Classic Fantasy D&D 5e - Shadow of the Demon (for lack of a better title)
The leering face of the troll split into what it surely thought was a winning smile, it spread its hands in a gesture of welcome, claws scraping the ground as it backed away with a slight bow, it's huge feet smearing the blood on the floor near the half-eaten body into a gruesome line. It pointed at the pile of gems as if offering a present.
"Is it...welcoming us?" Raena asks in a whisper, dumbfounded. "Come into my cave for tea? How stupid does it think we are?"

"A bad idea," Renchant says gripping his staff in his hands.

"Trolls are stupid," Dosaken says, ripping the axe out of his holder, "But it must think we're stupider. But we're not."

"More stupid," Renchant corrects.


"Nothing..." Renchant sighs.

It's then that the gleam in the troll's eye grows an ugly red and its claw twitch. 

Garvis flicks out both his scimitars, and with a yell charges to engage the creature.

(The troll rolled poorly on its Intelligence and the party rolled well to perceive his evil intent. The party goes first: Garvis, then Dosaken, then Raena, then Renchant, then Mr. Troll)

Gravis's twin blades bite into the creatures flesh, and oozing blood drips down its gray arms. It screams in pain and fury.

Dosaken also yells in rage (Rage) and runs up and swings his axe and the troll parries the haft with its massive forearm.
Raena's arrow slams into its chest. (Hunter's Mark)

The troll roars in fury and attacks Garvis, he leaps out of the way of the massive death, rolls under one claw attack, but the other rakes cross his chain mail. A bolt of fire flies past his head and splashes against the wall near the large figure tied up by the cook pot.

Then in a matter of seconds, the flesh on the troll starts to knit together and the one ragged gash becomes only an angry scar.

"The Doom take us..." Dosaken mutters shaking his head, scarcely believing how rapidly the creature could heal.

Garvis yells and attacks again, twin scimitars flashing in Renchant's spell light. Slashes erupt across the trolls arms and legs and another arrow hisses into its side. Dosaken connects with his axe and bones crunch. Fire from Renchant's outstretched hand blackens flesh. The troll in maddened rage and fury slashes and bites at Gravis with untold savagery, claws and teeth drawing blood, nearly felling the warrior.

Garvis falls back to the rear near Raena who stands a few paces behind him. Garvis's scimitars are slippery with his own blood. Dosaken hits the troll again with a massive blow. Another arrow hits the troll in the neck. Renchant's fire scorches one eye.

Does the troll go after Garvis?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

The scent of blood maddens him. He wants Garvis!

Enraged that his prey is retreating, and his battle lust rising to the fore, the massive troll knocks Dosaken aside (misses his AOO) and chases after Gravis, rushing at him! Garvis tries to evade, but one claw slams the fighter to the ground, piercing his armor in three places. Blood oozes between the chain link rings. 
Garvis groans and his scimitars fall from his fingers onto the stone ground with a clang, and he goes limp. Another claw rakes the fighter again sending him rolling three times and onto his face. The troll then leaps after him and on top of him bites down hard on the back of his neck and head. (Critical on Garvis) (Garvis essentially "fails" two deaths saves automatically for being hit twice while unconscious--he has one death save left.)
  • ...bites down hard on the back of his neck and head. (I know FG says Garvis is dead, but according toe 5e rules he has to take his total hits in one blow... or something like that to die. PCs usually only die through failed death saves. So, he's still alive, but only barely now. One more death save to see if he dies or fails.)
Dosaken rushes behind the creature and slams his axe down into its head in a staggering blow, the trolls is stunned and stumbles back three steps. It rears back and tries to pull the axe out, an opening that Raena takes, and her arrow embeds itself in it eye socket. (Critical) 
It falls to the ground, but even so, its wounds begin to close again!

"No you don't!" Renchant hisses and with an arcane shout, his final firebolt engulfs the beasts head into a mess white fire leaving only charred flesh. (Critical) It goes limp, a fire burns out of blackened eye sockets.
"It's over," Dosaken says, yanking out his axe.

"Garvis!" Raena whispers, and is about to attend to the fallen man when Garvis suddenly coughs, and his eyes flick open, he spits out blood and groans rolling over onto his back. 
  • ...and his eyes flick open (He rolled a natural 20 on his final death save and actually healed a HP. Dude... He's so lucky! I thought he was a goner).
They tend to Garvis and they also investigate the large humanoid naked and bound by the cookpot.

Is it a human?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Definitely not human; in fact, not even partially human. In fact, naked isn't the right word as a scaly hide covers its body. (I'll say it's a Dragonborn.)

Why is it here? I'll use MAG.

(falling bombs, pot with something oozing out of it, house on fire, birdface, helmet decoration, two hearts/linked together with a tear drop or blood drop, a camp fire, a cloud with lightning, a salt shaker--or a shotgun shell)

Well first, is it willing to talk?

I'll say SL since we just saved it's scaly hide.

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Not only willing to talk, it's willing to help the characters in payment of its debt to them.

"My thanks," he coughs and spits blood when coming too from the ministrations of Raena. He looks around at the dead ogre. "I am in your debt my friends... I--" his eyes fall on his small companion.

Who is the smaller dead one?


(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

If it's little, it must be a child or tween, or early teen. Is it?

(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

I'll say it was a small young man about 13 years of age. He looks at the lad a long time and plumes of frosty air put out of his nostrils as he struggles to sit up.

"What was a mere boy doing her down in this dark place?" Reana asks bending down and brushing away a wisp of hair from the lad's cheek.

Going back the MAG, the only thing that seems to fit is that the dragonborn felt a kinship to it (the two intertwined hearts). Hmmm. Why? Ah... here it comes.

"Deegan here--poor lad," the tall dragonborn growls and hobbles over to the lad. He sits heavily down next to it and takes lad into his arms swaying back and forth. "No... No...." 

For long moments he rocks the lad back and forth and the companions shift awkwardly. Garvis limps over and puts a hand on the dragonborn's shoulder.

With a shuddering sigh that sends a misty frost onto the boy's pale face, the dragonborn pulls the cloak over the lad's face but still holds onto the body as if loathe to let him go. "Deegan was the son of Broderick Hammett one of my dearest companions. Broderick died ten years ago in my arms with an orc spear through is guts during the War of Tyrants. His dying wish was for me to look after wife and son. I was too late to help his wife. Marauding bandits, taking advantage of the war swept through the countryside looting and burning. Kyie Hammet, his wife, had been slain. But I found their little one, here, just a small hatchling, hiding down the well."

"But what possessed you to take the boy here," Renchant asks.

Yeah... what did?

Haggle / The spiritual

"Ever since I told him of the legend of the 'The Pool of Heaven' he has wanted to find it, to see and speak with the spirits of his dead parents."

"Never heard of it," Renchant says, "And I read a lot."

"Nor have I," Raena shakes her head.

"I would be surprised if you had," Grunts the Dragonborn. He shifts slightly and sets the down and moves into a kneeling position over the corpse's head in reverent farewell. He utters something under his breath.

Is he a cleric?

(Somewhat Likely | 2[d10]) No


(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes

I see... He speaks in Draconic, a chant or prayers maybe. The cadence 

"May the light and breath of Sheniel carry you home, little one."

Renchant raises his eyebrow and shifts uncomfortably as a soft breeze seems to ruffle the child's hair and then is gone.

