40K Dark Heresy - Emperors Justice
So after much discussion / whining and complaining from my play group they have decided that Dark Heresy sounds like more fun to them than Black Crusade, which is unfortunate considering I have read the main rule book twice and a couple expansions now for Black crusade.. Damn loyalists. At least Dark Heresy is very similar, so I figured I would make a character and test it out to help familiarize myself with the rules. This Character will be completely random I.E. rolling for everything. So on to the rolls..
Home World
34 = 34[d100]
Characteristics: Weapon Skill
33 = 3[d10]+10[d10]+20
Ballistic Skill
33 = 5[d10]+8[d10]+20
26 = 1[d10]+5[d10]+20
24 = 3[d10]+6[d10]+15
31 = 6[d10]+5[d10]+20
26 = 1[d10]+5[d10]+20
34 = 4[d10]+10[d10]+20
36 = 9[d10]+7[d10]+20
40 = 9[d10]+6[d10]+25
I am going to choose to re-roll my Intelligence
33 = 5[d10]+8[d10]+20
Career Path
8 = 8[d100]
13 = 5[d5]+8
Fate Points
10 = 10[d10]
Starting Wealth
56 = 5[d10]+1[d10]+50
Quick Play: Arbitrator
Ballistic Skill Advance Simple (+5) 100
Awareness 100
Scrutiny 100
Sound Constitution 100
Appearance: I will say Male 1-50 Female 51-100
88 = 88[d100]
19 = 19[d100]
30 = 30[d100]
20 = 5[d10]+15
70 = 70[d100]
36 = 36[d100]
69 = 69[d100]
48 = 48[d100]
Hive Class
42 = 42[d100]
42 = 42[d100]
Personality: Phlegmatic: Practical, careful, yet very reserved.
Low Gothic Name:
91 = 91[d100]
Ok So My name is (Veyda) Dextros. I am a (Female) (Arbitrator) hailing From (Hive World) Grixis. I am (20 Years old). Small for my age, ok a (Runt) actually with (Fair) skin, (Mousy) Brown/Blonde hair, and (Brown eyes). I had a rather average childhood growing up in the Hive. My parents worked in one of the many manufactorum and I learned at a young age to accept our place in society as nothing more than lowly (Factory Dregs). I grew up in a small cramped hab not big enough for 1 person let alone 3 but somehow my parents made it work. They taught me to always keep a watchful eye and to avoid the underhive at all costs. I remember my mother would always repeat to me the same phrase every night before bed, (“A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.”) I am not sure where she had first heard it from but for some reason every time I say the words in my head I feel like nothing bad could ever happen to me, I wish i could say the same for my parents..
About 4 years ago my life changed forever, I had always grown up with the intention to work in a manufactorum just like my parents before me. That was until one fateful evening when a gang of lowlife scum snuck there way into the higher levels of the hive intent on looting and pillaging. My parents had just got done working a double shift and they were on their way back home to take me out for my 16th birthday except they never made it. The local Arbitrators later told me that they had found my fathers body lying in the street in a pool of blood with numerous stab wounds and a fractured skull. According to an eye witness who saw the whole ordeal take place before fleeing for their life, my father had been trying to fend the gangers off after they ambushed my parents in a dark alleyway. The witness said he watched long enough to see him assaulted by multiple gang members wielding crude blades and clubs stabbing him over and over again as a large brutish man with a tattoo stood watching with a grin holding onto my mother by her hair before he strode off into the darkness dragging my sobbing mother behind.
The Arbitrators told me they were sorry for my loss but they had a strict policy to not venture into the underhives for any reason unless specifically ordered to by the senior Magistrate of Hive Grixis and due to my age were unwilling to share any more details with me. I was forced to live in one of the many orphanariums that pocketed the lower levels of the hive after that and upon losing everything I never gave up hope that one day my mother would return. I became a little bit of a rebel for a time getting (A set of Piercings) in my ears and belly button and hanging out with the wrong crowd before finally at the age of 18 I decided to take it upon myself and joined the local Adeptus Arbites office. After barely passing the entrance exams mostly due to my small size, now 2 years later I am officially a Trooper and the first thing I plan on doing is rescuing or at least finding out the fate of my mother and bringing her attackers a full serving of the Emperors Justice!
Starting Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int),
Literacy (Int), Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites) (Int), Common
Lore (Imperium) (Int), Inquiry (Fel).
