Classic Fantasy The City of Bridges, Prelude
This is my first real test of RPG Solo, after a couple of failed attempts. I wanted to keep things simple, so I am using Fate Accelerated Edition, which I am just dying to try out. I’m doing everything else from scratch to stretch the whole thing to the limit.

I guess I’ll get started with the button that says ‘Get Started’.

The setting is molten bridge involving very high quality coins and fantastic auction house. Your quest is to fire the rocket located at the sewers. Trying to stop you is the traitor skilled in hunting. You are currently at the mutated magic shop.

Okay, that’s weird. I’ll try to work this out. My first thought is fantasy – a dwarven kingdom. The bridge isn’t molten. Instead, it’s suspended over a lake of molten lava. It’s not just one bridge, either, but an entire city, living off the heat and light given off the lava. This being fantasy, no one is being cooked or dying of poisonous fumes due to ingenious dwarven engineering.

Because these are the typical fantasy dwarves, they have excellent metal work, including coins – they may well be the realm’s bankers, as well as the preeminent engineers and craftsmen. This city of bridges lies in the middle of a great trade route, the only real pass through a vast mountain range, making this dwarven city more cosmopolitan than most. One of the most popular destinations is the great auction house, where some of the finest examples of craftsmanship from all over the known world are bought and sold every day.

The city gives the dwarves great power and influence, which makes it not particularly safe. Other nations would like to have that power and influence. Therefore the city is not without its defenses. Its greatest is a wonder – a battery of rockets secreted in hidden tunnels, which seek out and destroy enemies of the city. These have never been used, because no one has ever tried to take the city. If it is to fall, it would have to fall from within. Unfortunately, there is now a traitor in the city.
So, who is our protagonist and why is she at the ‘mutated magic shop’? Let’s find out.

Indispensable servant who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to promote vigilance, hinder faith, and advocate religion; who speaks of inquisitive difference and is focused on your parents.

As this is not an NPC, we’ll have to interpret this a little differently. For instance, I was going to assume a dwarf, but since she is a servant, maybe not. It could be, but I’m going to get further information from the randomizer, after switching genres to classic fantasy, which is where I will remain for the duration.

Reasonable mage.

Well, nothing that says she can’t be a dwarf, still. But a mage who is a servant must be a servant to someone fairly high up.

Is she an attendant mage to the nobility? (Very Likely)


So, I think I can get started on fleshing out the character.

First, she is a dwarven mage who tends to think things through rather than go off half-cocked. In fact, she is very focused on keeping the people of the city safe. She may even be in charge of the security systems – the magical portions, at least. Whatever the case, she is very security-minded. She’s also religious-minded, a philosophical sort of person. On the one hand, she is very much a believer in doing things herself, but on the other she believes the gods watch over everyone. She has two great loves in life – her work, which she sees as indulging in scientific curiosity, and her clan. She comes from a rather lowly clan, but her magical talent and skill have brought her up in the world. There are those who would use the fact of her low birth to bring her down, however. No matter how great her power, she will never be more than a servant, even if she is an indispensable one.

Here’s the character.

Rakel Breakstone

A young dwarven woman with neutral brown hair, braided into a single long plait, and slate-colored eyes. She is usually dressed in robes embroidered with arcane symbols.

High Concept: Dwarven Apprentice Mage of the City of Bridges
Trouble: In Service to the Mage-Protector
Additional Aspects: Scion of the Breakstone Clan

Approaches: Careful +3, Clever +2, Flashy +1, Forceful +2, Quick +1, Sneaky 0

Indispensible Servant: Because I am an indispensible servant, once per game session, I can call upon a city official to assist me.
Meticulous Mage: Because I am a meticulous mage, I get a +2 when I Carefully overcome obstacles when using magic.

I’ll supply additional aspects for her in the first session. The religion thing just isn’t enough to go off of, nor is her scientific curiosity. When I think of something, I’ll add it in. Time for the first session of actual play.
Looks interesting so far.

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It is unbecoming for young men to utter maxims.
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)
I apologize in advance for the wonky formatting. I just now figured out what the encode button is for. I'm still figuring things out on the site here.

First to establish the meaning of the setting, in particular the mutated magic shop. What did it mutate from in the first place?

Wretched town square.

