Change log
Slight tweak of the "Get Answer" Button odds.

When moving away from 50/50 the odds were not changing as drastically as I would like. For example, in a "Sure Thing" the odds of a "No" answer were still too great.

The change was minor, and I may tweak again, but I'm going to try this new setting for awhile.
My intention is to stick to my to-do list, really. But sometimes things just butt in line.

The recent distraction is a new feature I am calling Mark's Adventure Glyphs. You can read more about it in the thread with the odd name of Mark's Adventure Glyphs.

OK, so, no more distractions! Back to tweaking the word lists and language structure AI.
If you've been aching to use the "Get Thing" button to get sciency things, zombiey things, and fantasyy things, then ache no more oh ye of achiness.

The button is enabled and filled with thingy goodness.
I have updated how the "Get Damage" button works.

The button used to have the possibility of returning a "No Damage" results. This is no longer a possibility.

Instead, this button indicates the severity of damage. To determine if there was a "hit" another method must be used such as the "Get Answer" buttons or whatever system you are using.

See more details in Using the Get Damage button.
Bunches of updates. See first post in thread.
Thanks Mark. This is awesome! I have an old Excel spreadsheet that I thought was grerat, but it did not do half of what your site does.
Thanks, La Long Carabine, I appreciate the kind words.
(04-16-2013, 09:57 AM)Mark Wrote: Just a note that while the word lists are in flux, the "Get Started" and "Get Setting" buttons will produce text that is a little difficult to read.

Once the word lists are updated with the correct vocabulary, and the code is changed to pull from the new and updated lists, then the buttons will produce text that flows better.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

The "Get Setting" button eventually started working once the word lists were tuned a bit more. However, I noticed that the "Get Started" button was still producing some bad text in regards to the person who is, "Trying to stop you".

So I finally took some time, checked it out, did some recoding, and the "Get Started" button is once again producing nemeses.
Added Slaad11's new genre, Superheroes!

Everyone say thank you to Slaad11.

Thank you Slaad11.
(05-01-2013, 09:51 AM)Mark Wrote: Added Slaad11's new genre, Superheroes!

Everyone say thank you to Slaad11.

Thank you Slaad11.

I'd like to thank all the little people
in my head - without their constant
nagging voices,
I'd never get anything done :]

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