Classic Fantasy The dwarf and I
We see two Orcs tending to their small horses. Bands of Orcs have been wandering the lands far from their homesteads now for ages, but one is always a bit surprised seeing them. They seem a bit outlandish with their somewhat animal like faces - big screen and skin the colour of a lizard.

(I'll basically play a Fantasy version of my 'The Floating Fortress' character but I also want to play a dwarf, so we'll see. Maybe he'll become an NPC.)

Do I speak Orcish?

(Very Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Neither do the Orcs speak Human?

(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

Does the dwarf speak Orcish?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Neither do they speak dwarven - I get it.

Does he know a spell to communicate with them?

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.

Is he good at doing magic?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Not that good. D6?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

D4 and a bonus?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

What is wrong with you?

Harm / Bureaucracy.

Maybe he has an item to aid him?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.


(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

Is the bonus high?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...


(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

What is it?


Willpower? High?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.


6 = 4[d4]+1+1[d12]

Good I didn't use the scroll. <_<

"Zanbaur" "Afar Angathfark"

I greet them by waving my hand.

How do they react?

Passion / Wounds.

They are all wound up - even passionate.

"Please try it again, if you will. And quickly!" I say through my teeth while smiling at the Orcs.
I hope smiling isn't anything agressive in Orcish culture! <_<
(is it?)

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

14 = 4[d4]+1+9[d12]

Okay, I decided he has a couple spells on his scroll and gets a bonus to them as he's able to read the whole 'recipe'.
For spells not on his scroll I might him make int rolls to remember the spell - or even to make it up on the fly. Let's see.

"Greetings, noble warriors of the Orcs!'

Do they calm down a bit?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.


What do they say?

Persecute / A burden.

Revolting champion who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to attend family, persecute lust, and advance valor; who speaks of mysterious injury and is focused on your treasure.

Evade brigands at the liberated rift.

We talk a bit but they seem a bit too focused on our 'treasures', so we decide to leave.

For how many rounds did we talk?

2 = 2[d6]

-4 end

We even found out that there are brigands at the rift!

What are we up to anyho?

Launch an invasion on the recognizable distillery.

Yeah, that sounds like us: Let's get ourselves a drink!

Is it a distillery of some renown?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

It's rather 'in-famous' than famous?

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

Is it far away?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

Dwarven camp.

Makes sense. <_<

So: On we go to the Dwarven camp!

Festering crime scene.

A victim of a crime?

(Somewhat Likely | 2[d10]) No.

'A wretched hive of scum and villainy'?

(Somewhat Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

Me like-y! XD

So, who's here?

Evasive Half-elf smith.

Coarse hermit who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to advance freedom, depress the elite, and collaborate charity; who speaks of hostile views and is focused on your knowledge.

The dwarf talks shop with the half elf (Hey: He's a dwarf Wink)

While I drink with some 'hermit'. Some interesting thoughts here! Big Grin

Beer's probably rather cheap here, right?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

The hermit buys me drinks. (Hehe)

So, how much did it hurt our purses then?

(6 = 6[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

We spend the night here at the inn. The rooms are not too comfortable, right?

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

Thought so. Smile

Early next morning we leave for the dwarven camp. Are we there yet?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Lost school.

Wizard's academy?

(Somewhat Likely | 2[d10]) No.

Actual pupils?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

They lost their teacher?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

And they don't now where they are aka they're lost.

'Hey, little fellas - can we be of any assistance?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

They're probably advised to not to talk to strangers.

(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

I try to win their trust:

12 = 2[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+1[d4]+5[d6]

Good enough. (Success level:'Decent')

So - what happened?

Agree / Legal matters.

Confident sniper who is much stronger than you and whose motivation is to develop lust, strive force, and blight harmony; who speaks of knowing dislikes and is focused on your current story.

Some youngster who can't grow up fast enough and is a fierce slingshot. Always up to no good want's to discuss 'legal matters' first - the circumstances under which we are allowed to help them. Do we find an agreement?

(Very Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

Escape from the magnificent maze.

We need to get them out of this maze of ...

Secret tunnel.

Did they play hide and seek?

(Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

They hid in a cave.

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Now they are lost. Apparently they found some secret tunnel they can't get out of anymore. Let's climb down there then!

How's my climbing? High?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.


(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

d4+2 then.

16 = 1[d4]+4[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+2+5[d8]

And the dwarf? Climbing high?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

No bonus. D6?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...


(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

Dex high?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.


(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

A malus. Why?

Change / Dispute.

Probably his armour or something.

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

Is the malus high?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

High enough.

Is his str high?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.


(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

A bonus. Magic Item of strength?

(Very Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Decrease / Evil

You get less evil when you use it. High bonus?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

1 = 1[d2]

What is it?

Crystal lens.

So it won't help you with 'evil' deed?

