Change log
It's been awhile but I've got some updates for y'all.

-- There is now a mobile version of Mark's Adventure Glyphs. Point your mobile device to Take THAT Rory's Story Cubes! (pwned!)

-- The amazing slaad11 has given us a new genre with three separate locations available. We now have Star Wars Clone Wars with locations of Indoor, Outdoor, and Space. How cool is that?
New interface feature!

Just to the left of the "Add Text" button is a new button (can you believe I crammed yet another button on the screen? It's starting to look like an airplane cockpit).

The new button has thee lines on it and as user Shedoshi so well described it as the "Horizontal Text Input Toggle".

Or, maybe alternatively, "Mark's Adventure Horizontal Text Input Toggle of Power!" Or not.

- All the database code was rewritten to be faster and more secure.

- The site is now on a Global CDN (Content Deliver Network)! This means a faster, more reliable, and more secure site!

- Another layer of security was added.

- I moved the site to a web host provided with more state-of-the-art hardware and more robust software. (This cost a bit of money but it's worth it!)

[Image: rDq1YHn.gif]
Kudos Mark! I am re-heally impressed with the performance of the Play tool after your rewrite! I used to get delays whenever I clicked buttons like Encode and Get Answer - now its like running a local app - everything is INSTANT!

Mark the legend strikes again :]
Custom lists is back online.

To whoever hacked my site, thank you for motivating me to improve the play tool, learn new technologies, and create a faster, better, and more stable user experience. I wouldn't have done it without you. Heart
Minor bug fixes: Change log
New feature: Conjunctions.

What's their function? Hooking up words and phrases and clauses like:

Example 1:
Move towards goal.


Murder the gnome stable master at the abandoned hovel.

Example 2:
Confident female engineer.



There are a possible 167 conjunctive words and phrases in the list.

It's the button with the ampersand. It looks like this: &.
Small formatting feature added which is a new type of blockquote.

A normal quote, using the quote icon from the menu bar, looks like this:

Mark Wrote:Evade capture at the vine-choked pawn shop.

Can I see anyone?

No, but...

I hear something.

The new alternate blockquote has no citation header and looks like this:

Evade capture at the vine-choked pawn shop.

Can I see anyone?

No, but...

I hear something.

It just looks cleaner to me for when I'm not actually quoting another member's post.

To use it just surround your text with [bq][/bq] like this:

[bq]Hello, I'm just a plain old quote[/bq]

Results in:

Hello, I'm just a plain old quote

Nothing amazing but just for us OCD people.
New feature GM Prompt.

Usually when you're role playing the game master says some stuff and then asks you what you want to do next.

Since RPG Solo is kind of like a virtual game master I thought it appropriate that you have the option of getting some kind of game master prompt.

So, if you click the button with the question mark you'll get asked what you want to do next in different kinds of verbiage.

Yeah, kind of silly, but I thought it would be kind of cool too.
Made some updates. Please see the first post in this thread for further info.

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