Starting Talents: Basic Weapons Training (SP), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Rapid Reload, Accustomed to Crowds, Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary
Starting Gear: Shotgun and 12 shells, club, brass
knuckles, knife, flak vest,
uniform (Good Quality Clothing), 3 doses of stimm,
injector, Arbitrator ID, chrono, flask
of amasec, 56 Thrones
I suddenly jerk up out of my cot, sweat streaming down my face. Instinctively I grab for the knife that I keep underneath my pillow before I realize it was just another bad dream. Sitting up and swinging my legs over the side of the cot I shake my head trying to rid myself of the after images that still linger there. I have been having the same dream every night for 3 weeks now and despite the recurrence I always wake up in shock unable to accept that what I am seeing is only a dream.
I rub a small cloth across my brow drying the sweat that is making my hair stick to my forehead. It all seems so real, I can see everything that is happening bright and vividly. I can taste the acidic vapors in the air and the harsh chemical smoke that fills my nostrils every time I take a breath. I am somewhere dark and damp and the only sounds I can make out is the dripping of water and the scurrying of small rodents through the darkness. As I make my way down the dark tunnel I can make out what sounds like a mans voice and then the blood curdling scream sounds from up ahead and it chills the blood in my veins every time I hear it. I have my shotgun in my hands and I can tell I am dressed in my flak vest and uniform. Blood is trickling down my sleeve and i can see the ragged bullet hole in my arm but I dismiss it with a casual glance. For some reason I always run towards the scream even though I know I don't want to see what had made the horrible sound.
As I round the corner I freeze in my tracks and there in front of me is a large man with a tattoo on his arm and a bloody knife in his hand. He turns to look at me with a grin on his shadowed face and I can see the drop of blood drip from the end of his blade. Behind him shackled to the wall in chains is a frail looking woman, slumped over with blood streaming down her neck from the gaping wound in her throat. As her head tips to the side I gasp in horror as I recognize her face as it could only belong to my mother. The shotgun feels heavy in my arms as my legs go numb and I drop to my knees unable to look away from my mothers glossy eyes. The man with the knife walks over to me and stops directly in front of me wiping the blood from his knife with a rag. All I can do is stare at him dumbly as he leans over and whispers something into my ear. "Too late." A single tear runs down my cheek before he plunges the knife into my chest.
That is when I always wake up, sweating and terrified. I don't know what the dream means but for some reason I can't help but get the feeling that it's real. I can feel the heart that has been thumping in my chest starting to calm and a sudden conviction washes over me. If I don't do something now my mother will die. I know it's crazy to think that she could still be alive after all these years but somehow I know it's true. "That's it then, I will do whatever it takes to save her." I say to myself standing up from the cot with firm resolve in my heart.
It won't be easy I know. The first thing I will have to do is get permission to leave the barracks from Bellestin Avilathe, the Regulator in charge of this precinct. A stern cold-hearted man that would probably rather see me dead than break any protocol. If I fail to do that I will have to sneak out which death would more than likely be my punishment if I got caught. Then there is the matter of making my way to the Underhive which is off limits to anyone without orders from the highest authority's in the hive. Even if I can do that I have no leads on where to even start looking, I am going to need more to go on than a large man with a tattoo on his arm. Even then I am no Space Marine of the God Emperor. I would be crazy to think I could take on an entire gang of Hive scum by myself, I will have to get help if I am going to have any chance of pulling this off.
45 minutes pass as I preform my morning ritual. First I pray to the Emperor of mankind to watch over me and lead me in the right direction before showering and getting dressed in my Arbitrator uniform. As I slide the Flak vest over my head I trip on my desk and catching myself I see a decorative metal flask fall to the floor in front of me. Picking up the flask I smile at it with familiarity. It was my fathers and he usually always carried it on his person but that night he had chosen to leave it behind. I unscrew the cap and sniff smelling the alcohol within it. I decide to take a swig, what the hell, maybe it will calm my nerves. The Amasec burns my throat as I swallow but then it warms my insides and I decide to take it with me, I might need a little warmth where I am going. I grab the rest of my gear and take one last look at the small cell that I have spent the last 2 years of my life in. A small cramp of doubt begins to form in my stomach but I stamp it out with a resolute smile. "I can do this." I say to myself walking out the door and closing it behind me.
The halls are dimly lit and there are a number of doors leading to the other cells where my fellow Troopers are more than likely still fast asleep. Due to my recurring nightmare I have been getting up much earlier than my counterparts. As I make my way down the hallway I pass a couple pic-sensors mounted in the corners of the hallway both of which are pointed towards the heavy metal door leading to the holding cells that house the steady flow of scum we pick up before there sentences are carried out. Most of which will be executed for there crimes but the lucky few will be mind-wiped, and reprogrammed to serve as babbling, drooling servitors. I shudder at the thought before continuing on. Is anyone else awake yet?