(Very Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

(His str actually went through the roof the first time, so I deleted it and asked again.
I think it went as high as d20. So I just say It's the lens and his 'normal' str is just d4.)

So how high is the malus?

2 = 2[d2]

That meant, he insisted on wearing his chainmail, before climbing down that hole - so 'dwarven' XD

18 = 2[d4]+4[d4]+4[d4]+3[d6]-2+7[d12]

K, we made it down the hole. What's with those kids?

Abuse / Wishes.

They pest us with a whole bunch of little things they would like to have?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

They want to get home. K, let's help them climb that rope then. Does everything turn out fine?

(Somewhat Likely | 3[d10]) No.

What happens?

Triumph / Pleasures.

They want sweets first?

(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

Do we have any sweets with us?

(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

K, we give them some - who badly does that hurt our stash of sweets?

(16 = 16[d20]) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.


Are they more willing to climb up that rope now?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

It's a breeze!

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

Block / Anger.

They're getting stubborn.

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.

Are they good at arguing?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No. +Event: Recruit / Realities

Imprison / Liberty.

They kind of see they'll have to climb up there if they want to get home anytime soon.

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.

Do they manage to climb up that hole?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.


Let's mark that tunnel on our map and help them find their teacher or something!

Where did they last see him?

Strong crossroads.

K, do they remember where that was?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No. +Event: Change / Illusions

Everyone tells a different story?

(Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

So, you weren't exactly on a road trip with your school mates, were you? Do your parents know where you are?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Will they tell me where they live?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

10 = 1[d4]+1[d4]+4[d4]+2[d6]+2[d4]

Not too big a success -_- Is it enough?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Carry / Messages.

They have a message to deliver?

(Somewhat Likely | 3[d10]) No. +Event: Truce / Leadership

We should inform their parents?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

So we go to theit parents and try to talk to them so they won't punish them (that badly)

12 = 2[d4]+2[d4]+2[d4]+2[d6]+4[d4]

Good enough. ^_^

Are they home yet?

(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

So, what did they hope to find down there?

Communicate / Adversities.

They had a fight?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Ruin / Stalemate.

So that cave's by a ruin?

(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

Let's have a look at it.

Arrive / Status quo.

What was it? A tower?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

A castle?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes. +Event: Inspect / Goals

Let's get down that hole again!

15 = 4[d4]+4[d4]+2[d4]+3[d6]+2[d12]

14 = 2[d4]+3[d4]+1[d4]+4[d8]+2[d4]+2

So, what's down here?

Return / Allies.

The kids return?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

An escape tunnel.

(Very Likely | 3[d10]) No.

Someone's here?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

Who's allies are they?

Mistrust / Prison.

Oh, they think we are their allies?

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

But now they found out. Probably their hideout. Smugglers maybe? (It's always about smugglers when it's about kid detectives - or so the Simpson's say ...)

(Somewhat Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...


(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Dominate / Technology

Someone lights a lamp.

(Somewhat Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

So, who are they?

Return / Status quo.

The lamp goes out again.

(Sure Thing | 8[d10]) Yes.

Did they hide when the kids were here?

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Delay / Power.

They are pressed for time now?

(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

Well okay then - we certainly don't mean to delay anybody's plans here ... *Phh*

SO they won't tell us what they are up to?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes. +Event: Praise / Legal matters

K, guess we'll leave then >_>

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

K, that was weird. Let's spy on them for a while! ^_^

Do I have a stealth bonus?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Neither does the dwarf, eh?

What about his subterfuge? High?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

d4 then. Or is it about his armour?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

K. So that goes extra then. Undecided

Does he maybe know a spell for that?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

Oh, I forgot: To get the astral points he needs, he has to tap in to ambient mana.
If it's not enough, he needs extra power supplies like maybe a power crystal or something like that.

Is his per high?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

A bounus? Is it high?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

1 = 1[d2]

A magical item, no doubt! What is it?


Okay, his 'magic ale of perception' (those dwarven wizards <_<)
How many doses?

5 = 5[d6]

19 = 1[d4]+3[d4]+3[d4]+1+11[d12]

(Per+magic skill) - he 'sees' the ambient mana now. How much is it?

91 = 91[d100]

Should be enough.

17 = 4[d4]+3[d4]+3[d4]+1+2[d12]+4

1 success level more than needed! ^_^

He's only 5" tall now - problem is: His per has a malus of -8 now! 00

Is his notice skill high?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.


(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

7 = 2[d4]+2[d4]+3[d4]+3[d4]+5[d8]-8

Does he need less of that ale now?

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.

K, +1 - now it's enough.

23 = 4[d4]+4[d4]+3[d4]+6[d6]-2+8[d12]

21 = 2[d4]+4[d4]+1[d4]+6[d6]-2+10[d12]

He has to make two climb rolls because it's 10 times further now. ALso he has to wear his chhainmail, of course. Wink

What can he overhear?