So it used to be a bad part of town, but it was transformed into a magical laboratory, possibly by the Mage-Protector. This is could be when Rakel learned she had some magical talent and the Mage-Protector took notice of her.

So, who is this master?

Whiny female informant.

Prying worker who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to overthrow criminals, convey pride, and publicize poverty; who speaks of prejudiced means and is focused on your wealth.

So, not an especially pleasant person, but still a good one. She was focused more on the stealthy side of protection, which makes her quite different from her apprentice. Her job was to protect the city and she did it well. She also had a soft spot for the poor, which is why she took Rakel under her wing. Rakel loves her mistress for teaching her to use her gift, but is exasperated by the near endless complaints. The mistress is someone who seems to believe no one can ever do anything right.

I’ll call her Jana Agatespire. She is nobility, of course, and quite wealthy.

And this deserves a new aspect: Is It Good Enough For Jana?

Now to get started. What’s going on?

NPC Action.



Rolling for the NPC gets me:

Jana Agatespire.

Some days, Rakel’s work was very difficult. This was not one of those days. In fact, she has been left alone to read her books in peace, which is a rare occasion. Usually, Jana has her out checking the defenses, the job Rakel has been trained for, leaving her mistress to her usual work – digging up dirt. Today, the daily check has been neglected and Rakel thinks nothing of it. She’s just glad to have a break from Jana’s near-constant criticism.

Does the mysterious hunter choose now to strike? (Very Likely)


Of course, it’s then that disaster strikes. Alarm bells ring throughout the city. Something is attempting to break through the defenses!

Jana bursts into Rakel’s tiny chamber. “Have you been sleeping? Get up! The city is in danger! Why were you not out checking the defenses?”

Rakel knows it’s useless to argue. She simply gets up, leaving her book aside. “What shall I do, mistress?”

“Discover the source of the danger, of course!” Jana is, of course, flustered. She should have known it was coming, with all the spying she does, at least by Rakel’s estimation. The apprentice leaves to consult the scrying tools that keep watch on the defenses. Hopefully, it’s a false alarm, somehow.

Is it an invasion? (50/50)

Yes, but... they are being held back by the armies for now.

Rakel climbs to the very top of the spire which serves as the center of magical defense and surveillance in the City of Bridges. There lies the Room of Windows. Eight of these face out over the city, each one viewing a different direction. Rakel can see the problem immediately, through the southwest window – a force of dark shape trying to crash through the widest point of the bridge, but somehow the army is already there at the chokepoint, and it looks like they might hold until help arrives! But just in case they don’t… it’s her job to make sure she can do something about it before more lives are lost.

It’s back down again, and into the streets to head for the lower reaches, deep inside the walls of stone that surround the City of Bridges.

Are the streets crowded? (50/50)
No, and... it is eerily quiet.

Rakel attempts to create a Shielded aspect vs. Fair (+2), which will help her defend against physical attacks. It will lapse if she is not attacked during this scene.

2 = +0 +0 +1 +1 added to her Careful Approach is +5, which means she succeeds with style! There will be two free invocations on her Shielded aspect, should such be required.

Does Rakel reach the tunnels unhindered? (50/50)


Rakel unlocks the wards and enters the tunnel, so she might activate the rockets and defeat the invading force.

Does the hunter lie in wait? (Likely)

No. +Twist: Emotional event / Changes the goal

Okay, this is something completely unexpected, which is why the randomizer is used in the first place. I’m going to try to link all the twists (at least the bad ones) to compelling an aspect. In this case, the important ones are the ones dealing with the Breakstone Clan and the ones dealing with Jana.

Have the rockets been sabotaged? (Likely)


Is there evidence the Breakstone Clan was involved? (50/50)


What is the nature of that evidence?

Gratify / Good.

The defensive battery of the City of Bridges looked somewhat impressive, but in a plain sort of way. It just seemed to be a tall steel box lined with a number of round holes. But each hole was a nest for a sphere that would launch and burst into flame, seeking out anyone who had the intent of harming the city.

That is what it used to look like, at least. Somehow, someone has dented the launch portals to the point where the box looks like it has been stepped upon by a great foot. It looks as though tremendously powerful fists have damaged it – or, after Rakel takes a closer look, mining hammers.