"What you said in Draconic just now, about light and breath. It sounded like a prayer."

"It was. To the godess of winds. Her breath will see him home now."

"What is your name Dragonborn?" Dosaken asks.

"I am called Kerdrock of the stock of the Great Silver, Dargwynn the Voiceless.

"I have not heard of this 'Dargwynn'," Renchant says, sounding somewhat miffed.

"Nor have I," adds Raena.

"She is a very ancient dragon. Much of her legends have been lost to time, I'm afraid."

"So you took the boy here to see his parents?" Garvis asks. "To some pool?"

"The boy was going to try and find it whether I took him or not. I tried to warn him of the dangers. I threatened him, in fact; tried to bribe him to give it up; in the end, I had to tie him up," The dragon born's face grows wistful and his toothy grin spreads wide. "But he was a wily one and was gone the next day with a three hour head start. Eventually, I decided it would be better to just help him than to have him wander in unattended and alone."

"So there's a pool? A magic pool?" Renchant asks looking about the cave.

"Magic? You might call it that," Kerdrock says to Renchant. "You have the look of that type."

Renchant leans on the staff that's glowing with a white light, "Well, I wonder what gave that away... so what of this pool?"

Kerdrock grins again. "It's a story, but one that to my knowledge is known only known to the Dragonborn. Though in a moment of careless fondness towards the boy, I told Deegan of it. And that's when the trouble started."

Kendrock starts stacking wood into a small funeral pyre for the boy. Dosaken and Garvis help.

"Tell us," Renchant says.

"It is for the Dragonborn... it...."

"You told the boy," the mage says. "And we did save your life...," Renchant adds leaning easily on his staff. "Look, we're not about to gut you and go after it ourselves, okay?"

After a while, the dragonborn gives a slow nod wincing from this half-torn wing.

"The pools was formed from the tears of Dargwynn the Silver herself," Kendrock explains. "Long before the humans built this fortress, the dragon's mate died, and it is said her anguish was so great, that he roars of fury and pain knew no equal. She cried so long that her moans formed a great tempest. Her voice became one with the groaning of the earth. Cracks and seems formed and her tears mixing with the fire-blood of earth formed a crystal mirror in which visions are said to be had."

"Visions," Renchant mused. "Have you ever seen it?"

(Very Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

He shook his head. "No... and I don't know where it is either. I've only heard rumors that it is in these depths somewhere. I've only heard tales, but I am a believer."

"Why?" Renchant asks.

"A matter of faith," Kendrock says.

"Seems awfully short sighted of you," Renchant muses. "To believe in something that you can't see."

"And yet, you do the same as well, I presume," Kendrock grins again nodding at the scrolls peaking out from Renchant's pack. "Every time you pick up a musty tome and follow some legend into the dark holes of the earth, you choose to believe something you can't yet see."

Renchant mulls that over for a while, then grunts, stroking his beard, "True. Perhaps you're right."

All this time Kendrock has been arranging the boy's form on the small pyre he's made from shattered crates and barrels that litter this cave, a sort of store room. "Mage, will you help me?"

"Certainly," Renchant picks up a stick and whispers a word, and the end bursts into flame. He hands the flaming ember to Kendrock who places the stick into the pyre. "May the light and the wind of this burning carry you into the hall of the queen, little one...and may you find your mother and father waiting for you," he whispers that last, as the flames consume the small boy's frame. A tear flickers on his scaly cheek then hisses down into the burning wood as the boy is consumed.

They all watch the flames for a long time, lost in their all thoughts. 

Time passes.

They rest and explain their purpose here to find a winged beast that has been terrorizing the country side.

"I know something about winged creatures," Kendrock says. "Though if it be a dragon, I don't know if I would be willing to aid you in slaying it. For they are majestic creatures and part of my kin."

"We don't even know what it is," Dosaken mutters. "We've only heard the flapping of great wings."

"We've seen the signs of its passing in the country side," Raena explains.

"But we ran out of food and sought shelter in these ruins from the storm. And our path has led us to you it seems," Ranea ends.

"Perhaps for a reason," Garvis says.

"If you help us defeat or chase off this creature Dragonborn," Renchant says, "I can't speak for the others, but I'll personally help you find this pool of yours."

"Are you then a believer as well."

"I believe in magic," Renchant smiles. "Or the promise of it. That's enough for me."

Kendrock smiles at that and shakes his hand. "Very well. It's a deal--assuming we live through a confrontation with this creature."

Raena says that she thinks the creature is using the mountains as a lair.

Is there food in this room where they could stock up their dwindling stores?

(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes +Event: Decrease / Ambush

They'll gather up what supplies they can find as well as the loot and divide it among themselves. They find Kendrock's gear in a corner.

While they rest, Renchant will spend time copying in the spells from the necromancer into his spell book and will tinker with the automaton that Dosaken dumped on the floor.

I'll use the MAG to determine the spells he's copying.

Fun... I get this:
(cup with rain or blood drops in it, an ice melting, a huge elephant foot stomping, a feather, a heart in a spiky ring, a cracked hem, a whirlwind, a bomb with a snowflake design, a firework or rocket)

He gets 2 second level spells and 1 first level. I paid the hefty price to copy them into his "spell book", carving them on his staff.
Feather --- Feather fall is the 1st level spell.
Cracked helm --- Shatter lvl 2 spell
Whirlwind --- Gust of Wind lvl 2 spell

It takes 5 hours for him to practice and etch the spells into his staff.

How much food per person is there in this room. A lot per person?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 9[d10]) Yes

There are a total of 50 food rations: barrels of old salt pork but still edible, grain with weavles, a cask of aged wine. The trolls must've had some underling raiders who brought down the goods from the surface or maybe this was a store room from orcs that the troll took over. Either way the party is very grateful as they had just consumed their last meals earlier today.

And now the small pile of gems that the troll was counting. Are they expensive gems?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Ooo very nice. GM was extra nice today. I'll say there are 3 diamonds and 5 garnets.

Is there any other gear worth taking, on the troll maybe?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

There's a golden sunburst wedged into his belt. Is it magical? (Renchant will do a ritual to detect magic)

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

Seems religious. Does it belong to Kendrock?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

"That is mine, little mage."

"Are you sure, I don't see your name on it."

Kendrock's grin turns less friendly, and tinged slightly with danger. "I can assure you. It is...mine. Do not test me on this."

"Fine, fine, no need to get testy," Renchant hands it over but he eyes linger on it.

Interesting... Must be some magical item of some personal significant to Kendrock.

I'll say it's a fine, woven gold and silver pendant, with the sun burst twinkling merrily in the firelight.

Anything else of value?

(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Everything else is cracked and ruined or rusted beyond repair.

They swap tales while they rest. 

They spend two days down here resting up until Garvis and the dragonborn are mended, and then they move out, dividing up the remaining food among them. 

(They each had 1 ration of food. So they each eat one more after that, leaving 45 rations, or 9 apiece.)
They traverse the darkened tunnels, seeking the passage upwards, Renchant's light emanating from his crystal atop his staff, bobbing along as he walks. The halo of light pushes back the darkness in these dank passageways, ancient with time.

Has Kendrock been in these caves before?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

No, but he has a map. Cool... Where did he get it?