Expose / Masses.

Loads of stuff?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Release / Lies

They tell a bunch of lies?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No. +Event: Decrease / A project

Oh, they don't lie anymore and talk about their project now.

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes. +Event: Intolerance / Evil

So they are actually good?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

They want to tell the masses?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Is it the same the hermit at the bar talked about?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.


Separate / Wishes.

They are parting now.

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Separate / Extravagance.

Some 'extravaganza' - a party? (or several actually)

(Somewhat Likely | 2[d10]) No.

Oppress / Evil.

Freedom fighters of some sort I fetch.

(Very Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

It's against 'The Man'

(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

15 = 2[d4]+1[d4]+1[d4]+3[d6]-2+10[d12]

17 = 3[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+6[d6]-2+6[d12]

Okay, he's back! 'What happened'?'

Does he tell me?

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Procrastinate / Pain.

It takes him ages - his stories tend to be long winded?

(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

Also, he takes his time.

(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

'Very mysterious!'

Overgrown bank.

The green bank of ...

a lake?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

Very scenic! ^_^

Anyone here?

Affectionate Half-elf elected official.

We have a really deep and meaningful conversation and both feel really accomplished afterwards!

New scene:

Enchanted desert.

Maybe a deserted village?

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

it seems like it's enchanted in it's serenity.

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

Does the dwarf sense any real magic here?

16 = 4[d4]+3[d4]+3[d4]+2[d4]+4[d12]


(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...


A magic item?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

Ancient relic.

Nice! ^_^

What is it?

Befriend / Opposition.

Damaged pole arm.

A magic staff - it is very old. Even ancient. It has a bonus to 'befriend opposition'

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Proceedings / The physical.

What can I learn about this village and the staff?

11 = 1[d4]+2[d4]+3[d4]+3[d4]+2[d6]

You can use it as a hiking staff?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

People moved away from the village?

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

We find some academic papers?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

Are there any nice old stories written on that staff? Legends or anything?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

(I decided we also found those papaers)

Can we make anything out of it?

13 = 4[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+2[d4]+3[d10]


(I remember, I was rather good at Physics -maybe it's magic here though ...)

Antagonise / Pleasures.

They're somewhat dull.

What is it about, though?

Arrive / Failure.

Well, can't make anything out of it right now - will have to take my time to read it later.

IS it late already?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes. +Event: Intolerance / Peace

Does somebody or something not tolerate the peace here?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes. +Event: Bestow / Possessions

We get to get stuff?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

They want us to hand over our stuff?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

Maybe a procession? Do they sacrifice stuff to a local spirit?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

It's not here? There should be s shrine colse to the village - maybe from the time when people still lived here?

(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Heal / Enemies

I decide that it's like that anyway. We follow them to the local shrine and join the party!

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

It's fun!

We sacrifice our last sweets to the local spirit (what kind of spirit is it?)

Kill / Elements.

It protects the region against bad weather.

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

WE drink a lot and have a good time!

Anything else happening that night?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No. +Event: Move / Animals

In the morning we are woken up by a herd of sheep.

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

The farmboys have fun seeing us in pain.

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

They also petty us.

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

They have to work and move on.

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

We stay for a little longer and talk to the other 'left overs' from last night.

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

Postpone / Business.

They are more than happy to chat the day away with us and not do any work today. Later we are invited for dinner.

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

They're really nice people!

(Sure Thing | 7[d10]) Yes.

Do we find out anything interesting?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.


Negligence / Tactics.
They are more than happy to chat the day away with us and not do any work today. Later we are invited for dinner.

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

They're really nice people!

(Sure Thing | 7[d10]) Yes.

Do we find out anything interesting?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.


Negligence / Tactics.

Did I find anybody to have a deep and meaningful conversation with last night?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

We don't feel all too accomplished <_<

I can't really make anything out of that right now - maybe it will make more sense to me later ... Undecided

Ominous cavern.

Does there maybe live a sage in that cavern?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

A hermit?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

And the cave looks somewhat evil?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

It's not really.

(Sure Thing | 5[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Spy / Extravagance

We overhear him talking to himself - and what he says is somewhat extravagant?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

What does he rave about? Is it about the same thing the other hermit talked about?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.


Does there seem to be someone in the cave with him?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

We hear that person talk now too?

(Very Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

We spy on them for a little longer.

Neglect / A project.

Never mind - we're not too focused on any sort of 'goal' today.

Or did they negelct a project?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No. +Event: Waste / Suffering

Someone empties a bucket of litter onto the floor outside the cave. Do we get dirty?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.


Now we stand there outside a cavern, covered with trash - that's what you get for spying on hermits!

Oppress / Trials.

It's more like Japanese 'honobono' style RPGs (

Let's get clean: Is there some kind of lake anywhere near?

