Classic Fantasy My First Adventure (Fantasy)
Hi! This is my first adventure so let me know how it goes!

Chapter 1

Am I a female?
Am I human?
A fairy?
No, and...
No and not a magical creature of any sort. An elf..?
Ok so my name is Jaison McNard and I am an elf. I lived in a quiet town with an amazing family but I left in search of adventure and have fallen upon hard times. I now offer my service to anyone in need, who will be prepared to pay of course.
Where am I?
Aesthetic bank
'Please sir! Just give me another week! I'll come up with some money soon! I just need some time!, I plead.
Is he merciful?
No, and...
'We do not approve of beggers here. If you cannot come up with the money by TONIGHT! We will have to call the authorities.' The man replies.
'But you said I have 'till tommorow!'
'I don't like your attitude.'
I leave in a fury and ask around to see if anyone needs help or is hiring.
Does anyone need help?
Optimistic witch who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to contact progress, operate faith, and discover enlightenment; who speaks of prejudiced reputation and is focused on your previous scene.
'Hi! Do you happen to need help with anything?' I say.
'Why yes! I do! I knew somebody would help me out eventually! I was watching your little... episode with that banker and am guessing you would like to be paid?' She chirps.
'Yes but what is it exactly you want me to do?' I reply.
Escort royalty from the wealthy docks.
'Well. I am an escort. I escort wealthy or important people. It's my job! But I messed up my schedule and am expected to be in 2 places at once. The task is relatively simple. I am expected to escort the King's nephew, Sebastian Oscar, to-
Polluted desert
- a desert somewhere off the coast of Sintibel. He is travelling there to investigate the sudden pollution in the area, or so i'm told. I would pay you if you can help me out!
'I would gladly help but I'm expected to pay my debts tonight. How long will it take to get there?
(Even- hours Odd- days)
20 = 16[d20]+4[d20]
22 = 9[d20]+13[d20]
'Hmmm.... About 9 hours to get there and 9 hours back.' The witch explains.
(Does she offer to help with the banker?)
No, but...
'Look. I don't want to get in trouble with the law but I really need help and I miiight be able to point you in the direction of someone who can. But remember... We never spoke if anyone asks'
'Ok so her name is Sahara and you'll most probably find her-
Stone gate
- guarding the stone gate on the way out of the city'
'Wait! She's a guard! Are you sure she's trustworthy!'
'Boy, she's done much worse than eliminate 1 measly banker. You'll be fine!'
'Ok... How much are you willing to pay me for this?' I ask
70 = 19[d20]+13[d20]+19[d20]+3[d20]+16[d20]
'70 gold!'
(How much are my debts?)
109 = 5[d20]+10[d20]+4[d20]+16[d20]+13[d20]+10[d20]+18[d20]+10[d20]+3[d20]+20[d20]
'It's a great start! Deal!'
I walk of but before I go far, I look in my backpack to see what I have.
(How many things are in there?)
8 = 8[d8]
I find....
Very high quality trail rations
Trail rations
Puzzle box
Looks like I have enough food!
(What die do I roll for my scimitar?)
12 = 9[d10]+3
(Wow! What is my bonus?)
1 = 1[d4]
(Are these boots better than the ones i'm wearing?)
Ok. So, I try to find my way to the stone gate. Do I manage to find it?
I walk up to a random person.
Needy bum who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to complete laziness, learn spirits, and damage wrath; who speaks of insane assessment and is focused on your allies.
'Hi! I was wondering if you knew the way to the stone gate?' I say.
'Hehehehehehhehehehe....... The stone gate!!! I know a stone gate!!! Why are yoooou going to the stone gaaaaaate?!?!' He replies.
I smell something on his breath and wonder if he's drunk.
'I need to find someone but anyway. Do you know where it is?'
(Does he know?)
'...Can you tell me where it is?'
'Yesssss...... It is thataway!!! Bye bye persony!!!
Ok... SO he is VERY weird or just VERY drunk. I walk the way he pointed. Do I find the stone gate?
That ______! (Don't know any fantasy style insults) He gave me the wrong directions. Ughh..... I walk up to another person.
Gloomy stable master
'Hi! You wouldn't happen to know the way to the stone gate would you?'
'Yes.. But what is the point. There is no point...'
'Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase tell meeeee.' (Does he)
Yes, but...
'Fine... It's over there but it's closed today for my daughters funeral...'
'Oh! I'm so sorry! ...Shouldn't you be there?'
'No... She was very annoying so I don't care'
Oooook then... Do you know if the guards are still there?
(Does he?)
'And are they..?'
'Yes... Leave me alone now!'
I walk the way he directed me. Do I FINALLY find the stone gate?
Yes, and...
Yes! There it is and to my glee I see they are all wearing nametags... for some reason. That will make it easier to find Sahara.
The stone gate has had a black veil thrown over it and everyone including the guards are wearing black. They all have their heads bowed. I try to peek at their nametags. Do I see Sahara?
I can't seem to find her anywhere!!!! This is so frustrating!!!
I join in the mourning for a bit so as not to seem disrespectful. When the coffin is buried and people begin to disperse I look again. DO I SEE SAHARA?!?
Thank goodness!!! I approach her.
Delightful chieftain who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to depress strength, maintain technology, and collaborate atrocities; who speaks of inquisitive investigation and is focused on your last scene.
'Hello! Are you Sahara? I've been looking everywhere for you!'
'Yes! I am! Why were you looking for me?'
'Oh.. Um... A lady called...Actually I didn't catch her name... but she had red hair and she was a witch. And an escorter! She said you could help me out will something...' I say cautiously. I don't want to reveal more than I have to in public.
(Does she believe me?)
Yes, but...
'Oh! Quesh!(Don't question my weird names) She sent you! Well usually I'm down to cause a bit of chaos but not today.' She whispers.
'What! Why not!'
'Well you see! I am helping develop this new kind of magic, It's called.... technology! Isn't that great! I have a meeting to be heading to soon so my schedule is fuuull up!'
'Can't you just... Squeeze it in?'
'Well... What do you need.. help... with?'
'I'm running an errand for.. Quesh but I can't pay my debts and this banker will call the guards on me if I don't pay by tonight. She said you may be able to... sort that out if you know what I mean...'
'Oh... How can I resist such a tempting offer! I'll get it... sorted out as you say!'
'Great! Oh! By any chance do you know where the docks are?'
'Yep! They're over there!' She points.
'Okay thanks for everything!' I walk away towards the docks.
I liked it. Very fun. Keep on playing!
I liked this, I laughed a lot at the drunken man part
 I arrive at the docks. Do I see the King's nephew, Sebastian Oscar?