Release / Tension

Joyfully / Military

I'll say when he was serving in the military a decade ago, he was given a map by a battle mage and tasked to lead a group up here to search for some mystical weapon to help lift the siege of Ironwreath but they never arrived. Their squad was ambushed by enemy soldiers and most were hunted and killed. When the war finally ended, he had to care for the boy and never had a reason to explore its depths.

"You have a map?" Renchant asks when he pulls it out before they set out, peering over his shoulder.
"Aye," and he gives a brief history where he got it. "But it's incomplete. There are many passage-ways and caverns that are not mapped. But it does show the major exits how to get there." he explains that there's a lift that goes up and trends in a generally straight and slightly upward direction to exit on the west side of the peak.

They'll head that way.

How many days of travel will it take? 1d4+1.

2 = 1[d4]+1

With the map, they should exit the caverns beneath the ruined keep in two days. (They were in an unmapped area and that's where Kndrock ran into problems with the troll). They've turned back to head toward the tree.

Does anything interesting happen on the way?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 9[d10]) Yes

Okay. What?

Softly / Tranquil

Is it water?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

What else would be soft and tranquil underground?

I'll see the MAG spurs anything. Lovin' me the MAG.

(Heart with a faucet--weird, starburst, lightning bolt hitting someone, an arrow, a black cat... hmmm, a glass of liquid, a strange mask, a boot with wings, a book)

I'll run with the two things that make the most sense... the cat and the book.

"This passageway here," Kendrock explains as they pause for a mid-day meal, "Looks like it goes to a library of sorts."
"Who would put a library this deep underground?"
"Someone who knew their keep was about to be overrun," Renchant muses, "Someone who wanted to keep their knowledge safe..."

Does Renchant know about this library? I'll say DC 17+ and he does.
[SKILL] History [PROF] he got a 21 total. Nice!

"Let me see that map," he says and Kendrock passes it over somewhat reluctantly. "Yes... yes, it is as I presumed."
Dosaken rolls his eyes watching Renchant's eyes light up as he studies the map in detail, one finger tracing different passageways.
"He used the word 'presumed'," Dosaken groans.
"When he talks like that with that fevered gaze, you're bound for trouble," Garvis adds sitting down and munching on some hardtack and jerky.
"I heard that," Renchant says, his eyes never leaving the map, then he hands it back to Kendrock without even another word and starts marching down a side passageway.
"Renchant?" Raena calls.
"He's got the fever," Garvis says.
"Fever? Is he sick? Perahps I--" Kendrock says.
"Friend, there's no curing what he's got. He's sick with wanderlust of the brain," Doskanem nods. "Come on, we better go with him or he'll run into something nasty."
"Would that really be so bad?" Garvis smiles.
They quickly gather up the remains of their meal and follow after Renchant.

What's the terrain like?

Softly / Good

Fairly even, covered with moss here and there from water that seeps from a crack along one wall.

What does the library room look like. MAG MAG MAG!

(dove, radar ping, sleepy frowny face, denied symbol, large segmented arrow, a figure with a crown, a shield with arrows, a snowflake, and light)

Snow flake is cyrstalline, and light...

They came to huge cavern and a gigantic column of crystal juts up out of the center, a faint blue light flickers within the crystal.

Renchant stands at the threshold he holds up a hand and the party shuffles to a halt behind him. He raises his staff higher and light reflects off the crystal and surrounding walls. But the rest of the chasm curves away into darkness.

(I think the arrows and shield and denied symbol mean this place is trapped.)

Let's see if anyone notices. DC 17 to spot. They've stopped and are looking so they can use active perception.

Renchant is in the lead, he takes a few steps into the room when of a sudden there's a click as his foot depresses something and a sudden whooshing sound as black spears shoot out of the darkness.

I'll say he's surprised so he doesn't get his dex bonus. That means his AC is 10 unless he has mage armor on. I think it's likely that he has it enabled already. We'll see.

(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

With mage armor it's 13. Not that great. How many spears does he take (1d6)?

5 = 5[d6]

Ooo. Five attacks. I'll say they have an attack of +4 each.

Wow... Poor Renchant. Each attack gives 1d8+2 damage. The problem is he got hit by all of them and by two criticals:
19, 24 (crit), 18, 24 (crit)

But let's see. Garvis wasn't on point, but he was the only one who spotted the trap. So he can step back without taking any damage. He shouts a warning. If anyone makes Ref save at his warning (DC 13) the attacks will have disadvantage on them.

Okay interesting. Everyone but Raena, including Renchant, made the Dex save. So, I will actually roll a second set of rolls against Renchant to see if he/them really gets hit, essentially giving advantage.

(yikes... 23, 10, 24 (crit) 18) -- so better for Renchant but still bad.

Renchant reflexively yelps and spins his staff, blocking one of the projectiles, but the other three slam into him, piercing him against the wall and he sags unconscious, blood seeping down.

The others also take 1d6 attacks each--- Ranea next.

1 = 1[d6]

Just 1. Whew...

She's hit but just with 3 damage.

Dosaken next. 1d6 hits.

6 = 6[d6]

Doh... six... hrmm. His AC isn't much better than Renchant and he doesn't have his rage on. This is going to hurt.

Ow ow ow ow. (24 (crit), 16, 24 (crit), 10, 6, 16). -- Luckly he gets advantage so we reroll the hits and take the lesser of the two.

(19, 5, 21,19)
Okay. So he gets hit 3 times but at least no criticals.

(His AC is 14)

And now Kendrock. 1d6 hits.

6 = 6[d6]


(23, 16, 22) but I reroll those... and get (17, 21, 24 (crit) -- he'll drop the crit but will still take all 3 hits.

Spears slash across the opening everyone except Garvis takes some damage, Raena managed to duck under the worst of it, but Kendrock took two through his shoulder pauldron, the chain armor doing little to protect him against the heavy attack that slams him into the wall with jarring force.

Hits taken were Dosaken 14/42, Raena 3/38, Kendrock 19/34. Rechant is unconscious and bleeding out on the floor.

It's then in the dimness, they see a large form shift. A large form with soft fur. A tail slowly swings back and forth in lazy anticipation, and twin amber eyes regard them. The giant feline creature awakened from slumber leaps down from a ledge near the crystal and starts to pad in their direction. (This was from the earlier mag with the black cat)
"I've got Renchant!" Kendrock shouts in his gravely voice. As the huge creature slowly comes on, its gaze intent on the little figures moving about in such agitation, the paladin jogs out and grabs Renchant, his armor clanking. He drags the body to safety slightly back into the hallway. The blue light from the crystal gleams on his armor. Then he casts Lay on Hands and channels healing light into the mage. He coughs and the pallid skin regains its color and his eyes flicker open.


"No time to talk. On your feat and fight. The creature is upon us!"

(He dumped all his healing power into Renchant -- 20 hps, putting Renchant at hits taken of 4/24, so nearly healed)

Garvis rushes to the entrance, nocks and arrow and lets fly. It misses (8 + attack 5 = 13)

Dosaken, with his battle axe in his hands, runs in front of the others and readies an attack.

Raena, stands next to Garvis and sends her own shaft. It flies true burrowing into the giant's fur. It hisses and growls in pain.

It's Renchant's turn. Did he somehow manage to have a death grip on his staff when Kendrock dragged him to somewhat relative safety?

(Unlikely | 6[d10]) No, but...

No but it's not terribly far and if he rushed to it, he could reach it and use it this turn, snatching it from the ground. Of course he'd be in the front again. Not the optimal spot for a mage.