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

Are there any naiads here?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

Oh. Undecided Okay, we clean ourselves.

(Very Likely | 6[d10]) Yes. +Event: Overthrow / Advice

By whom?

Ruin / Emotions.

sry Sad

Nevertheless: We get somewhat overwhelmed by disgust and start to clean ourselves in the lake.

Oppose / Environment.

DOes it start to rain?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

Okay, let's get dressed again and walk back to the cave.

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

This time we inform the hermit about us being there.

Excitement / War.

'We come in peace!'

Gratify / Liberty.

We talk to the two for a while.

Heal / Dispute.

They have an argument and we could help them to reconcile?

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.

11 = 4[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+1[d4]+2[d6]


(10 = 8[d20]++2) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

19 = 4[d4]+2[d4]+4[d4]+3[d4]+6[d6]


(21 = 16[d20]++5) Killed.

They couldn't help but being totally impressed by my great argument. They are friends again now!

(Sure Thing | 8[d10]) Yes. +Event: Activity / Wounds

They get all wound up and very become very active now. What was the argument about?

Neglect / A burden.

Let's talk to them and find out about that whole thing they are all so obsessed with!

(Very Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

They don't really have the time now - what are they up to?

Negligence / The public.

K, they kinda ignore us now - let's move on then.

(Oh, btw: The text on that 'honobono' site was:

"There has been a lot of talk about Honobono among us, particularly about Ryuutama and Golden Sky Stories/Yuuyake Koyake. I usually describe by calling it a “feel-good” genre and making associations with Ghibli films, usually in the same breath. Recently Andy and I talked with Kamiya-san and Elmeth-san from Tsugihagi Konpo about Honobono, and Elmeth said that his idea of Honobono comes from fairy tales, and mainly is about using words to resolve conflict.
I often think of Honobono as a very Japanese genre of games–hell, you can’t find anything like the games I mentioned on shelves in America–but how Japanese is it? It’s clear that Honobono exists in America: comics like Garfield and Family Circus fit the bill, and many Disney animated films are based on fairy tales ..."


Miniature bridge.

A very small bridge? Ôo Is there a very small troll living underneath it?

(Very Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Is it like - just very small or really a miniature bridge?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Is it some kind of toy?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

Oh, okay. Do we sense any magic?

13 = 3[d4]+3[d4]+2[d4]+3[d4]+2[d12]

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

Anybody here who could be the owner of said bridge?

(Very Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

So nobody around.

Soo - seems we got ourselves a new toy bridge then Smile

Does it look like it's worth anything?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

Is it made out of gold?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

It's made of silver?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.


Festering workshop.

What kind of workshop is it?

Activity / Ambush.

Is there a town or anything?

(Very Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Maybe it's a glass maker? They used to have their workshops in forests.

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

Nobody's here?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

It looks like they'll be nack soon?

(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.


Let's wait til they come back!

(Sure Thing | 8[d10]) Yes.

Does anything happen while we wait?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Nothing special, really.

Break / Elements.

A thunderstorm!

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.

We seek shelter in the workshop - hope they won't be too angry with us.
What does it look like inside?

Decrease / Status quo.

Has seen better times?

(Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

Maybe it's dirty?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

We could tidy the place up a bit so they won't be angry with us when they come back but I don't want to clean anything away they might need - like sand or anything alchemical.

Any chairs here?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Recruit / Riches

Valuable stuff?

(Likely | 1[d10]) No, and...

They want to sell us something?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Trick / Dispute

Are they back?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

So it's more like some kind of advertisement?

(Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Negligence / The spiritual

Is it magical?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Interesting! o0

So they like argue and try to trick you into buying stuff? Is it like an illusion?

(Very Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

A visual?

(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

Oh, they look a bit ghostly? Like, you can see through them?

(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

That's fun! ^_^

I hope they'll be back soo - I think about buying a small glass oven and maybe an alembic and vials and stuff.

Are they back yet?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Struggle / Possessions.

We try to convey we didn't steal anything and in fact want to buy stuff from them. We also say we only came in because of the bad weather!

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

11 = 3[d4]+1[d4]+2[d4]+3[d4]+2[d6]

Avoid Topic.

(4 = 2[d20]++2) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

11 = 1[d4]+2[d4]+1[d4]+2[d4]+5[d6]


(9 = 7[d20]++2) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

15 = 3[d4]+1[d4]+2[d4]+3[d4]+6[d6]


(12 = 8[d20]++4) Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

Okay, they believe me! ^-^

Would they part with a small glass oven?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.


And all that other stuff?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Attach / A plan

They also give us some alchemical recipies?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

What kind of plan?

Take / Outside.

What's outside?

Adversity / Leadership.

They can't agree on who's the boss?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

They go outside to argue - what about that plan though?

Travel / Evil.

Yeah, I already though that too - we might need some kind of cart or something like that.