Yes, and...

Ok, so.... Do I see them maybe conjuring a portal to take them straight to the desert?


Really?! Ok.

I spot Sebastian, he's really not hard to find as he's making quite the scene. There appear to be some mages who seem to be conjuring some kind of.. portal?
I tap somebody on the shoulder, "What's happening?"

Tough Bounty Hunter

Oh dear...
The -

Female or Male (or other)?

No / aka Male
Twist : Organisation / Helps the Hero

Ok... So I guess he just tells me?
(Ok so, it didn't give me a straight answer for like ever so ima just go with this)

male smiles at me and speaks, "Ok, so those magey people are conjuring up some kinda teleporty thingy or something? You probably don't understand.. It's like... You jump in it and, poof!, you're somewhere else! Real crazy right! I thing they're going to some stinky desert or something? I dunno."
"Oh... Ok, well, thank you!"
So they're making a portal to the desert? Well, what did they need me for then!
I walk over to Prince Sebastian. Does anybody stop me?

Yes, but...

They quickly let me past?


Aw... Does Sebastian see me and walk towards me?


A guard walks towards me and gets in my way. I bump uselessly into his chest plate and look up about 10 feet upwards to meet his intimidating eyes.
I bump into him once more, just to make sure, and narrow my eyes and open my mouth but close it as I hear footsteps approaching. I sway to the side and spot Prince Sebastian standing there. I gulp.

 Conservative performer who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to overthrow dissonance, patronize patience, and assist medicines; who speaks of mysterious submission and is focused on your experience.

What... Are you trying to speak in sign language? Huh
I'm going to allow myself to, uh, reroll...?

Conservative adept who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to seek strength, establish intelligence, and record the wealthy; who speaks of scheming suspicions and is focused on your fame.

Umm...I guess I can work with this...?


I will be continuing this... sometime... but I'm bored now so.... K?

Let me know if you like the colours. They kinda have an order :

Red : What's happening
Green : Yes, and...'s
Blue : Basically... things that show up as blue... Not much imagination required
Purple : Thoughts and Ideas... kind of
Pink : No, but...'s
Aqua : Author's Notes
I liked it! It made me laugh a bit and you made it tie together in a very weird but cool way! I would just keep it simple with the colors, just a suggestion.
(12-22-2017, 08:11 PM)ghostdm Wrote: I liked it! It made me laugh a bit and you made it tie together in a very weird but cool way! I would just keep it simple with the colors, just a suggestion
Thank you! But...yeah...that's probably a good idea. I read it over and my eyes are n o t forgiving!
(12-23-2017, 06:51 PM)Zandra003 Wrote:
(12-22-2017, 08:11 PM)ghostdm Wrote: I liked it! It made me laugh a bit and you made it tie together in a very weird but cool way! I would just keep it simple with the colors, just a suggestion
Thank you! But...yeah...that's probably a good idea. I read it over and my eyes are n o t forgiving!
I’d suggest maybe just some bold or italics and let the normal colors for the rolls and stuff from the GMEmulator. Saves you a bit of time too Smile

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