Dwarven work is dwarven work, and even the work of the Breakstones is better than that found in the outer world. Their magical pickaxes and hammers could easily do the job. As if that weren’t enough, someone has etched runes into the metal: FOR ALL DWARVES.

There were guards, but there is no evidence of them anymore. Rakel stands for a moment, stunned, unsure of what to do next. Her own clan is traitorous, and the city is going to be overrun. Will her mistress even listen to her? Or will she believe her complicit somehow? Regardless, Rakel feels her duty is clear.

In Service to the Mage-Protector is compelled, giving Rakel another fate point. She’s headed back to Jana.

Does she run into any forces of the enemy along the way? (Somewhat Unlikely)

Yes. +Twist: PC / Alters the location

As she emerges into the streets, Rakel realizes she is likely too late. The formerly quiet road was now filled with the shouts of combat. The invaders were coming through multiple gates, pushing back the city’s forces that were dependent upon magical defenses. Even now, she can see some of those forces approaching.

Are they Breakstone rebels? (Somewhat likely)


Do they recognize Rakel? (Very likely)


Is she a traitor to them? (50/50)


A troop of Breakstone dwarves, in piecemeal armor, carrying pickaxes and hammers, marches over the bridge in an untidy line toward Rakel. They stop a few feet away and one of them, whom Rakel assumes to be the leader, approaches.

“Our time of bondage is over, sister! Soon, we will be free, and the nobles who enslave us will work the deep tunnels!”

Rakel doesn’t know quite how to respond to that. “Uh, what exactly are you talking about?”

“Our time has come! We’re taking over the city and overthrowing the nobles!” The leader, a dirty raggedy-bearded dwarf , is practically dancing with glee.

“You do realize I work for the nobles? I assist in the defense of the city! Which you just destroyed!” Rakel is struck by another horrified thought. “Where did you guys get an army?”


Abandon / Messages.

“Mercenaries.” The leader looks at Rakel as though she were lacking in wit – and more than a touch suspiciously. “Who wouldn’t want a chance to plunder the city?”

“You idiots! Do you think they’re just going to go in peace after that and let you stay?” Rakel hears a hysterical edge in her voice, but she can’t stop herself. “Or if they do, that they’ll leave anything here worth keeping?”

The leader backs away, both hands on his pickaxe handle. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I’m sworn to protect this city! Even from you!” Rakel prepares to run. She has to get to Jana somehow.

“Then this city, and this clan, are no longer your home!” The troop leader motions to his men. “Cast her out of here!”

Rakel attempts to Quickly avoid being grabbed: 1 + (+1 +0 +0 -1) for a total of 1.
The mob attempts to grab her: (+0 +0 +0 -1) for a total of -1. Rakel gets away!

Rakel turns on her heel and runs, hoping to desperately find a way back to the mutated magical shop that serves as the nexus of magical defense for the city.

A contest ensues, with Rakel trying to lose her target and reach her goal, and the mob trying to catch her and cast her out of the city.

Rakel goes first, trying to Cleverly lose herself in the chaos: 2 + (+0 +1 +0 +0) for a final result of 3.

The mob rolls: (+1 -1 +1 -1) for a result of 0.

Rakel succeeds with style and marks 2 victories. Rakel: 2, Mob: 0.

Rakel may work for the nobles, but she’s still a Breakstone. She knows the hidden places of the city and the dark alleys on the wide bridges just as well as the mob pursuing her. It will take longer, but she takes time to double back, take obscure routes, and generally confuse her path so her pursuers will be confused as to which way to go. Their shouts grow fainter, and Rakel becomes pretty sure she’ll get away.

Rakel continues with her Clever tactics: 2 + (+0 +1 +0 +1) for a result of 4.
The mob rolls: (+0 +0 +0 +1) for a result of 1.
Rakel succeeds with style and marks 2 victories, winning the challenge.

It is almost disturbingly easy how Rakel slips away from the Breakstone rebels, but she has more to worry about right now. The shop is in sight and she slows down to assess the situation.

Is the shop still safe? (Unlikely)

Is Jana still within? (Likely)

The path seems to be clear, and Rakel charges across the open space into the shop, shutting the door behind her.

“Where have you been?” Jana starts in immediately. “Are you a part of this? Your clan may have destroyed us all! After all the good we’ve done for you people!”