(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...
Arrogant pilot
I round the corner and a tall wiry man bumps right into me spilling some of his caffeine onto my shoulder. The hot liquid burns a bit and I jump back cursing under my breath. "Watch it!" The man says with a scowl on his face. I recognize the pompous arrogant features of the man right away. "Aspar Tibim I didn't expect to see the likes of you so early in the morning." I say patting my shoulder where the drink had burned me. Luckily our uniform is a dark color so the stain won't show.
"I have a special task today that Regulator Bellestin himself has asked me to take care of personally. I am on my way right now to make sure the ground crew has finished prepping my Valkyrie for lift off." Aspar replies with a haughty smile.
"Oh my I didn't realize I was delaying such an important mission." I say with a sarcastic smile. "Please don't let me hold you up in your duties to the Regulator." I say with a bow stepping back and curtsying for him to go past.
"I do out rank you Veyda." He says with a frown as he begins to walk past. "You would do well to remember that."
"Yes sir!." I reply snapping to attention with a grin on my face. "Good luck on the mission, I hope Namatius has done a thorough job going over the pre-flight checks on your aircraft. It would surly be a shame if something as trivial as a mechanical failure was to take the life of such a highly revered individual as yourself."
He stops in his tracks with his back to me but after a short pause he continues on his way muttering something under his breath. "Asshole." I say to myself before dismissing the arrogant pilot and going about my business.
One of the glow globes I pass obnoxiously flickers and pops before going out completely leaving the dim lit hallway even darker than it was before. Ever sense the maintenance servitor had an unfortunate accident with a very long set of stairs the place has been slowing going to shit. The Adeptus Mechanicus have yet to see fit to deliver us it's replacement and I fear it will be some time before anything gets repaired around here.
I reach the end of the hallway and step into a large rectangle shaped room lined with desks and filing cabinets. A servo skull with a round glowing red eye floats past a long row of benches along the far wall where the newly arrived offenders must wait in shackles before being processed. I can see dried blood pooled on the floor and caked onto one of the benches before me. Most likely the after math of a bad tempered Arbitrator and some back talking low life.
What is your next action?
I need to go talk to Bellestin if I am going to be able to leave the precinct, troopers are not allowed to go out on their own without written permission from the Regulator. I am going to need to come up with a good reason if I want to have any hope of convincing him. I take a weary glance over at the only entrance and exit to the fortified building. The walls are thick plasteel studded with automatic las-turrets protecting the heavy armaplas door that leads to the outside. 2 large Cyber-Mastiff's stand sentinel to either side of the door, even in a powered-down stand-by mode the sheer killing power of the cybernetic constructs is intimidating.
Is it likely that Regulator Bellestin is at his desk in his office yet?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes
Spiritual Human scout
As I reach the door to Bellestin's office the door suddenly opens and a short grey haired man dressed in decorative robes and wearing a large golden pendant around his neck with the sign of the aquila on it steps out of the doorway and slowly approaches me.
"Greeting's young Arbitrator, my name is Vinitharius Ulfilas. I don't believe I have made your acquaintance before." He bows to me slightly before reaching into the satchel hanging from his shoulder and pulling something out. It's a small booklet with the aquila on it, he smiles before handing it to me. "Please, I am on church business but I would be delighted if you would take a copy of the Lectitio Divinitatus, I try to make it a point to visit the station every couple months to greet the newest troopers but I have been so caught up in my duties that I just haven't had the time of late."
"Um, Thank you." I say with a nod, flipping through the first couple pages. I'm very familiar with this book already owning several copies but I graciously accept the mans offer with a warm smile.
"Keep that close my dear." The man says with a bow. "The Emperor watches over those who follow his noble path."
"I will, and thank you father." I reply stuffing the booklet in my back pocket. "The emperor protects."
"Indeed he does my dear. Indeed he does." and with that the withered old man smiles and begins to walk in the direction I just came from. I'm not sure what kind of business the church would have with the Adeptus Arbites but whatever it was I'm sure it was none of my business to ask.
I approach the open door and knock on the door frame before stepping into the doorway. "Excuse me sir. I was wondering if I could speak to you for a moment." I say while keeping my head low as to not look directly at his face.
Bellestin Looks up from his work and gives me a curious look before answering. He is a tall muscular man, clean shaven with a large jagged scar going down the length of his face and across his eye. Supposedly the work of some hive ganger back when the Regulator was still just a trooper like myself. The cold metal cybernetic eye that replaced his old damaged one dark and intimidating. "What is it Trooper I am a very busy man and I don't have time to sit and chat."