Hopefully they can recover it later. He'll need it for some spells. But not for others. He chants and bolts of power slam into the creature (magic missile)

He then sends his familiar to fly about the cat to distract it.

Does the cat deal with the owl familiar first?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

With a single claw swipe as quick as lightning she smacks the familiar which dissipates into smoke and then nothingness.

Then the cat charges!

It races the distance towards the party grouped about the large double-door entrance.

Next round it'll be upon them unless they fall back.

Kendrock casts bless  on Garvis, Dosaken, and Raena.

"Fall back!" he orders. "To the T passage where it's more narrow! It can't fit in there!"

They all do a fighting withdraw.

Garvis looses another shaft and jogs back to join Kendrock.

Dosaken is going to try and pull the massive doors shut. Str check DC 15 I'll say to do both doors at once and he'll have to drop his battle axe. He'll try it!

Nice! He rolled an 18 (+2 from bless, +2, +6 from his stat). He drops his axe and grabs both handles slamming the doors shut.

"My staff!" Renchant shouts as the doors shut.

"It's not worth you life," Dosaken growls.

"Magic is my life!"

Raena nocks another arrow and backpeddles to stand next to Kendrock, readying an action.

The hinges on the door cause the door to push outward into the room. But it's best to not take chances. He moves up to Dosaken. "I need those." And without waiting for an answer, Renchant pulls out his javelins and slides them through the door handles. It might give a little extra solidity to the door.

I'll say the DC is 22 str check for the cat to smash down the door.

It rolls a 10 and gets a 17... dust shakes from the roof as the cat hisses and smashes a paw into the door.

Kendrock casts Shield of Faith on himself and urges the party to move back to the T.

Garvis, like Raena, readies his bow as well to shoot if the creature shows itself.

Dosaken jogs back to the others, using his action to run.

Raena also pulls back some more.

Renchant casts Blur on himself and the air seems to warp about him as he also moves further back. He's now closer to the door than the others since he took time to put the Javs in the door.

The cat again slams into the door. It rolls a 9 and gets a 16 total. The door is still holding. It's giving them all time to prepare and more importantly to gain distance from the giant cat.

Kendrock He casts "Searing Smite" on his two handed sword and imbues it with holy power.

They all continue to pull back, readying actions as they can. They're close to the T section.

And the door smashes open. With each hit, it's DC lowered by 1 so the DC was 19 exactly what the cat got (10 roll + 9 str)

The door crashes open, splinters fly backlit against the blue light. Renchant's staff is seen beyond, it's light still shining glimering. The characters see the cat's massive form backlit against the blue light and the staff's white light.
"Fire!" Raena shouts and lets fly her shaft as does Garvis.

(They're interrupting based on their readied actions)

Both shafts fly true striking it. It hisses rears up and then dashes forwards.

The giant cat dashes at them with incredible speed, a blaze of fur. (Aggressive adv-can use bonus action to move it's speed toward a creature it sees.)
The distance they managed to put between it means it can't attack this turn, but all but Renchant are threatened by its reach.

Kendrock steps forward and attacks, shouting a battle cry!

He rolls a 19, +7 attack = 26 a hit!

He plunges the sword into an the cats side. A pure white hot glow shines from his blade as he hits the cat and its fur bursts into flame.

Garvis drops his bow, yanks out his two scimitars and rushes the creature.

He spins both blades coming down but only 1 connects.
Dosaken had picked up his axe before and now rages leaping to join the fray!

Raena leaps backward, attempting to get out of the way to get a good shot at the creature.

Cat gets an opp attack.

The claw tears into her flesh but she comes up despite the pain and loses her arrow.

The arrow pierces an eye and cat rears back in pain and anger the flames charring its flesh and fur.

Renchant chants and three rays of flame jet towards the creature.

(Scorching Ray)

The final ray burns and the cat screams in pain as the flame consume it entirely. It thrashes about twisting on the floor to put out the flames to no avail. Then it falls over in a smoldering heap. The smell of burned hair lingers in the air.
(Overall that encounter went really well for the party. I didn't have the giant cat use its extra bonus dash at the beginning (forgot) but it was kind of just moving cautiously towards them at first anyway. Dosaken and Renchant barring the door really helped them get some distance and gear up on buffs and opp attacks.)
Yay! An update!
(Thanks Mark! I'm glad you're enjoying it.)

They cautiously return to the library entrance an orange glow behind them as the giant cat continues to burn. The smell of charred skin and burnt hair fill the air. Renchant, having retrieved his staff, holds it aloft for more light and studies the large room. Hundreds of tomes stared back at him. The large amethyst crystal dominates the center of the room, and a blue glow that fills the library. The large circular columns have had shelves built into them. Rolling ladders lead to upper shelves.

"What a find!" Renchant says, his voice reverent, his black eyes glittering in the glow from his staff. "I could spend my entire life here and never plumb even a tenth part of its depths."

"Who built this?" Dosaken asks.

Renchant strokes his beard as he walks around one of the massive columns.

Was it build by the old nation of Kadolan?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

"The make is of Kadolan architecture," Renchant says with a frown. "But there's something else."

What is the something else? I'll use the MAG!

(two shield; an angel's wings, breastplate, and halo; giant insect bee; crossing slash marks; a dagger with a serrated edge; an alien gray baby; a five pointed star, a rose)

Kendrock reaches for a volume.

"Stop!" Renchant says.

Does Kendrock stop in time?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 5[d10]) No

Kendrock's hand was already moving though and before he could withdraw it, he touched the column and a flash of bright blue light courses into him (lightning bolt with a force slam attack).

The save is DC 15

He rolls a 6 + 2 = 8.

The magical attack hits the dragonborn knocking him off his feet. He flies ten feet backward, crashing into a study table, shattering it. Ribbons of blue light course through his armor and body as he jerks like a rag doll on the floor.

(he's unconscious and dying)

Does anything else happen?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes


Mistrust / Status quo

Ooo... Not good. Sounds like a Confusion spell.

Is it higher than 5th level?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

But it is a 5th level spell and so the range is 15' instead of 10'. It originates from the point where Kendrock touched the library. That means Dosaken gets affected.

He'll need to make a Wisdom save DC 15.

He rolls an 11+1 = 12. He's confused...

The spell lasts for a minute.

The creature uses its action to make a melee attack against a randomly determined creature within its reach. If there is no creature within its reach, the creature does nothing this turn.

Dosaken was leaning on his battle axe looking at the books, he suddenly whips it up and looks about agitated. (no one is within reach, but I'll say he readies an attack for anyone who moves in his reach)

Raena was moving towards Kendrock to help him as was Garvis. Do they notice Dosaken's reaction?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

And they pull up short seeing the confusion in Doskane's eyes.

They also draw their weapons and look about for a threat.

Seeing nothing they look at the barbarian?


Kendrock needs to roll for a death save.

He rolls a 3 and fails. I need to roll initiative to make sure things happen in order.

Renchant is suspicious of additional magic at work. He rolls insight to see if Dosaken is acting irrationally.

He can't tell, but also spins about looking for some other threat in the darkness.

"Kendrock needs help!" Raena says and darts towards him.

Dosaken had a readied action and attacks her as she rushes towards Kendrock.

He rolls a 3 + 6 = 9 and misses. She rolls under the attack and reaches Kendrock.