“I made an oath to serve this city!” Rakel protests. “That’s what I’m here to do! Why do you think I came back? We’ve got to do something before the city is destroyed!”

Does Jana believe Rakel is part of the conspiracy? (50/50)

“You’re right. I suppose.” Jana’s agreement is grudging, to say the least. “We do have to do something. But our defenses have been utterly destroyed. I can no longer control anything from here, and if one of the defense works have been smashed, I daresay all of them are. In any case, those that aren’t are likely compromised by now.”

“I… don’t even understand what’s going on,” Rakel leans against the wall despondently. “My clan has betrayed the city. And I’ve been gone from them so long I never even heard wind of it.”

“And you’re going to suffer the same retribution as the rest of them, if the nobility gets themselves into gear,” Jana points out, less than helpfully.

“Maybe not if I save the city from them.” The words come out before Rakel can stop them.

“How do you expect to do that?” Jana cannot suppress a bitter laugh.

“We have allies, don’t we?” Rakel stands straight to pace the floor.
“Maybe they can be contacted. Maybe they can come to our defense.”

“It will be too late by then,” Jana replies dismissively.

“But we have to do something!”

I’m going to move things along by actually invoking the trouble aspect. Being In Service to the Mage-Protector should count for something right? Deducting 1 fate point.

Jana appears to relent. At least she is silent for a long time. Still quiet, she moves to a shelf and takes down a small chest, which is set on a table. She then opens it to reveal a small opalescent sphere.

“This,” says the master mage, “is the Stone of Journeys. It will take you to another location instantly. If you know a place well, it can take you there. It can always bring you home. If you don’t know where you are going, it will take you… somewhere. Often it will be somewhere you need to be. Perhaps this will help you, somehow. As for me, I will stay here and protect the city, as is my duty.”

Rakel only hesitates for a moment, before taking the Stone. She’s trained in manipulating magical objects and it only takes a little concentration for her to discern how to twist the magical energies.

“I’ll be back,” she says, and triggers the stone. She is propelled into an endless moment beyond space and time – time enough to wonder if something went wrong, time enough to wonder if Jana just sent her away from certain doom – then reality snaps back into place around her.

Barricaded library.

Books. She’s never seen so many in her life. Shelf after shelf, row after row of books. She turns around, and sees only rows of shelves as far as the eye can see.

Is there any sign of anyone else?(50/50)
Yes, and... they’ve spotted Rakel and approach her.

Battle-scarred philosopher.

Is he armed? (Somewhat likely)


Rakel quickly secrets the Stone into a pouch. A figure is approaching, a tall human man, wearing simple robes, but as he nears, she can tell he’s heavily muscled. He also has a sword belt, complete with sword. The former is still around his waist, but the latter is in his hand.

“Why are you here?” He asks. His clean-shaven skull and face are marked with old scars – wounds of battle. “And how did you get in here? I can only assume you are a spy.”

“A spy? In a library?” Rakel lifts her hands to show she is unarmed. “I… came here by accident.”

“In that case, you’re stupid, which still doesn’t mean you’re not a spy. Or dangerous. We can’t take chances under a siege. Consider yourself a prisoner.”

Siege? Out of one battle and into another…

That’s a good place to end this session. And add a final aspect Bearer of the Stone of Journeys. Since this is a minor milestone, some changes can be made. Indispensible Servant isn’t going to be of much use anymore. This will become Driven: Because I am driven, I get +2 when I Forcefully attack enemies of the City of Bridges.
When last we left Rakel Breakstone, she had used the Stone of Journeys to escape her besieged city and bring help. Unfortunately, her destination ended up being a vast library -- which itself was under siege. A battle-scarred human man who appears to be a warlike librarian has taken her into custody.

Is this philosopher in charge?

Yes, but...

...his men question his leadership.

At swordpoint, the burly librarian leads Rakel past rows of shelves into a large circular chamber filled with chairs and tables, and these tables are also filled with books. Shelves surround the area, leading off into the distance, with corridors between them. From down one of these corridors comes the sound of battle.

Rakel begins to think the Stone must be broken. These people probably need help more badly than she.

Let's further flesh out the philosopher so we can see how he relates to his men... and why they mistrust his leadership.