"Um if I could just have but a moment of your time sir. I.. have a request." I tell him risking a look at him. The heavy ornate armor encasing his body is the darkest black with golden trim and numerous scratches and dents. I heard a story from one of the other troopers that he refuses to have the damages repaired for reasons unbeknownst to anyone at the precinct.
He sets the auto quill he was holding down before clasping his hands out in front of himself on the desk and staring intently at me. I wait a moment for him to say something but he says nothing so I awkwardly continue.
"I have received word from an old contact about a hidden group of heretics with ties to one of the noble houses hiding amongst the manufactorum levels of the hive. He wishes to meet with me and promises to have evidence that could implicate the noble in question so that they might be judged accordingly. I wish to meet with this contact to go over the evidence personally and make sure it is a viable lead before wasting any of the precious time or resources of this precinct on a wild grox chase."
Deceive Test which is a Basic Skill for me. Against my fellowship.
74 = 74[d100]
He stares blankly at me for a moment before finally answering me. "Denied." He finally says before picking up the auto quill and going back to his writing. "I will send one of my Enforcers to meet with the informant as per standard protocol. I see no reason for you to go." He tells me without looking up from his work.
Fidgeting for a moment I quickly reply "Sir, If I may. I grew up in the manufactorum levels and I know my way around them quite well. Also my contact is an old friend and I know he will be wary of trusting such dangerous information with someone unknown to him. I believe I would be the best choice to send on this investigation." I tell him firmly standing my ground in the doorway.
Charm Test which is also a Basic Skill for me. Against my fellowship.
25 = 25[d100]
Bellestin stops writing and looks up at me moving his jaw from side to side. "Ok Trooper, I like your sense of duty. I will trust this task to you, but know that if you fail in this I will not be so trusting with you in the future."
The threat is genuine and I don't want to know what would happen to me if He found out that I made this whole thing up but for now I am in the clear. "Thank you sir." I say bowing my head. "I won't let you down."
"I would hope not trooper, for your sake anyways." He pulls out a dataslate from one of the drawers in his desk and signs his name before handing it to me. "Give this to the Prefect guarding the exit to the building, this will let you pass."
"Sir." I reply taking the dataslate from him and bowing before turning to head out the door and back to my cell to get the rest of my gear. "Well that was easy." I say to myself with a smile as I walk with a swagger back to my quarters.
Once back in my cell I do a quick double check to make sure I have everything I need for the coming mission. Picking up my shotgun from off the bed I take a moment to inspect it. The firearm is in pristine condition, I am very diligent in its upkeep making sure to clean and inspect it after every use. I have no doubt in the weapons ability to decimate the emperors enemies in close proximity but I do find myself wishing I had something with a bit more range in case I need to reach out and touch someone from a distance. Perhaps I could procure some additional armaments from the precinct quarter-master before I leave. I sling the shotgun across my back and I slide my standard issue combat knife into its sheath on my thigh. I have 2 shells loaded in my shotgun and another 10 in my ammo belt. I suppose I could probably use some extra shells as well.
Now satisfied that I have everything I will need from my room I take a deep breath and square my shoulders for the task ahead. "I'm coming for you mom." I say out loud before exiting the room. I make my way back down the hallway past the holding cells but this time I turn left into a small passageway leading to the armory. I pass a couple more automatic las-turrets guarding the exit and approach a heavily armored window with a small opening at the bottom set into the wall. This is the armory for the precinct and inside is every thing I could ever want to bring death to the scum of this world. I know I do not hold the required rank to withdraw many of the more impressive and dangerous items but perhaps I can get the quartermaster to at least assist me with some generic things I might need.
Belligerent female smuggler
From behind the armored glass I can see a middle aged woman with black hair thumbing through some data-slates at her desk. She is wearing a full suit of black Flak Armour and a trail of smoke is coming from the glowing Lho Stick in the ashtray on her desk. I lean in close and press the thumb-stud to the vox speaker in the wall before talking. My voice booms loudly and cracks with static "Good morning Astrea, it is good to see you again my friend."
Visibly shaken from the volume and suddenness of the announcement she nearly falls backwards in her chair just managing to catch her balance by swinging her arms around in the air. She snaps a glare at my smiling face in the window and immediately storms over before pressing the stud on her side. "Veyda! What in the Emperors name do you want! How many times do I have to tell you to knock on the glass before you speak into the vox. Your going to give me a heart attack one of these days."
"Sorry Astrea I forget the volume on these vox speakers is still on the fritz. I didn't mean to startle you from your work." I tell her with a somewhat apologetic look on my face. "Anyways how ya been?"