"Dosaken! Stop!" Garvis says readying his attack.

He'll try to disarm Dosaken.

He rolls an attack of 4 + 5 = 9 vs Dosaken's Athletic skill roll of 12 + 6 = 18. Dosaken remains armed.

Raena is now at Kendrocks side. The large dragonborn is still twitching. She puts her hand on his temples and murmurs a prayer and Kendrock's eyes flicker open as the last of the lightning dissipates into the ground.

(She cast cure light wounds. He now has 3 hits left)

Round 2 for Dosaken - He rolls a 9 on the Confused Behavior table.
The creature can act and move normally.

I'll say Dosaken doesn't realize what he's doing.

"What... Garvis... what are you doing flinging that thing around," Dosaken asks.
"You tried to hit Raena! Lower your weapon."
"What are you talking about." Dosaken knocks the smaller man's blade aside. "Keep that thing away from me!"

Renchant suspects what's going on. "You're seeing things, Dosaken! You've been bewitched. Lower your weapon."

Does he trust Renchant enough to do so?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

But he feels fine. He's wary that they might be the bewitched ones. He drops the blade but stands over it, ready to snatch it up if needed.

"Garvis will intervene if you become bespelled again as will I." Renchant casts blur on himself and approaches standing off to the side of Garvis.

Kendrock stands shakily to his feet assisted by Raena. "My thanks," he mutters leaning on her

He picks up his blade and holds it point down in front of him, his mailed hands covering the pommel, waiting and watching.

Round 3 for Dosaken

Dosaken stands... and looks about. "Well... now what?"

"I tell you I'm fine." He rolled a 10 and can act normally.

He folds his arms.

"Maybe," Renchant says. Best to be safe why don't you go stand over there by the door."

"Fine," he says. "But I'm taking my axe."

"As long as you're over there and we can watch you, I don't have a problem with that," Renchant says.

Dosaken nods, picks up his axe, and stands over by the door.

2 = +1 -1 +1 +1 0

They wait...

I'll roll the remaining effects and will narrate it.

He stands by the door for several seconds and then starts wandering near the group. They back away and watch until he's standing by the large central pillar and crystal staring at it.

The spell eventually wears off. During that time Renchant casts Detect Magic as a ritual, and by the time he casts it he detects no magic or enchantment from Dosaken.

"Dosaken is fine. There is no magic about him. But, no one touches the books, alright." He looks at Kendrock who nods in agreement.

He detects magic in the room. He goes to the central pillar and sees an indentation for some sort of metallic device, a key? It's in the shape of a five pointed star.

"It seems there is some key we're missing to allow access to the library."

"Renchant," Dosaken says with a mutter. "Perhaps we're getting a bit carried away here. It's just a library."

"'Just a library' the man says," Renchant mocks him. "This is no mere library simpleton. This is the 'Preservation of Sages'. What? Never heard of it? Well, suffice it to say it's one of the greatest treasures of lore and knowledge in the world. I will not simply ignore it."

"Then what do we do?"

"Look about for clues of where this key might be... there has to be something," Renchant says.

They grumble about it, but the are also interested in the massive room, so they look about. 

Do they see anything that might look like some kind of instructions?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Kendrock will settle down for a short rest while the others look since he's pretty beat up.

He spends all his Hit Dice and regains all his hits.

"There's nothing Renchant," Garvis says.

"Impossible. You're not looking hard enough. There is something..."

Garvis frowns. "Then why don't you tell us what it is."

Renchant stomps away muttering to himself. Actually finding the mythical 'Preservation of Sages' but not being able to find a way to access any of that knowledge was maddening. It tore at Renchant.

Are there dead bodies in the room?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes


(Somewhat Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

A lot?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

How did they die?

Create / Inside

What was created inside?

Roughly / Full

Crystals jutted from their chests and eyes. It was like their insides grew into crystal. "What foul magic is at work here?" Renchant asks, kneeling down to study the dead humans.

Are they bodies dessicated?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

They're clearly dead, but they continue to bleed, even now, after all these years.

Renchant gets a 15 + 6 = 21 a success. The crystals form a sort of foci for the magic that pulls life blood into them.

It's a ritual that was cast to feed the huge crystal giving it its natural power. The fact that the bodies have not decayed suggest that even though they're dead, they and this room are in a sort of stasis where the passage of time does not weather the contents of the room.

(He had also rolled a 6+6 = 12 Arcana to understand the magic. His Detect Magic from earlier helped him understand the magics at work.)

He'll check the bodies for any clues. Does he find any?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Bestow / The public

What is bestowed?

Stop / Realities

Is it an item on one of the bodies?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

What is the item?

Inspect / Enemies

There's a pair of spectacles on of one of the men with a crystal jutting out of his abdomen, his face a grimace of pain. The spectacles are askew on his face. Magic emanates from it.

Does it look like these dead ppl are all librarians?

(Somewhat Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

There's no common uniform or anything. Perhaps they were patrons of the library? Renchant isn't sure. He takes the glasses out and puts them. His gaze shifts back in time, and he sees himself in the library witnessing events that took place hundreds of years ago. A powerful magic user strode into the room. People rose from tables and chairs to get away to flee. Can Renchant understand the old common?

He rolled a 13 on history for a 19. Yes he can.

The scene was the same place. This huge library. The same huge columns. But there was no huge crystal in the middle with blue light. Old fashioned lanterns and braziers hung about the room providing light.

"Shaltho! a man said, the one with glasses. "You can't just barge in here and--"

Renchant studied the man named Shaltho. He was a tall, powerfully-built man with high cheek bones, possibly elvish descent and was clad in a long black robe with ornate symbols on the sleeves in gold and silver thread. He raised a blood-red staff made of a strange metal which Renchant had never seen. There was a pulse of red light from the staff, and the man with glasses started floating into the air gripping at his throat, not able to breathe save in short struggled gasps, as he spun lazily in the air. "No? And who will stop me? You Cartil? I think not."

Rechant frowned. Where had he heard Shaltho before? Ah yes, Among the Ancients: A Treatise on Ancient Kadolan

Shaltho... was an older linguistic form for one known as "The Reaper Souls", "The Dark Archmagus", "The Betrayer" -- a powerful man of legend named "Zhulto" in more modern texts. This Zhulto (Shaltho) raised his staff again and again another pulse, and the man named Cartil flew backwards into a desk, wood splinters flying, scattering books and papers. People edged around to the back of the room trying to seek safety. Some bolted for the door. But Zhulto merely lazily waved and with an uttered word of command, the large doors behind him slammed shut and locked with a deep thud. 

The people shrank back in dismay.

"None shall leave this place," Zhulto cried, his eyes alight with an evil gleam. "You have denied me for the last time people of Kadolan. And now you shall be denied... Denied of both life and knowledge!"

Fear washed over them. They screamed and rushed for the door anyway now banging on it as he began chanting, his staff awash in red light like a small red sun. Runes seemed to dance in the air about the man. The earth trembled and a crystal tore up from under the floor, scattering flagstones, erupting in a massive shower of earth. At another chant, the crystal began to change color. More chanting, other crystals erupted from peoples bodies as they fell over each other pain and death. 

