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I've only just started using RPG Solo and, being a noob to the whole rpg thing, learnt just how fun it could be. I made an account to save and load my story, but I was hoping that there could be multiple saves. I also hoped I could download the Game Master so I could use it at school when I want to dilly dally and still look busy. I apologise if this topic has been brought up earlier in the forums, but is there a way to download the Game Maker? If not, would Mark be interested in making an offline version? Preferably with extra saves, unlimited amounts of custom lists and a way to save an entire log to a text file.

Thanks in advance for reading this if you do, Mark. Love ya work Big Grin
Offline version would be great, though it would most likely (and rightfully so)be an app with a prize tag. Still, I would buy such a thing if it would cost less than 5€. I might pay even more if it was something particularily spectacular, but a few € would be a no-brainer. Good site, great things inside.
Regarding multiple saves, I'll keep this under consideration as a possible future feature.

Regarding a downloadable version, this will not happen.  But check out

Regarding unlimited amounts of custom lists, OK, possible future feature.

Regarding a way to save an entire log to a text file, you can copy/paste into anything you want.
I discovered that the normal desktop version works just fine on an iPad.
I think because of the way I was adding text, the first line at the top of the log looked similar to another one much further down, so I thought that the log only contained a certain amount of lines before it started erasing the oldest ones. I discovered later that I was wrong and I'm a happy chappy now.
(03-12-2015, 04:59 AM)BoshBosh Wrote: ...I'm a happy chappy now.

Cool Smile

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