Is the dwarf good at building stuff?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

Am I?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.


(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Persecute / Investment

They want to see money. d10?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

A specialization then?

(Somewhat Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

Why am I a wagon maker? o0

Did I learn it when I was a child?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Was or is a relative of mine a wagon maker?

(Very Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

Is it about carpentry then?

(Very Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

Do I have a haggle specialization?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

A malus?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

Is it high?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

5 = 2[d2]+3

Is their persuade skill high?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

They don't have a haggle specialization either.

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.


(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Attach / Advice

Int high?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No. +Event: Gratify / Riches


(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

6 = 1[d4]+2[d4]+1[d4]+1+1[d4]

17 = 1[d4]+4[d4]+3[d4]+6[d6]+3[d4]

(12 = 7[d20]++5) Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

(12 = 17[d20]+-5) Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

*Ouch* that was rather expensive. We should try and earn some money soon.

I'll build some kind of cart for us to transport our stuff with.

20 = 2[d4]+2[d4]+2[d4]+8[d8]+4[d4]+2

An 'excellent' handcart! ^_^

We bid those two glass makers farewell and leave.

Dwarven marketplace.

Nifty! I want to buy raw gems!

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Do I get a bonus because of the dwarf?

(Sure Thing | 8[d10]) Yes.

A high bonus?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

5 = 2[d2]+3

21 = 2[d4]+4[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+6[d6]+5

And the dwarves? High Haggling skills?

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

High int too?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.


(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...


(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

And int? D6?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

17 = 3[d4]+4[d4]+4[d4]+3[d10]+2+1[d6]

1 success level.

(3 = 4[d20]+-1) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

Also stuff to polish them with.

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

It's dirt cheap! ^_^

Oh wait - this must be the dwarven camp with that infamous booze! 00

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

We'll have a couple drinks here then!

End of adventure.


4 = 4[d5]

4 = 4[d5]
The setting is recognizable hovel involving wand and dimly-lit mine. Your quest is to trade with merchants at the sand-blasted grotto. Trying to stop you is the will-o-wisp skilled in cartography. You are currently at the tiny government office.

'sand-blasted' might be a 'bad word'. So, we're at a tiny governmental office - you may even want to call it 'dwarvish'. Wink We just became citizens of this quiet little community called

Haggle / Adversities.

'Chaffer Clutch' I built a little hut for us - nothing too fancy I guess but it will do - at least for a couple of months or so. It is true - it doesn't look much like the other buildings here that mostly have a distinct 'dwarven' look to them if I may say so - although darves living in other places might build houses in other architectural styles.

I also made a couple shelves - the little silver bridge is sitting on one of them. The heavy tome of ancient record is here and also the staff we found. The people here are genuinly friendly. I spent my days polishing gemstones and practicing alchemy. I might even learn a little magic from the dwarf - we will see.

The dwarf mainly worked as a wizard but also transported goods with our handcart.

They have quite a few pubs ind 'Chaffer Clutch' I shall say! My favourite ones are the 'Dimly Lit Mine' and the 'Sand-Blasted Grotto'. We sometimes meet there with merchants to talk and trade and whatnot.

I meant to go there tonight, but

Work hard / War.

'Drudgery Strife' our little will-o-wisp doesn't want me to go.

'Alwayth you leaveth us aloneth!' it complains. 'Never ith it's here - alwayth aloneth!' then it pretends to cry a little.

I give a little sigh and then sit down with it for a while - petting our little helping friend talking to it and feeding it with it's favorite treats.

When it finally falls asleep I tip-toe out to join my dwarven friends.

Debase / Riches.

Revolting laborer who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to discover hate, obtain compassion, and understand disbelief; who speaks of mysterious celebrations and is focused on your rewards.

What kind of laborer is he?

Argumentative swindler.

A politician?

He reeks of sweat and booze and you could swear there's the remnants of a whole banquet in his gristly beard.
He might be a lumberjack or a miner - who knows.

He asks me if I'll go to the shrine of a local spirit where there a feast in it's honour would be held later.

'How could you not honour the spirits of the land?' I require of him -
'exactly' he answers. 'I would want to feel sorry for him, who will not cherish on a night like this!'

After the exchange of a few friendly words we part ways and I make my way through the soft and warm night that silkenly laid down upon our peaceful village.

What's the name of that dwarf, btw?

Inquire / The innocent.


What was his job again?

Trick / Military.

Nervous Half-giant peasant.

Above average longbow.

Okay, let's have them be a farmer then.

Also, he's an excellent archer.

Fortified castle.

Poor entrance.

Someone apparently got thrown through the door of the 'The Fortress' and now it's broken - pure irony here.

Amused by my own musings I make my way through the streets of 'Chaffer Clutch'.

Cursed festival.

'Ah - that cursed festival' - I should really go there soon. The wizard will be already there anyway, I bet.

Glowing camp.

