Hi Mark,

I'm not sure if you are very familiar with the game but wondering if you've ever considered adding a 40K scenario to your options like you have done with Star Wars? I'd love to play in a world specifically tailored to it.

Just putting it out there Rolleyes


I'm not familiar with that game and I did not make most of the scenario options so I probably won't be adding this. Sorry.
I find that custom lists are useful for that setting, I made one of ranged weapons for when I need to randomly generate gear. A similar thing could be done with NPC's and such. And you can just interpret the 'Get NPC' function to fit the setting too. When I generated my character Tobias, for example, I got a result somewhere along the lines of "German Jedi Padawan," after using C.Q. to get "Mechanically/Warlike." I interpreted the mechanical and warlike aspects to mean I was an Iron Hand (since I wanted to be a Spehss Mehreen at the time Wink although you could arguably interpret it to mean a scion of the Mechanicus...), while 'Jedi Padawan' left me as a Librarian, specifically a lower-ranked Lexicanum ('padawan'), seeing that that was the nearest thing to a Force-User in 40K that I could think of...just requires some creative interpretation IMO.
Very cool. I'm glad that works out.

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