Regardless if the ship is smuggling ammo there is a good chance of finding weapons as well. Searching through the crates in the room all I find is more ammo. Frustrated I head into the belly of the ship and try to find more secret compartments. Do I find any?


Yes! Hidden underneath a console I find another small compartment. Opening the hatch I search for a weapon. Do I find one?



No. Not only did I not find a weapon it turned out the secret compartment was just the hidden locker of some hapless sailor. Sunglasses, small ration bars and a few porno slates are all I find stashed away.

Well done! Did not seem like a rocky start at all. The Great thing about RPGsolo is that it allows the solo player to feel that thrill of opening or bashing into something, finding out more about your own character, or your own company. It is, in essence everything I was looking for.

It is an excellent tool for the writer as well, as long as the genres match.

Would love to read more!
Thank you! It felt like a rocky start to me since I have never used a solo tool like this before but I am glad you enjoyed it! I should hopefully get back around to this story soon.

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