Drudgery Strife apparently found me - it's not happy with me having left it alone again. It can be a little annoying at times.

I say that there will be a feast at a shrine later and invite it to join, then move on.

Infamous ship.

Cheery chieftain who is slightly stronger than you and whose motivation is to possess intelligence, operate literature, and shepherd hardship; who speaks of inquisitive shelter and is focused on your retainers.

I talk a bit to that clan chief at the 'Enterprise' pub. He talks about how he's hungry for knowledge and that he wants to buy a printing press and run a book store. Then he tells me how hard it is to own many sheep and wants to know if I have many warriors under my command.

Naive expert who is slightly weaker than you and whose motivation is to encourage myths, publicize lies, and possess literature; who speaks of prejudiced confusion and is focused on your recent scene.

Another dwarf here says that he totally would buy his books and if he maybe would print and sell books he wrote.

He also says he didn't ḱnow that Human females could be as clever as I am - I'm not sure if I want to thank him for the 'compliment'.

Allied portal.[/u]
Allied portal.

The dwarf come through the door.

Commit regicide at the awe-inspiring palace.

Reputable homemaker who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to discover the public, secure enemies, and review enlightenment; who speaks of knowing idiocy and is focused on your parents.

The wife of one of the dwarves come in, too. She demands to be enlightened on her husband's whereabouts, but clearly she just wanted to see what it's like here at the pub. When she sees me, she questions my heritage. She also thinks we're all idiots.

Let's offer her a drink. (Is she a dwarf, too?)


Battle-scarred monk.

Confident prospector.

Calm Elf vagrant.

An elven monk / prospector.

Would she have a drink with us?


12 = 1[d4]+2[d4]+3[d4]+2[d6]+4[d4]

A malus, because I'm drunk?


Okay, she sits down with us and enjoys her drink.

(or is it in fact a man?)


And his partner? A woman?


They're apparently quite tolerant around these parts. ^_^ (Or are they?)


Aw :3

I talk to my friend, the dwarf for a while.

Jovial gunman who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to review distress, agonize stories, and distress religion; who speaks of knowing suspicions and is focused on your current scene.

'Let's go to that little festival at the shrine, shan't we?'


Alluring warrior who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to assist pain, damage magic, and acquire poverty; who speaks of inquisitive records and is focused on your current story.

Oh, a bar fight! ^_^

15 = 4[d4]+3[d4]+1[d4]+6[d6]+1[d4]

WE talk him out of that and leave for the festival.


Yes, and...

It's already started.

Legendary alley.

There's a procession along an alley.


WE get horribly drunk again.

Nect morning we decide it's time for adventuring again!

Deliver a message to the vermin-infested caravan.

*next Someone has a message to be delivered. We volunteer.

Defiant soldier who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to abuse secret societies, suggest the downtrodden, and contact atrocities; who speaks of insane effects and is focused on your contacts.

'Just follow their trail!'

Well-traveled inn.

That's so us! ^_^

Alluring drifter who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to record valor, shepherd slavery, and manage the poor; who speaks of scheming skepticism and is focused on your last scene.

He writes down the stories of heroes? ^_^


Oh, okay - I thought maybe like that Xena's friend. <_<

Likable champion who is slightly weaker than you and whose motivation is to secure knowledge, contact dreams, and possess prosperity; who speaks of hostile discourse and is focused on your current story.

Must be an adventurer! ^_^


Passionate master who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to promote technology, persecute old religions, and chronicle prosperity; who speaks of friendly lies and is focused on your previous scene.

-> Idea: What about one of those 'tavern generators'?

Protected bathhouse.

How is it protected?

Struggle / Jealously.

Spa time!!! ^_^

Decrease / Randomness.

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

We feel somewhat refreshed but not much.

Was it expensive?

Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.


Famous brothel.

Tiny gate.

A dwarvish gate?

No, but...

Is it a silver toy gate?


Oh. -_-

Where does it lead to?

Deadly bank.

Let's not rob a bank.

Illusory temple.

Oh, that's nice. We go inside to look at the illusions. ^_^


A temple dedicated to the element of air?


After we enjoyed the illusions we sit down for a while, contemplating.

How spiritually refreshing was it?

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

Let's leave a little sacrifice and leave.

Yes, and...

What was the priest like?

Subtle ascetic who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to discourage lust, access resources, and compose the church; who speaks of friendly alliance and is focused on your last scene.

Infested throne room.

A public toilet. But it wasn't very clean. <_<

Battle-scarred mountain.

'Surely, some gods must have fought over that mountain once!' *nods*

Magnificent settlement.


A big city with domes and spires and all that? Most probably it's shimmering, too?

Yes, and...'s made of gold and alabaster?


'What a bunch of show offs!' *nods*

Fantastic graveyard.

'Splendid cemetery!' 'Indeed!'

Magical obelisk.