With a dismissive flick of a finger and an uttered word, Zhulto sent the bodies flying to pile up against one wall, their blood flowing into the crystals and then flowing into the central crystal changing its color from white to red and then a deep purple. Soon all lay dead or dying, and the man wearing the glasses continued to record the scene as he struggled with a crystal jutting out of one lung. He saw Zhulto locate a cat hissing at him under a table. Zhulto chanted some more, the staff held outwards, and the cat grew. It overturned a table and still it grew. It eventually became the massive guardian they had just vanquished. 

"Guard this place until I return!" Zhulto commanded, and then pulled a five pointed star of metal from the heart of the crystal with a dull scraping sound. It was accompanied by a faint chime that seemed to hang in the air. The light grew stronger emanating from the massive crystal and the color changed to blue and a massive surge of electricity rippled around each column. 

"The knowledge of the sages is now mine. Forever mine and none others."

Cartil struggled to say something, to do something, but the crystal in him was as relentless as stone. His life gave out and the vision stored in the spectacles darkened.

"What did you see?" Garvis asks. "We could see it in your face that you saw something."

Renchant nods soberly and tells them the vision.

"It was a man named Zulto... He did this," he waves a hand at the crystals jutting out of the flesh.

I'll roll a History to see if Renchant has learned any obscure truths about this Zulto fellow.

I rolled a 20! Nice. 26 total.

"Why?" Raena asked touching one of the crystals, an elfish prayer for the dead gracing her lips, her face sad. "Why did he do it?"

Renchant digs in his cloak and pulls out his pipe. With a twitch of his nose, it ignites and he puffs out a smoke ring. He leans against the table, staff in one hand, pipe in the other. With a grunt he clenches his pipe in his lips and lets out a heavy sigh. "Too many think wealth is measured in coin, gems, rubies and other such treasures. But such a transitory items are fleeting. What can you buy with coin? Food, lodging, a nice home. Power? Better, but still doomed to die. For we all have a date with with the Dancer, and the only thing you can take with you when you cross the Dark Portal is what you put here," he taps his head. "Your knowledge. Your memories."

"And here," Kendrock says touching his breastplate with a quiet bong covering his heart. "Your experiences. Your feelings."

Renchant nods. "Indeed. And for one such as Zhulto--and myself I might add if I'm being honest--knowledge is the true treasure. It is coin for the mind. Sustenance that satiates the soul when age comes with its creeping frailties. It is light when that final dark night comes."

"That sounds almost religious of you," Kendrock says with a toothy grin. "Do you say you believe in an afterlife?"

Renchant snorts, "Perhaps not quite as you do. I believe my superior intellect will lives on in some form after my mortal frame dies. Perhaps my consciousness will never die. I believe in magic of course. And what is life after death, if it exists, but some special kind of magic? In fact, one might say this life, this existence is but a form of magic. To come into existence sprung from the breath of gods...Now that must be some serious spellwork indeed."

"So what happened to this Zulto," Garvis asks cleaning his blades and sheathing them. "Where did he go?"

"The history books do not agree on his fate. And all of them concede that he he disappeared. Lost from history. From memory," Renchant says. "But this..." he taps the spectacles on the table with the stem of his pipe. "This tells us otherwise."

"What? How?"

"The spectacles are magical. They record what the wearer sees. Well, in the vision, the manner of speech isn't modern common no, but nore is it ancient Kadolan. It is merely old Kadolan. Still old, but not ancient. The manner of dress of those here and those that I saw also bespeaks the same truth. Zulto lived long long before the time of old Kadolan."

"What happened to him? Did he ever come back?"

"If he did, there is no history book I've read that speaks of it. It is assumed he went far to south. South of the Monastary of Dreams. South of the Thodal, that perhaps he perished in the shifting sands seeking the long lost civilization of Fal'Kreen. The desert dwellers tell of a foul magician who wrought unspeakable magics among them. But whether that was this Zhulto remains inconclusive."

"But he didn't die?" Raena asks.

"He apparently did not perish in the ancient days, at least not at the time of this memory," he taps the spectacles again. "He must've found some way of extending his life..." Renchant mused

"So what do we do about it?" Dosaken says.

"Do? There's nothing to do about any of it. But we will rest here for the night," Renchant says. "It should be quite safe. There are few denizens of these caverns that would so soon dare to come in upon the lair of his feline guardian. And if Zulto comes back while we're camping out in his favorite abode, well, I shan't mind. I should very much like to have a word with him about what transpired here."

"Very well," Dosaken says settling down his pack with a clatter onto the ground with a thump. The remains of the construct from earlier, he also sets in a clattering pile on the floor tiles. "And if anyone is hungry, there's a massive pile of dead cat in the hallway. And it's already cooked."

"Burnt more like," Garvis says grimacing at the smell that still lingers in the air.

"You just have to cut a little deeper to get the juicier bits," Dosaken grins as he moves of toward the cat, a long knife drawn from its sheath. "Meat... ahhh!"

"I'll stick with my trail rations, I think," Raena says wrinkling her nose.

They settle in for a long rest and each consumes a ration while Dosaken eats flesh from a magical guardian cat. Such is the life of an adventurer.

Renchant continues to smoke and lost in thought long into the night, laying on his bed roll. He puts on the spectacles again and again, memorizing the scene studying the attack, the intricate details pondering on the problems of the ancients. He needed to find this Zhulto. He needed that key...
They settle in for a long rest and each consumes a ration.

Does anything happen to interrupt their rest?

(Very Unlikely | 5[d10]) No

The awaken the next morning and head upwards towards the lift, following the map. Do they reach the upper exit to the outside without trouble?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

It takes them all day, and by evening time, they can see the sun just beginning to set. They make it to the tree and the cage/lift system. Instead of going the way they came into the underground cavern they head east and are now after multiple days under ground they emerge onto the eastern side of the peak looking out over the cliff.

Is it snowing?

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes

Large downy flakes drift down on a cold night. They all mark off another day of food. Renchant borrows a ration from the others.

A wide hallway with shattered columns with patches of crumbled ceiling that are open to the outside air greets them.

Do they see signs of the creature they're hunting?

(Somewhat Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

Is it his lair?

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes

They see scratches on pillars and a pile of bones picked over.

Raena takes the lead and sneaks forward following tracks and signs of the large creature in the snow. The others hang back waiting and watching, weapons at the ready.

The wide hallway with shattered columns and a rent roof, is in reality a ruined portico. The roof is caved in in some places, piles of masonry and rock gathering dust and snow. In other places the roof is intact and other passageways and stairs spiral down into this side of the mountain.

Raena rolls a 19 + 5 = 24 on her perception.

She's also stealthing and gets a 16+6 = 22. Both very good rolls.

Is the creature in the lair?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

Unless it's invisible, I'm going to say her perception is enough to detect it.

Now that she can see what it is, what is it? A dragon?

(Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

No, but it's related to a dragon... hmmm. A drake then.

Looking back on previous posts and the established fiction about the creature it's a flying creature, it can cause flames/scorching, it has claws, a tail spike and horns. It's a fire/flame drake with wings.

Even with it's quite good passive perception, it doesn't notice Raena stalking it. It's gnawing on something fleshy and hairy.
Raena gives a silent signal to the others to attack on her mark. Then she fits an arrow. The party will secure a surprise round if they attack now. They don't want to lose the opportunity and so spring into action.

Raena aims and sights on her quarry. She is in her element, hidden from view crouching at the lip of some steps, she sees the creature munching on its meal. The smooth wood of the slender bow bespoke a hidden power, the ability to send a shaft into the heart of her enemies. She releases, and with a whoosh, it embeds into the creatures side.