Conservative vicar who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to convey academia, indulge wealth, and blight strength; who speaks of hostile capture and is focused on your previous scene.

So, he's a holy man. Perhaps a cleric in the fantasy sense, or even a former paladin. A war priest, at the very least. Convey academia: He's a teacher. Indulge wealth: He's likely advocated for funds for education or for building the library, not necessarily for himself - more focused on charity rather than accumulating money for its own sake. Blight strength - he is not afraid to bring the powerful down a notch, especially if they are exploiting the weak. A shaping force in his life was when he was captured by the enemy... and maybe those enemies were dwarves, which is why he is suspicious of Rakel.

Is the enemy dwarves?

Yes, but...

...they're clearly not one of the City of Bridges clans.

There is a barricade of broken tables and chairs and other heavy objects blocking a door in the atrium outside the library proper. Somehow, some dwarves in colors unfamiliar to Rakel have slipped past the barricade and are battling the men even now. Even as she watches, she can see more arriving through high windows, rappeling down the walls from ropes. Apparently, the humans have no ranged weapons with which to stop them.

Does the philosopher begin to issue orders?


The humans seem to be holding their own for now, so the battle-scarred man takes a moment to bind Rakel with some rope he happens to be holding on his person.

"Wait!" she protests. "What am I supposed to do if someone tries to kill me?"

"It might be a good idea for you to keep quiet, then," he replies. "You don't want to draw attention to yourself, do you?"

Does he now join his compatriots?


With that, he goes to join his men, attempting to repel the foe.

Rakel attempts to Cleverly deduce who the foe might be. This is a create an advantage action.

1 = +0 -1 +1 +1

Adding the result to her Clever +2 gives her a final result of 3. She succeeds with style, creating the aspect (Allegiance to Coin) on the invaders. She can also invoke it twice for free.

At least now Rakel gets a moment to herself. A moment of study reveals they are clanless dwarves, mercenaries who were cast out of their homes for various reasons. They generally have no allegiance but coin, and no desire but bloodshed -- criminals through and through. They could probably be bribed away if there were anything of value in the library. But how to get this across without getting killed by her captors?

She takes deep breath. Nothing for it. If she's killed, she's killed. "Hey," she calls out in Dwarven, hoping fervently they don't speak a foreign dialect. "Counteroffer! Counteroffer! There are relics worth a fortune in here!"

Rakel tries to Cleverly create another advantage: Tempted.

-2 = -1 -1 -1 +1

This time it's against the traits of the mook mercenaries. They are good at: killing people, breaking things, carousing. They are bad at: staying loyal, remaining disciplined. They each have one stress box.

Rakel has a net score of 0, but the mercs will get -2 to resist having the advantage attached to them. Still, just in case, she uses a free compel from (Allegiance to Coin) to reroll.

-1 = +0 -1 +1 -1

Not much better. Rakel has a 1. Now the mercs get to roll, subtracting 2 from their final total.

0 = +0 +0 +0 +0

Which translates to -2. Rakel actually succeeds with style on that one, gaining two free invokes of (Tempted).[/b]

Do the defenders think she's trying some kind of dwarven trick?

Yes, and...

...they attempt to stop her.

Do the dwarves stop fighting for a moment?


The battle-scarred man and one of his librarian warriors break away from the fight, the latter kicking Rakel to the floor. "You should have killed her, Donel! She's one of them!"

"I'm trying to save your lives here!" Rakel rolls over to face them, but does not try to rise. "They're mercenaries! They can be bribed away, and maybe we can survive! A library like this has to have relics, artifacts, a vault or something!"

Rakel talks Quickly to overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle.

-2 = +0 -1 +0 -1

...and fails miserably.

"Shut up, dwarf!" The strange man cuffs her hard enough to make her dizzy.

"That's not necessary," the battle-scarred man says, almost gently.

Is he going to gag her instead?

Yes, and... +Twist: PC / Alters the location

...blindfold her too. But there's a twist! This looks like something bad happening with the Stone!

(Does it take Donel, too?)

Yes, but...

...his weapon is left behind.

Where do they end up?

Insignificant school.

Is this school abandoned?


Who is there?

Deceitful Elf simpleton.

Belatedly, I'm going to give Rakel a fate point for the compel on the Stone of Journeys.