K, let's stay here for a while. It's a place of power, right?

Yes, and...

'One could wield really powerful magic here!' 'Well, do you know any really powerful magic?' 'Well, I could turn you to stone with the power of this obelisk!'
'Impressive! 'Indeed - but what would that be good for?' 'Indeed.'

'Petty I don't have any crystals on me - we might have been able to fill them with part of the energy of this place.'

'Maybe they have crystals in that city we passed by a while ago!'

'They sure do!'

'Let's go back there then!'

'Good idea!'

Stone rift.

We enter the city through a crack in the wall so we don't have to pay any entrance fee or anything - 'It's what the cool folks do!' Where are we now?

Ramshackle carnival.

Oh, a circus! ^_^ Will there be a show soon?

No, and...

Let's watch the animals then! ^_^

No, and...

Oh, my. It's not the caravan we're looking for, is it?

No, and...

And what??

Adversity / Attention.

They don't even want people to watch.


K, let's leave then. *mumbles*

Barricaded shop.

Apparently not the best part of town. What did they sell before they closed?

Work hard / Lies.

Probably some kind of newspaper.


Hey - maybe we could rent it. It's probably dirt cheap around these parts!

(Very Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

IS there like a note whom to contact about that?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

We don't know where that is?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

Let's ask someone!

Meek caretaker who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to damage magic, suggest science, and manage friends; who speaks of insane combat and is focused on your equipment.

But does he know where that is?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 4[d10]) No.

Meek astrologer who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to aid enlightenment, secure resources, and join intelligence; who speaks of insane arrangements and is focused on your allies.

Well, does he?

(Somewhat Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

Fine - we contact them and rent the shop.

Is it expensive?

(5 = 5[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

Okay, let's shop for some crystals!

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.

15 = 2[d4]+3[d4]+3[d4]+1[d6]+6[d8]

Are they cheap?

(15 = 15[d20]) Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

Okay, but we know where to find those now. Let's go and find that caravan then now!

'Hex, why don't we raise some dead at that cemetery and hire them out to the guy who runs that public lavatory - they could keep it all nice and clean!?'

'Do you know how to raise the dead?'

'Not sure...'

'Is that even ethical?

'Well, maybe a golem?' the dwarf proposed.

'Well, don't lookth ath meth liketh thath - I'mth wayth thoo thmall tho cleanth thuch big a lav... loo!'

14 = 1[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+2[d6]+7[d8]

Did we find them yet?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Bestow / Expectations.

'Here's some letter for you!'


Did we get any money? How much?

(20 = 20[d20]) Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.

Err... What did they write him?

Travel / The innocent.

But so much money? For delivering a letter?

Recruit / Opposition.

Shrewd superior who is much stronger than you and whose motivation is to refine industry, determine criminals, and account vigilance; who speaks of friendly submission and is focused on your enemy.

Oh my - let's not complain here - let's just go and set up our shop!

(Sure Thing | 9[d10]) Yes.

Let's ask those guys from the carnival if they cared to work with us. Maybe as advertisement and we could improve their show with magic!

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Control / Danger

They get angry at us for asking?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

They think it might be dangerous? Maybe only illusional magic.

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

18 = 2[d4]+3[d4]+4[d4]+5[d6]+4[d4]


(18 = 13[d20]+5) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

Also we could look after their circus and they could look after our shop! ^_^

'The Crack IN The Wall' mana crystals and gems shop - magical services! Delivery services of all kinds!
First class carpentry!

We should hire people!

Someone to charge the crystals at the obelisk and someone to buy cheap raw gems and crystals in Chuffer Clutch.

Unconcerned jack-of-all-trades who is slightly stronger than you and whose motivation is to process intelligence, discover discretion, and indulge magic; who speaks of scheming judgment and is focused on your contacts.

Cheery wizard who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to steal wrath, offend science, and attempt happiness; who speaks of friendly tellings and is focused on your relics.

Well, why not. ^_^

(Very Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

Are they Humans?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No. +Event: Activity / Energy

Is one of them a dwarf?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Not the other one. An elf maybe?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

Both females?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.

A troll?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Well, we'll find out later.
Fight / Allies.

4 = 4[d5]

4 = 4[d5]


4 = 4[d5]

We work together on a formula for an 'animate statue' potion.
The statue would be made of wood, instead of clay (or stone for that matter)
and would be powered by a mana crystal.

To make the spell a potion with the desired limitations would require a roll -24.
We take our time and spend a whole day to come up with a recipe. Now it's only -6.

Is the dwarves alchemy skill high?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes.



(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...


(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...


(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Is his int high?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.


(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

1 then.

I decide he has to know both alchemy and magic to do this.

