Heres my go at the system!
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The setting is school or university london involving fortunate warehouse and silent town square. Your quest is to teach the feared street gangs located at the prophetic morgue. Trying to stop you is the confident troubled youth skilled in forage. You are currently at the anachronistic port/transport hub. What is your yes/no question?

Is it raining?

Yes, but...

...the sun is shining through the clouds - a good omen.

Im prof. John Manse, recently arrived to London and one of it's many unfortunate areas to help with education of local kids, whove been having problems with discipline lately.

Have I arrived by train?


Great, I love good ol'trains - so traditional, stable and reliable, unlikele the new computery gadgets, that break all the time. Kids like them still , probably because theyre shiny. Young people are stupid and need to be educated.

Is there somebody to greet me at the station?

No, but...

... there's a cab seen in the vicinity. How rude! Is this how they treat an honoured professor who's agreed to assist them?! I have to carry my baggage myself now. Is there a lot of it?


... folly! Im not hauling this by myself. This is a poor neighbourhood, surely theres an urchin or two, whod carry my bags, yes?


Obsessive-compulsive servant.

Ha! As soon as I start looking for one, a young man runs up to me and eagerly offers to take my bags to the cab. He looks trustworthy, even though he's poor. I point him at the cab, pinching my nose slightly at the smell.
He grabs my luggage and scurries away. To the cab, obviously?

Yes, and...

and he quickly returns to help me with my handbag - quite unnecessary, but serving a gentleman seemed to please the brute, so I obliged him. When I was getting into my transport, the man offered to shine my shoes - I had no time fot this: "Here," I tossed him a pound, "spend it wisely".
I told cabby the address and left the train station.
Have I made the right decision to get in this cab?


Ha! This was loads of fun. The system intuitive and easy to handle.
Not to mention that it has the best possible combination of sources: Mythic, FU and Istant!
Youve done a great job.
Good job Monglo. Very clever. I enjoyed the glimpse into the professor's life. And thank you.

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