She gives me a scowl before answering. "I don't have time for idle chit chat Veyda, as you already noticed I was in the middle of something rather important. If there isn't something you need than please leave me to my work."
As she goes to turn and head back to her seat I quickly reply. "Actually there is something." I tell her as she stops and turns to face me. "Think of it as a favor between friends."
"I can't give you a Lascannon Veyda, not that I even have one. How many times do I have to tell you this." She says flatly staring at me through the window.
"No no no its nothing like that.. But now that you mention it..." I say with a grin as she begins to turn back around. "I'm just kidding Astrea relax, what I am here for is actually important."
"Go on." She replies and I catch a slight smile on her lips, my casual banter finally getting to her. Astrea and I have been friends for over a year now and these little exchanges between us happen quite often.
"You see I am about to depart for a very dangerous mission, and this time I'm going out on my own." I say with a genuine look of worry on my face.
"Regulator Bellestin would never send a trooper out on her own Veyda, that's completely against protocol. Your going to have to do better than that." Astrea states crossing her arms in front of herself.
"I'm serious Astrea, I swear it on the golden throne itself." I tell her with a desperate voice. "Regulator Bellestin has agreed to let me go on my own due to the special nature of the case and despite myself I am here asking for your help. I am worried that my standard equipment will not be sufficient to see me through this safely. I know it's against protocol but I was hoping that there would be something you could do to help."
Charm Test, Basic Skill for me and I am going to give myself +20 because we are friends. Against my fellowship.
81 = 81[d100]
"I'm sorry Veyda, you know there is nothing I can do for you. I can't just be handing out the stations equipment without the proper forms and signatures. I would be strung up if anyone found out." She tells me with an apologizing face.
"Please Astrea I am not asking for much, some extra shells for my shotgun and perhaps a sidearm and a few power packs to go with it. That is all I need. Please Astrea I am begging you, I will do your paperwork for a month when I get back I swear it!"
Charm Test, Basic Skill for me and I am going to give myself +10 for my desperate tone. Against my fellowship
85 = 85[d100]
"I really can't Veyda I'm sorry. Look I might be able to give you a few shotgun shells but your going to have to come back with a requisition form if I am going to be able to give you a Laspistol. Hold on one sec." Astrea turns around and begins scrummaging through some boxes on the shelves.
5 = 5[d10]
Astrea pushes 5 shotgun shells through the slit at the bottom of the window. "Here take these. I'm sorry I can't give you more but Regulator Bellestin would have my head if he even knew I was giving you these." She softly grips my hand as I reach for the shells. "I hope this helps and I will pray to the Emperor for your safe return."
"Thank you Astrea, this will definitely help." I say with a smile. "I suppose I better be on my way then, I have a lot to do before this case will be over with."
Astrea nods and smiles back at me before turning around and heading back to her desk. I slide the shells in my ammo belt and pulling the dataslate with Bellestin's signature on it from my belt I make my way for the stations exit to begin my mission to save my mother.
Destitute apprentice who is slightly weaker than you and whose motivation is to work success, overthrow love, and accompany resources; who speaks of mysterious whispers and is focused on your allies.
As I reach the exit suddenly the heavy armaplas door swings open and I am greeted by a rough looking man with a toothless grin and a spiked up haircut. He glares at me and behind him comes Eraric Rechiar holding on to the manacles clamped around the toothless mans wrists. Eraric spots me standing there and a smile flashes over his face before he kicks the prisoner in the back and walks on over to me. "Ah good to see you Veyda. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to leave that cramped little cell of yours." He says with a grin.
Eraric is covered in filth and his hair is a mess, If it wasn't for the standard issue Arbitrator armour he is wearing and his badge a passerby wouldn't be able to tell him from the hive scum criminal he is arresting. "Eraric, it has been awhile hasn't it. I see you finally caught the infamous toothless bandit you have been after for some time now." I give him a sly smile as I tease him. Now waiving my hand in front of my face "And what is that awful smell, honesty Eraric I cannot tell if that is coming from you or that scum you have there.
Eraric frowns and then answers me "Get bent Veyda. I have been crawling through the gutters for weeks looking for this guy. This is what it looks like when you do real Arbites work, not that you would know anything about that." He says with a grin.
"Real funny Eraric. If you would like to know I was actually just about to depart to go on a very important mission for the precinct, and to top it off I am going all by myself, Regulator Bellestin's orders." I say this well puffing out my chest and smirking.
He raises an eyebrow and his mouth opens but then he closes it again not quite sure what to say. "How." Is all he manages with a dumb look on his face.
