Is it possible to have multiple story saves?
Just wondering if this is possible now or if not, something to consider for the future?

Well, it's not totally out of consideration. I'm not sure if I want to tackle that and then it's a matter of finding the time to work on it. I'll put this in my mental back-burner though. Maybe I'll charge for extra save slots. That'll give me motivation to work on it.
I'd be happy to pay for that :-)
I've begun looking into how I might architect this.
Got a rough idea of how this will work. Started development on my local computer. No changes will be made to the live site for awhile.

Got some of the database work done. Will start to work on some of the back-end, save management code next.
You're a star!
Got a lot done yesterday and this morning. Starting to feel like it can be ready before the end of this year.

Had to rebuild my development environment. I realized all the code changes are going to be very pervasive so I needed to streamline my workflow a bit and implemented a local repository for versioning and change control.

The framework is coming together after a few discards and restarts. I always like building upon a solid foundation.

So things are looking good and moving forward.
Update with screenshot.  Still lots to do but it's getting there.

[Image: 1wBP8oT.png]
Coding is done.

Next is some more testing and maybe some cleanup.

Goal is to have Beta live this weekend.

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