It screams in pain. Garvis races up behind Raena, his bow also out an arrow at the ready (readies an attack). Dosaken moves up a parallel set of stairs, his axe gripped in two hands, taking the steps two at a time in long powerful strides. Renchant casts blur on himself and his shape is obscured by a mass of blurring twisting shadows.

Kendrock follows behind Dosaken and casts bless on Dosaken, Raena, and Garvis.

The drake hisses and ruby red drops of its blood drip onto the cold slate stones of the ruined portico. A small mound of gems and coins and other odds and ends glimmers with a dull sheen in the fading evening light.
The ceiling above them some thirty feet high, has some jagged rips and holes in it, letting in snow and light. The drake launches into flight directly towards Raena and Garvis. As it does so, it spews a stream of fire and it's tail whips 
at a half ruined pillar, toppling it, causing a region of the cave to collapse. The ceiling around the pillar collpses down, around Raena and Dosaken. (They each need to make a Dex Save DC 13 or get buried under rock. Garvis and Kendrock are just one hex out of range of also being included in the collapse.)
Without the Bless Raena would have been buried. As it is she and Dosaken see the danger and leap out of the way of most of the falling rubble, taking only 6 damage each.

The stream of fire singes both Raena and Garvis but they avoid the worst of it. The flames lick at some of the icy stones. The creature then flies directly over Garvis and an arrow leaps out shoots at the winged beast zips overhead.
Garvis rolls a 1 on his attack. An automatic failure. Is it a critical failure?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Yes but it's not too bad. In his haste at seeing the creature suddenly appear over his head, he fumbles and drops five arrows that fall clattering down the stairs out of his quiver. He then fits another arrow and shoots up at the creature (his reaction was from last turn) now he's shooting on his turn.

He only has three arrows left in his quiver (I haven't been collecting the others ruling that they were lost in the darkness of the caverns or burned in the cats fur). But that one did fly true and the Drake takes 10 points of damage.

The creature is about thirty feet above him. Garvis will move his back against the wall and track it with his bow.

Dosaken, from a cloud of dust and surrounded by debris, cannot see the creature. He coughs and sees snow and light filtering down through the ceiling. He cannot see the winged lizard, but he hears the shouts from the parallel steps and rushes over his axe at the ready (ready and action) but even so, the creature is not to be seen because it's at ceiling level above him.

"Dosaken, coughing from a cloud of dust and surrounded by debris, cannot see the creature..."

Raena leaps down onto a boulder that recently fell from the ceiling onto the level below them, and fires a shaft into the beast's underside. She rolls a 19. A hit. (I'm impressed. She could have hit an AC of 30 with that strike! 19 + 8 attack + 3 from bless.)

It screams in pain. (takes 8 hits). It's taken 30 total so far.

Renchant chants and shimmering blue energy leaps out striking the creature (magic missile). Wow... He rolls max damage on his roll. 15 total points of damage. The missiles tear into the creature on of them blowing off part of his wing.
Kendrock casts shield of faith on himself.

The creature, hurt from all the attacks, hits another pillar as it flies causing another partial collapse that affects Renchant.

The drake shoots another jet of flame towards Raena and Kendrock. They duck behind cover but the searing heat does cause Kendrock to lose concentration on his Bless.

The creature flies off out of sight dropping to a lower level the way they came. They hear it trumpet in anger and they hear answering cries and hoots. Then a score of smaller figures rush at them, some climbing up walls, others dropping down from holes in the ceilings.
Are they kobolds?

(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

Their skin is blue and each carries a wicked looking dagger. They lick their blades yipping and yowling and advance on the party, leaping down to surround them as well as charging up the stairs the way they came.

They're fanatical Drake worshipers and will fight to the death protecting their "god".

One of them larger than the others, a leader of sorts, holds a staff with feathers and beads and shouts pointing at the intruders.

Renchant shouts the warning the first, his familiar (owl who was atop the roof) gave him advance warning.

Does the guy with the staff (he's a shaman) have any tough body guards?

(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Just him. Fine... we'll see what happens but I think the Kobolds are going to be pushovers. But there are a lot of them.

Garvis drops his bow and whips out his scimitars as the two Kobolds drop down next to him, he expertly one of them and disembowels second with a fluid arcs of his curved blades. (What did I say? Pushovers. Their hits are randomized so they range between 1 HP and probably 11).
He pulls back up the stairs next to Dosaken.

Dosaken rages and then goes into a Frenzy (bonus action).

His axes crunches into the torso of one of the little creatures instantly killing it, his follow up swing whistles through the air by Garvis's head (missed 2nd Kobold).

Raena drops her bow in the snow and whips out her own scimitar and shortsword spinning to engage the two Kobolds who leaped down from the ceiling behind her.

She slashes at one in the throat and he gurgles falling to the stones. The other she slashed across the face and chest, and with a startled scream it falls down not moving.

Then she barrels towards three others gathering around Kendrock.

Renchant utters arcane words and another three globes of blue energy slam into three different kobolds (magic missile). Two are only damaged. A third has its rib cage blown apart.
Renchant, hearing the cries all about him and more ululating battle cries from farther off, he follows after Garvis.

He stumbles over the rocks that had collapsed around him and sees the shaman on the rock. His line of sight to the little spell caster had been blocked before.

Kendrock salutes one K with his greatsword then moves and puts his back to Raena's he slashes out crushing its head.

"Fall back!" Garvis shousts. "This way!"

The Kobolds swarm towards the party, rushing with fanatical glee.

Daggers whistle through the air. One of them leaps atop Kendrock his legs warpping around the Paladin and slams the dagger into the dragonborn's side between the armor joints. (critical -- 6 damage)

Kobolds charge towards Renchant and one of them gets a lucky strike with his sling, the rock clubbing the mage in his head. His eyes stinging and watering, he can't hold onto his blur (the kobold rolled a 20 and a 16... so it hit with the sixteen and then Renchant failed his concentration save). More rocks zip past him, one of them hitting his back. He stumbles but manages to gain the stairs and starts to clamber up them.

Looking over his head, Renchant sees the Shaman chant and his staff glows and healing light flows over the ledge behind him. (It's healing the drake a little 2d4+4 but the PCs don't know that)

The owl flies overhead and Renchant knows that magic is at play, that the dragon's wounds are slowly closing up.

Then the drake screams and launches from the level below back into the fray with the kobolds screaming and chanting in obvious glee.

Does it go for Renchant?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Haggle / Prison

The drake does a rapid aeriel attack flame, darting between the columns and the rubble. It's fast and nimble... and deadly. Its jet of flame scorches the ground, hitting Renchant, Raena, and Kendrock. The paladin moved too slowly in his heavy armor and caught the brunt of the attack (8 dmg total).
Garvis's takes off another's Kobold's head the red blood spraying the rock in front of him. Garvis readies his other attack and stays where he is. He can't see Renchant and Kendrock but he urges the mage to get behind him and Dosaken.

Dosaken with aroar leaps down the stars and cleaves a Kobold in two from neck to navel. The corpse falls back in stunned surprise.

Raena attempts to cut her way to safety up the stairs but misses both attacks. They could really have used that Bless spell that faded.