"Regulator Bellestin has obviously seen great potential in me and wishes me to take care of this for him. I have nothing else to say about it though as I am on a bit of a tight schedule and should be going now." I reply well simultaneously handing the dataslate with Bellestin's signature on it to the adept in the armored window to my right. "It will be a perilous journey but I have no doubt in my prominent abilities to see me through it."
He frowns again and glances over at the Adept who stamps his approval on the dataslate before handing it back over to me. "Well I can see this assignment has already gone to your head Veyda. I wish you the best of luck. Do try not to die now, things would be so.. drab around here without you lightning the place up with your sarcastic smile."
"Oh don't worry about me. The Emperor has seen fit to give me these 5 extra shotgun shells for my trusty shotgun. I think I will be perfectly fine." I tell his as I begin to walk past as I head out the door. He gives me another strange look as I close the door behind me.
How would you like to proceed?
I blink my eyes a few times in quick succession adjusting them to the change in lighting and also a bit for the harsh chemical fumes rolling through the recycled air. Looking around at the huge factory complexes and dimly lit streets a feeling of homesickness washes over me. It's been over 3 months sense I left the relative safety and clean state of the precinct, and the greasy soot covered buildings and alleyways are a breath of fresh air, in a manner of speaking that is. The factory district is a huge complex labyrinth of a space filled with sprawling assembly lines and massive forges working 24/7 to supply the needs of the hive and whatever off world tradings that might be had. Untold thousands work to keep the machinery going day and night, wasting their lives away for a few measly Throne Gelt a month just to keep on living.
Memories of my parents rush through my mind and I shake my head from side to side to clear my thoughts. I don't have time to sit around and reminisce about how things use to be, I need to stay diligent if I am going to have any chance at this. I pull out my personal data slate that I keep all my important information on and I flip through a couple pages before I find the old hand drawn map of the district that I had sketched so very long ago. There is a local bar not 2 kilometers from here, a place the locals call the "Leaning Horn Pub". My father use to frequent it and perhaps It might be a good spot to ask around to see if anyone knows anything about that fateful night.
Can I make it to the pub without much difficulty?
Navigation Test which is untrained, it will be against half my intelligence. I will give myself a +20 for my familiarity with this area of the hive.
23 = 23[d100]
I quickly make my way to the pub without incident, weaving and darting down some of the more safer alleyways and back streets that I remember from childhood.
5 = 5[d5]
5 hours pass, apparently even with prior knowledge it still takes a considerable amount of time to travel anywhere within the hive, we will blame it on trains blocking the roads, faulty servitors spilling cargo about the streets and local law enforcement checkpoints stopping me to see my I.D. and authorization.
It's a little past 2pm now as I finally step inside the "Leaning Horn Pub" smoke hangs heavily in the air and the smell of body odor, machine oil, and alcohol is almost overpowering at first. It's been almost 8 years sense I last stepped foot into The leaning horn, my dad bringing me here once to pick up an old friend. Do I recognize anyone in the bar?
(50/50) Yes, but...
Obnoxious prince
Before I even have a chance to look around someone making a ruckus rudely backs right into me, he trips on my boot and nearly falls but I catch him by his arm and right him before he hits the grimy floor.
"Who Dares! to touch the royal arm of Charles! Vermouth! Wrigglesworth! the III!! The finely dressed man blurts out with his finger held high turning around to face me. A look of surprise flashes over his face as he sees me an Arbitrator standing there in my jet black flak armor with my shotgun slung over one shoulder and my foot tapping impatiently on the hard wood floor.
He stumbles for words before finally re-righting himself, flattening down his robes and puffing out his chest. "Excuse me Miss Arbitrator, I didn't realize it was someone such as yourself that was to blame for this incident. I merely mistook you for one of these lowlife factory dregs that nearly soiled my silk robes on this filthy establishments floor."
"Whats your business here Charles Loudmouth.. Viggansworth.... the whatever blasted name you call yourself. What is someone such as yourself doing in a place such as this?" I ask him well giving him a menacing look and fingering the club attached to my hip.
He glances down and his eyes grow wide as he sees what I am reaching for at my belt. "Please, no need for that miss. I can assure you I was just on my way out of this flea infested dive of a bar the moment you had arrived." 2 large men dressed in flak armour with a royal sigil on the chest piece flank both sides of Charles as he circles around me sidestepping for the door. Turning from me now to face the crowd of people in the bar "This won't be the last you've seen of Prince Charles! Vermouth!! Wrigglesworth!! the III!!!!" He shouts finger outstretched before darting out the door with his bodyguards in close pursuit.