I'm going to get more detail on where they are, as well.

Setting is legendary labyrinth involving sling and damaged vial.

Finally, what is the elf simpleton doing?

Carelessness / Technology.

This time, finally... is the damaged vial there?

No, but...

...the sling is there.

"No, wait! Please!" Rakel instinctively struggles. No one wants to be gagged and blindfolded, but the scarred man's grip is strong and sure, and her hands are literally tied. Without warning, the entire universe twists, and Rakel falls through an endless instant to land... somewhere else.

The man called Donel is with her, on his hands and knees gasping for breath. They are surrounded by twisting, curving walls which stretch high into the air. They seem unnaturally smooth, made of some seamless black material.

Rakel quickly realizes they are not alone in the 'room'. An elf is there also, with long and dirty blond hair. She's never seen an elf look anything but immaculate, but this one looks like one of the less fortunate members of her own clan, excepting the fact that he's... well, an elf. He doesn't appear to notice the pair that appeared out of nowhere as he picks bits of scattered stone, fits them into a sling, and flings them at a monstrosity of pipes and belts and gears which chugs away at the chamber's center, apparently oblivious to the abuse it's receiving.

"Oh, you won't get the best of me until I get what I want!" shouts the elf before firing another stone.

"What have you done?" Donel's voice is a thin whisper and he grasps Rakel by her robe, shaking her, while keeping one eye on the elf. "Where are we? Take me back now!"

"I can't! I'm sorry!" Rakel doesn't know what else to say. The only sure place the Stone can take her is back home.

"You'll understand if I don't believe you!" Donel lets her go and flexes his powerful hands. "You are fortunate I dropped my sword when you brought me here."

Does the elf notice them?

No, but...

...he's not the only person there.


A hollow shrieking noise comes from one of the distant corridors, and as a mage, she recognizes it for what it is. A wight! One of the unhallowed undead!

Does Donel also recognize it?

Yes, and...

...he knows how to fight it.

"I'll deal with you later," Donel promises. He squares his shoulders to face the oncoming creature. "And when I kill this thing, you better have some answers."

Does the elf finally respond?


How does he respond?

Expose / The innocent.

"She has all the answers you could possibly want!" cries the elf. "You're going to save the world from the end! Save it! She is the key!" He nods to himself as if he has just imparted the ultimate truth, and fires off another stone. The machine ignores it and continues to chug away, sending clouds of steam into the darkness above.

Donel looks from his captive to the elf, then back again, brow furrowing, before setting his attention on the approaching threat once more.

Here is where I should stat both Donel and the wight. The latter will be easy. The former will probably be promoted to PC status. Looks like he's here for the duration.


Unholy undead warrior lord
Hungers for the Souls of the Living

Good at: striking fear, life draining touch, the skills of war

Bad at: resisting holiness, ignoring its hunger

2 stress boxes]


Description: A burly human man with close-cropped salt and pepper hair, marked with scars from a lifetime of battle. He is usually dressed in plain robes.

Aspects: Former Warrior Turned Priest, I Must Atone, Scarred Body and Soul By A Lifetime of Battle, Knowledge is the Key

Approaches: Careful +3, Clever +2, Flashy 0, Forceful +2, Quick +1, Sneaky +1


Blessed Warrior: Because I am a blessed warrior I get a +2 when I Forcefully attack unholy creatures such as priests of darkness or the undead.
Seasoned Tactician: Because I am a seasoned tactician, I get a +2 when I Cleverly create advantages in combat with multiple foes.
Stalwart Defender: Because I am a stalwart defender, once per game session, I can defend for someone else.

The wight comes into view, a dessicated ghostly warrior, bearing a sword pitted with rust. One bony hand reaches out hungrily for Donel, and it shrieks again. The big man rushes forward, hands outstretched, calling out in a human tongue Rakel does not recognize.

Donel will use his Blessed Warrior stunt to assist him in this attack.

[b]-2 = -1 -1 +0 +0

A terrible roll, but because of the stunt and his +2 Forceful rating, the final result is a respectable +2.

The wight defends.