6 = 1[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+1+4[d4]+2-6

I'll add my success levels in alchemy:

7 = 3[d4]+4[d4]+2[d4]+1[d4]+3[d10]-6

9 = 4[d4]+3[d4]+1[d4]+1+4[d4]+2-6

13 = 3[d4]+2[d4]+3[d4]+7[d10]+2[d4]+2-6

We don't succeed on the first day - but do so the very next day with a 'very good'.

21 = 2[d4]+4[d4]+4[d4]+5[d8]+4[d4]+2

The actual wooden golem turns out to be 'extraordinarily' good!

The golem basically needs 3 mana for every action.
One crystal maybe holds about that amount of mana so it would probably need quite a few crystals to do anything useful. Undecided
Reputable hideout.

Whose hideout?

Assist / Information.

Probably some kind of spy?

(Likely | 2[d10]) No.

Some kind of king's advisor?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Procrastinate / Dreams.

He be chillin

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

So what he up to?

Search for magic at the insignificant room.

(Hopefully not the bathroom)X'D

What's the 'insignificant room'?

Release / Allies.

Well, never mind.

Conniving champion who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to acquire resources, contact vigilance, and embrace animals; who speaks of knowing shadows and is focused on your community.

Unsupportive burglar who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to spoil dreams, overthrow the forsaken, and secure affluence; who speaks of hostile speech and is focused on your parents.

Okay, there's some unsuspicious looking room in that 'lotus den' the royal advisor likes to hide out.
There's some guy there who 'knows of shadows'. Then there's that burglar who thinks ill of his upbringing.

Maybe they want him to follow someone else secretly?

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes.

Should we already end that cut scene?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Get back to our heroes?

(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

Vanishing workshop.

Is it vanishing due to magic?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

It needs repair? Did anything explode? *ggg*

(Somewhat Likely | 2[d10]) No.

It just 'vanished'?

(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

Smile 'Well, how did that happen then?' she demands from the wizard, her hands on her hips.

Inspect / Nature.

12 = 3[d4]+2[d4]+1[d4]+4[d12]+2[d4]

Increase / Dreams.

This is the biggest nightmare!

Subtle homemaker who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to fulfill pleasure, administer dissonance, and guide prosperity; who speaks of hostile means and is focused on your last story.

Now some housewife/husband comes out - probably a neighbour?

(Sure Thing | 7[d10]) Yes.

And starts arguing with us. (It would be such a classic if something just exploded - after all it's some kind of magic / alchemy shop - let's say that's what happened! ^_^

Infested road.

Infested by what?

Move / Animals.

Sheep infested?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

*baaaah* *baaaah* *baaaah*

We're probably also hungover - as usual. <_<

I decide to leave the scene and maybe try and find a pub or something like that.
Oh, I know: I'll try and find one of those little restaurants from anime movies.
Maybe some 'Izakaya' like place to grab sum food and have a couple drinks.

(Sure Thing | 7[d10]) Yes.

Obscured dungeon.

Ramshackle beach.

Maybe some huts by the river?

(Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

K, one of those huts is a tavern. ^_^

(Sure Thing | 7[d10]) Yes.

Superfluous adventurer who is slightly stronger than you and whose motivation is to chronicle advice, operate alcohol, and achieve medicines; who speaks of scheming commands and is focused on your contacts.

After he tells me he need the money for medicine he coughs into the broth. Nevertheless he's open for advice and can even tell you when and in what order what costumer advised him what to do about his illness. Is the food any good? I want a noodle soup (aka 'Ramen'). ^_^

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

(6 = 1[d20]+5) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

It's bad but not that bad.

Serious tailor.

Superfluous aristocrat who is slightly stronger than you and whose motivation is to associate cowardice, relate the world, and execute laziness; who speaks of prejudiced doubts and is focused on your parents.

Am I drunk yet?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

Okay, I leave.

Haunted farm.

Really? o0
(A farm inside the city -astounding! Also: A ghost)

Hey, let's try to convince the ghost to work at the farm as a weather spirit!

Would it talk to me?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No. +Event: Waste / Home

13 = 2[d4]+3[d4]+1[d4]+6[d6]+1[d8]


(9 = 6[d20]+3) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

14 = 4[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+5[d6]+1[d8]

(11 = 8[d20]+3) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

11 = 1[d4]+3[d4]+2[d4]+3[d6]+2[d8]

(17 = 15[d20]+2) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.



Now that was easy! ^_^
I leave a little sacrifice for him and then move on.

Cursed road.

Now that's interesting! How's that road cursed? Did they put a sign up?

(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

Overthrow / Possessions.

Better leave.

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Postpone / Messages

A message?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

What does it say?

Cunning professor who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to proclaim laziness, attempt charity, and follow vigilance; who speaks of prejudiced delight and is focused on your friends.

Apparently he delivers the message out of good will - he's a bit amused about the stereotypical behaviour of our dwarven wizard

But what's the message?

Return / Rumour.

K, I'll get back home then.

(To be continued)

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