Something about him suddenly seems oddly familiar to me as I watch the obnoxious man hurriedly make his way down the street pushing woman and children out of his path as he goes before finally turning my attention back to the bar before me.
There is a small number of people in the pub, early afternoon not being the prime hours for business in a place such as this.
9 = 9[d20]
A woman in brown drab clothing with her hair pulled back in a tight bun emerges from one of the doors leading to the back. She is carrying a serving tray with some drinks and finger foods on it, I watch her as she walks over to one of the back booths dropping it off, a heavy cloud of smoke rises from the confines of the booth and I glimpse 3 rather well to do looking men sitting there puffing on cigars and chuckling to themselves. As the waitress turns to leave one of the more heavy set men slap her on the rear and the laughter grows louder. The woman nods and smiles but as she walks away I can tell she looks very uncomfortable with the whole situation. These men are more than likely some owners or business partners for one or more of the manufactorum's in this district. Wealthy men accustomed to doing and getting whatever they want. Unluckily for them I am in somewhat of a bad mood after my run in with Charles the Douche Prince so I decide to put them in their place.
I slowly walk towards their booth and as I get closer I can hear them bragging to each other about how much money they made in the last quarter, no doubt off the hard work of these starving hive workers as they themselves grew fat off the profits. Do they notice me approaching?
(50/50) No
I walk right up behind the men stopping less than a meter away, they are oblivious to me, too busy laughing about their good fortune. In an overly loud voice I announce my presence. "Excuse me gentleman."
They suddenly jerk around eyes wide. One of the men spits his drink out at the sight of me, choking on it and thumping his chest with his hand. The large overweight man answers first. "Wwha..What do you want Arbitrator, we have done nothing wrong here."
The other men suddenly look more sure of themselves and they nod at his statement. "My name is Veyda and I am with the local Arbitrators office. I am on an investigation to find a supposed group of men that have been involved in underhand financial dealings and stealing profits from one of the planetary governors manufactorms in this district." Their eyes grow wide again as I mention this and I can see one of the men visibly shaking, his glass rattling on the wooden table spilling a bit of it's contents on the other mans hand who is completely oblivious to it, eyes transfixed upon me in terror.
"You three fit the description of those men pretty well actually now that I think about it. You wouldn't happen to know anything about any shady business dealings now would you?" I ask fingers tapping at the top of my club.
Intimidation Test which is a basic skill for me against my strength. I will give myself +30 for the men's obvious fear of me.
96 = 96[d100]
"Wwee are not intimidated by the likes of you Arbitrator, you have no proof of our involvement in such things." The fat man says standing from his seat and turning to face me. "If your quite done here I would appreciate if you would leave us to our drinks and go bother someone else."
The man turns to his comrades chuckling with a grin on his face as I pull my club from my belt and jab it towards his gut.
Weapon skill test. I get +30 for attacking a surprised target and another +10 for his overly large size.
9 = 9[d100]
I Hit him in the left leg scoring 6 degrees of success.
12 = 10[d10]+2
I deal him a massive 10 wounds after his toughness bonus! My little jab goes through all 6 of his wounds dealing him 4 critical impact damage.
"A solid blow to the leg sends lightning agony coursing through the target. The target takes 1d5 levels
of Fatigue and halves all movement for 1d5 Rounds."
1 = 1[d5]
2 = 2[d5]
The end of my club smacks him hard on his knee and I hear a loud snap as something gives way under the impact. I did not put very much force behind the blow but his overweight frame must of been putting a lot of pressure on the joint to begin with. The obese man drops to the floor like a heavy sack of potatoes and begins to howl while rolling around in agony.
A strong smell of urine suddenly reaches me and I can see a puddle of piss pour off the side of the bench seat where the other 2 men are sitting spilling right on to the fat mans face who is now spitting and sputtering, cursing obscenities and flailing about on the floor.
"Maybe next time you will learn to keep your mouth shut around an officer of the Emperors law maggot." I say to him spitting on the man before sheathing my club back in my belt. I look over at the other 2 men who are both staring at their friend on the ground and then looking to me with sheer terror in their eyes. "You two, grab your fat friend here and get the hell out of here!" I tell them taking a step towards them. "Or would you rather I drag your Emperor forsaken hides back to the precinct for mandated punishment!"
Do they obey?
(Very Likely) Yes, but...
The 2 men stare at me blankly with open mouths for a moment before turning to one another. Suddenly they jump up off the bench and quickly grab the fat man by his arms who is still hooting and hollering on the floor and begin to tug at him but cannot seem to move his heavy girth.
I lean down and reach into the fat mans jacket pocket does he have any money on him?