-1 = +0 -1 +0 +0

The wight also rolls terribly. Mooks don't get consequences, its stress boxes only go up to 2. It's going down.
His hands catch the wight by the wrists and he continues to chant. Bright light flares from Donal's touch, and soon smoke begins to rise from his grip. The wight shrieks again, this time in terror, and it attempts to flee. But even as it struggles, it's fading away, its body shedding wisps of mist and billows of inky smoke, until it is nothing more than a dispersing cloud, and then even that is gone.

In the meantime, Rakel attempts to escape. She is still (Bound), which will give a +2 difficulty, but she gains a +2 for the Careful use of magic to overcome that obstacle.

[b]-2 = -1 -1 +1 -1

That will still do it, if only barely. Rakel is no longer Bound[/b]

Rakel does her best to ignore the display of holy power not twenty feet away from her and focuses on freeing herself in case Donel needs help. There might be more than one of those things, after all. Her fingers twist into the correct gestures, though they are bound behind her back, as she whispers the cantrip... and she feels her bonds loosen and drop free! She quickly scrambles to her feet.

Does the elf respond to this at all?


Donel turns slowly to face the other two.

"As you see, I still have some power. So, you --" he jabs a thick finger at Rakel, "better get me out of here. And how did you get free, anyway?"

The elf returns to assaulting the machine, as if the others weren't even there.

"I told you, I can't." Rakel looks down at her arms. "Oh, and I'm a mage. An apprentice one, anyway. I was trying to get you out of your situation, but you decided to attack me."

"Because you were clearly communicating with the enemy! And you've brought me... wherever here is, to weaken my unit!"

"It was an accident." Rakel sighs, looking at the ground. "I meant to get help from you, but it's all going wrong. It's supposed to take me places I can get help, not where I can make things worse."

"What is 'it'?" Donel comes a few steps closer.

"'It' is nothing you need to worry about, unless you go manhandling me again." Rakel glances over her shoulder at the strange machine. "Maybe we should figure out why I'm here before we leave. Who knows? Maybe you'll get taken back home. I can't control it, but..."

"I'm with you for now, but I'm watching you." The big human folds his arm. "You seem to have 'conveniently' left my weapon behind, anyway."

I think Donel's last aspect should be: What angle is that dwarf girl playing?

And with that, the session ends. Picking up a new PC is a good place to stop.

Though a minor milestone has been achieved, I'm not going to take it for either character. There's nothing new to provide a change.
When last we left Rakel Breakstone, she was lost somewhere in a huge labyrinth, apparently one filled with oddities and dangers. She had brought along with her Donel, a warrior-priest of a yet-unspecified god of light. Neither of them wanted Donel to come along. Now they are in a large chamber of the labyrinth with an elf that appears to be insane, and some kind of large steam engine.

Since it was established earlier that this is a school, then the machine is likely a mechanical computer. But is it sentient?

(50/50) Yes, and... is the controlling intelligence of the labyrinth.

Does it communicate with Donel or Rakel now that they have proven themselves capable of dealing with the labyrinth's threats?

(Very Likely) Yes, and... will assist them in finding the way out.

Does the elf continues to sling stones at it?

(50/50) Yes.

The big steam machine begins to make new sorts of sounds, as parts shift deep inside. Undeterred, the unkempt elf continues to pelt it with sling stones. The hissing and clanking begins to resolve itself into distinct sounds... into words!

"Students worthy of my attention. Such have not come along in many years. Will you partake of my knowledge?"

"I will!" Both Rakel and Donel say the same thing at the same, then look at each other suspiciously before looking at the machine again.

The machine continues. "I cannot tell you what lies outside the labyrinth. This is not my purpose. But those who unravel this maze to find its heart are said to find their utmost desire. Many have braved this path, but none have yet found its end."

It seems not to care that it is being pelted with the occasional stone.

"Maybe I can find the help I need!" Rakel says.

"Or can break the siege," Donel says, though he sounds quite a bit more suspicious. He goes so far as to ask: "What's the catch."

"The catch is the labyrinth," says the machine. "Only those of sufficient will may pass. It will take ingenuity and perseverance. It may also take quite some time. Many have lived out their whole lives here. There was once a building here, which has since been destroyed, made by those who wished to learn from me."

"What's the elf's problem?" Rakel asks, quietly, hoping the elf won't overhear.

Does the machine know?

(50/50) Yes. +Twist: Emotional event / Changes the goal

Yikes. Is the elf the hunter referenced at the very beginning?

(Somewhat Unlikely) No. +Twist: Item / Ends the scene

(Well, things are going to get strange very quickly.)

"He was brought you like you, fleeing the coming darkness." The machine continues. "There is a force sweeping this world unlike any seen before. It will overwhelm the world and shape the nations into its own image. Already the City of Bridges has fallen to it, Rakel Breakstone. Your library has already been plundered, Donel Rayne. The knowledge found their will further the enemies' cause, and increase its power."

"What? Fallen? I was just there... it couldn't have been more than a few hours --" Rakel is having trouble corralling her thoughts.

"The journey of the Stone is not instant," explains the machine. "Each passage might be a matter of days or weeks, though it feels instant to you. Your homes have fallen already, and the rest of the world will follow, unless something is done."

"Tell me who this enemy is!" Donel steps forward, fists clenched. "If I cannot save my home, at least I can -"

At that point, one of the stones hits at just the right (or wrong) moment, catching between two gears. The voice halts immediately, and strange sounds, like screaming metal, begin to emerge from the chassis.

"No!" Rakel starts toward the machine, but it's too late. Gears and cogs begin to fall free, and what remains of the chassis begins to buckle.

Donel turns on the elf. "What have you done?"

Does the elf flee?

(50/50) No.

"I've fixed it. I've fixed it!" The elf stares at Donel through the tangle of his dirty hair. "It was the beginning. And now it's ended." He giggles. "Funny, isn't it?"

"It's not funny at all," says Rakel. "I could have found out what's happened to my city. Now I might never know. What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go."

"To the heart of the maze," Donel replies quietly. "Apparently, we both want the end to the same thing, if that machine was truthful."

Rakel just shrugs. She doesn't know what else to do. After a moment, she trudges off, picking a direction at random, and the big human follows.

Does the elf follow?

(50/50) Yes.

And behind them both, close enough to keep in sight, but not far enough to get lost, is the strange elf, skipping and prancing. He doesn't even try to remain hidden.

"I don't like him following us," Donel says, looking over his shoulder.

"What are we supposed to do?" Rakel asks, not turning around. "Kill him?"

"You're the wizard. Restrain him."

"I don't want it on my head if I do and gets attacked before the spell wears off," Rakel answers, taking another random turn. "This is all pointless anyway."

NPC Action.



Since the only NPC right now is the elf, this will have to be about him.

"Safe, quiet, and warm. And food." The elf singsongs the words over and over, both following and peeking down passages not taken. "A safe place, a quiet place, a food place..." He appears to be looking for something.

It seems he might be around for a bit, so let's flesh him out a little further...

Miserly champion who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to attempt old religions, produce beauty, and compel pleasure; who speaks of knowing compromise and is focused on your power.

"He may have something. A point, at least," Rakel says, after walking a bit more. "We're going to need a place to rest. And food. If people have lived here for decades, there has to be something. I'm going to try something." She centers herself and sends her thoughts and senses outward in an ever-growing spiral...

Rakel attempts to Carefully uncover a place with an aspect of Safe Haven.

0 = -1 -1 +1 +1

Because she gets a +3 for Careful, she gets two free invocations.

"This way!" Rakel starts off down the path, and the other two follow.

What do they find?

Well-guarded arena.

"Well, it's probably safe at least..." Rakel says, upon rounding the corner.

"For who?" grumbles Donel.

They look upon a vast structure in another cleared space between the tall and endlessly curving walls of the labyrinth. It looks like nothing less than a great arena, with a line of people waiting to get in. Guards stand at the entrance clearing everyone before they are allowed to pass.

"It looks like a settlement of some kind." Rakel is already heading in that direction. "Maybe we can find food and someplace to sleep."

Donel is unsure, but he follows nonetheless. The elf skips along behind them.
Wow this is an excellent story! Would you mind me asking what system you are using to play this game? Apologies if it seems obvious I don't know many systems yet.
(06-04-2013, 12:55 PM)Nashk Wrote: Wow this is an excellent story! Would you mind me asking what system you are using to play this game? Apologies if it seems obvious I don't know many systems yet.

Thanks. I'm using Fate Accelerated, a stripped down version of the new Fate Core.

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