(Likely) No
I pull out what looks to be a partially eaten sandwich of sorts wrapped in plastic from the mans jacket. "What the fuck is this." I yell throwing the sandwich at the mans face.
"Thhh.. thee..that was my lunch you vile woman!" The man spits back at me shaking the other two men's hands off his arms and trying to push himself up.
I place a heavy boot on his chest and shove him back into the floor shaking some glasses on the nearby table. "Your a fat worthless piece of hive scum trash who doesn't know when to keep their mouth shut do you!" I yell pulling the club from my belt and raising it up to strike again.
"Ppp.. Please no!" The man stutters holding his arms up in front of his face. "You want money? Here take this." The man reaches a trembling hand into his pants pocket and pulls a small pouch from the folds then shakily hands it to me.
I snatch the purse from his pudgy hands and turn once more to his friends. "If you two don't put your backs into it and pull harder I will kill you all right now!" I say pointing the club in their direction.
One of the men nearly falls over but then they grab a hold of the jacket the fat man is wearing and begin to pull him across the dirty piss covered floor towards the exit. "And stay out!" I yell back to them as they pass through the doorway leading into the streets. I turn my attention back to the purse the pudgy man gave me untying it and dumping the contents into my left hand.
4 = 4[d20]
A measly 4 Throne Gelt fall out onto my palm. I glance up and see the waitress from earlier standing beside the bar with her hand cupped over her mouth staring in my direction. I look around the room and see that the other patrons and bar tender are all doing the same. "Go back to your business." I say flatly before making my way towards the bar. Everyone in the room suddenly looks away quietly minding their own business. The waitress looks flustered not sure what to do as I walk up to her. Reaching my arm out to her I open my hand with the Gelt in it. "I believe these are yours miss." I tell her with a smile.
I hold my hand out palm up and the woman just stands there staring for a few moments before beginning to reach for the Gelt then stopping. "Um are you sure madam Arbitrator?" She asks with a questioning look on her face.
"Of course." I reply softly grabbing her hand and opening it dropping the Gelt inside it before letting go. "You earned it having to deal with those scum." I say gesturing towards the now empty booth at the end of the room.
"Thank you madam." The woman says with a smile bowing to me. "This will feed my family for a month."
"Of course miss." I say with a smile. Studying the woman for a moment I remember I need to ask around about the eye witness from my mothers abduction. Does this woman look old enough to possibly know anything about it?
(50/50) No
On second thought she can't be much older than I am, probably younger now that I get a better look at her. She couldn't of worked here that long ago. Perhaps the Bar keep might be able to help me. Is he an older man?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes
I nod to the woman who gives me a smile before stepping to the bar and resting my arm against the dark wood counter. The man before me is an older gentleman dressed in stained clothes wearing a dirty apron and is currently swishing around a wet cloth polishing the bar. He is looking at me and smiling. "That was a nice thing you did there madam. I'm sure you made Ellie's day." He tells me standing straight and stashing the towel in his apron. "What can I do for you?" He asks.
"Actually I am here on an important investigation." I tell him taking a seat at the bar. He pours a large glass of amber liquor and hands it to me before leaning a bit closer. I nod my appreciation and take a sip from the glass. The warm liquid burns my mouth and throat and I choke a bit not use to the low quality of the stuff found out here in the working class bars.
"Ah I heard you mention something about that to those men over there before you put them in their place. Something about profit racketeering or the likes." He replies grinning at me as I take another sip while grimacing.
"That was actually something I just made up in order to scare the crap out of those buffoons. My real investigation is something much more important. 4 years ago a man was murdered that use to frequent this bar quite often." I tell him setting the glass down and giving him a serious look.
"I'm sorry madam but you are going to have to give me a bit more information than that. Men are murdered all the time around these parts, it's actually quite common for two or three to be killed every other day." He replies shaking his head.
"The mans name was Ignace Dextros. He was in his 40's and he had a wife, Karna Dextros and a daughter named Veyda. The night he was killed his wife was kidnapped and taken away into the underhive." I say sitting up a bit and fixing him with a steely stare. Does he know them?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, and...
His eyes suddenly grow wide and he takes a step back from the bar. "I haven't heard those names in some time madam." He finally says with a look of sadness crossing over his features. "Ignace was a good friend of mine, I had known him for quite some time before that horrible night."
Growing excited now I lean forward in my chair placing both my hands on the bar. "You must tell me everything!" I blurt out obviously shocking the man a little and taking him back a bit.
He nods before answering "Very well then, You see Ignace and I met nearly 25 years ago..."
5 = 5[d5]
5 hours pass and I scarcely notice the time before the old man finally gets to the night of the murder.

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