Renchant runs up the stairs gasping for breath, blood streaming down his face, but he turns around furious. He sees the Shaman on the rock chanting and knows its healing the drake. This has to stop or they're all doomed. Renchant chants a counter chant to the healling light, and three rays of pure white hot flame streak towards the Shaman (he cast's scorching ray).
All three hit the shaman, and he screams, batting at his clothing, his healing forgotten for the moment (So close. The Shaman took a total of 28/30 points of damage from that one blow).

Kendrock opens his mouth and roars and reveals his true heritage, the lineage of the great Silver as he spews forth a cone of super-freezing air that causes skin to frost over, crack and limbs to break, and rocks to shatter.

The blast hits the two in front of him and their faces and limbs turn brittle, then their entire bodies crack and shatter (he rolled 14 dmg - a wee bit more for mere kobolds). "Go!" He shouts to Raena and sharges the four Kobolds below them. Above the flame drake circles overhead.
The kobolds drop their slings and yank out daggers and surround the Paladin. (their pack trait gives them advantage when another of their kind is within five feet of their target). Not good.

They screech as they slash and darting in and out. The large dragonborn roars in pain and righteous fury. (He's taking a beating... He's barely up). Two of them hit and one criticalled for a total of 9 dmg.

The others near Dosaken fling their strings at him and then clamber on the rocks, hoping it'll give them a height advantage.

The kobold shaman chants and the healing light flows into himself.

He then leaps off the rock out of Renchant's line of sight and darts down to support his follows around Kendrock.

Does the Drake go for Dosaken?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

The lizard lands atop the rocks and swings its mighty tail.

It slams into Dosaken sending him flying backwards by 10 feet.

(Dosaken had to make a Str save DC 17 to avoid getting thrown backward). He failed even with advantage with rage and only rolled a 6 + 2 = 12.

The drake trumpets its rage and flames flare from its nostrils.

"Kill the shaman!" Renchant shouts. "It's keeping it alive!"

The winged lizard then leaps on Dosaken, striking with its bite and claws. (it gets 3 melee attacks per turn)

Garvis, seeing that the creature is on the ground now, rushes down to in to attack it with his blades.

Dosaken blood streaming from his numerous wounds, his muscles rippling as flakes of snow steams on sweaty skin strike with his battle axes matching the winged drake fury for fury.

He gives it a good solid hit, crumpling a wing.

Raena darts down atop the rock where she had dropped a bow and flicks it up into her hands with a kick from her feet, already pulling out and an arrow and stringing it when the bow comes into her hands.

Then she sights and sends a shaft towards the creature.

... unfortunately, the rock was slick with ice and snow and she stumbled and the arrow flies off target (she rolled a 1. Does she critically fail?).

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

Okay. just a miss then.

Renchant smiles, walks thirty feet, behind a rock, touches the crimson gem embedded in the gold amulet of Korvis around his neck, and he closes his eyes. He sees through the eyes of his familiar circling above. he sends a mental command, and the owl darts down streaking towards the Shaman from behind. (passive perception of 8 doesn't detect the owl streaking down behind him). The owl brushes him with his wings and the magic connects flowing out of the amulet around Renchant's into the Shaman. (This is the amulet of Korvis an item Renchant picked up in his first adventure and he doesn't often get a chance to use it. But this is such a moment. He uses a touch attack, channeled through his familiar and shazaam!)

Shaman has to make a code save vs DC 10 + 3 + 2 = 15

It rolls a 9 - 1 = 8 vs DC 15. It start screaming an incredible itching sensation consuming him. He rolls to the ground scratching and scratching. His staff drops to the ground.
Kendrock uses his healing on himself, his wounds begin to close, but he must still be somewhat dazed since he missed his attack and rolled a 1.

The kobolds beat on him some more, bringing his hits back down to what they were.

The other four kobolds rush around Dosaken and Garvis pulling out daggers, dealing damage here and there, weakening the brave warriors by degrees.

It's now Round 7
The drake, its wing crumpled tries lays into Dosoaken some more, claws rake across the barbarian's chest. Both are wounded. Both bleed red onto the snow. It had hoped to know the Barbarian back but it missed. Tooth and claw, it's fierce, but Dosaken is well trained in that axe.

Garvis, is about to attack when a jet of flame streaks towards him and Raena. (a legendary action)

And it swipes a claw at Garvis (legendary actions it can do those out of his turn... I'm not clear on how often as I don't actually own the monster manual. I'm it can do the legendary encounters whenever it wants once during this encounter.) 

Then Dosaken's axe crashes into its back, fracturing some bones. It howls in pain.
Raena sees it rears back and her shaft takes it in the neck. The drake flails about writhing in the steaming snow and then falls.
Renchant peers around a collapsed piece of masonry that used to be the ceiling, chants and sends three more spears of fire (scorching ray).
Two kobolds are hit, one is killed, one wounded.

The melee continues unabated the kobolds fight on. They failed their master in life. Now they must follow him in death. (They're fanatical)

Kendrock is down on one knee... he can't seem to hit anything. He rolled a 3 last round.

Garvis is also badly wounded. He uses his second wind and his action surge.

His scimitars drop one and wound another in three attacks.

Dosaken follows up and kills the wounded one with his first greate axe attack.

His second swing takes off the head (well the torso) of the one behind him.

Raena seeing that Doskaen and Garvis have the left flank wrapped up nearly, she rushes to aid Kendrock, hopping atop the ledge and firing down at one of the kobolds, the shaft piercing an eye and sending it flopping down atop the Shaman who is proceeding to scratch furrows of red in his blue skin.

Renchant, moves down the stairs, energy flying from his hands (magic missile), two missiles drop two separate Kobolds and the third lands into the incapacitated Shaman.

The area around Kendrock is now clear. of enemies.

Kendrock strides up to the Shaman and slams the point of the sword down into his neck finishing him (incapacitated, he's killed automatically).

The final Kobald screams at Dosaken, misses and slides onto the point of Garvis's blade.

The battle is over. (9 rounds including the surprise round). The bodies of Kobolds and the flaming drake litter the ground

Hits taken/out of total:
Garvis 20/39
Doskaen 26/42
Raenea 30/38
Renchant 18/24
Kendrock 35/36

Kendrock was hanging on by 1 HP. The Raena and Renchant were also pretty close to dropping.

Oh oops. I forgot one very important thing. The exploding drake... hee hee... We'll say it happens right now on Round 9.

Dosaken leans wearily on his battle axe, and Garvis claps him on the shoulder giving him a weary smile when the creature suddenly explodes in a horrendous sphere of flame, sending both of them flying. They're both unconscious and dying.
(The explosion gives 4d4 fire, plus 4d4 force to any within 25 of his death. There's no save or anything. Both Garvis and Dosaken took 22 points of damage.)

Renchants familiar is also consumed to ash.

Raena shouts and runs over to the downed bodies of the fallen warriors, murmuring a prayer to the gods she places her hand on each and they slowly come to, the burns and broken bones mending (she casts cure light wounds on both) using up the rest of her 1st level spells).

They survey the scene. Snow drifts down through the holes in the ceiling, blowing in over the bodies of the fallen kobolds. Dusk is falling. They're battered and wounded, but alive. They will setup a watch and take a long rest, building a fire in the lair from some old broken furniture lying about.
And that's it! They're battered and bruised, but alive! It could have been much worse. If the drake had gone for Raena and Kendrock instead of tangling with the Barbarian, it likely would have ended quite differently. The map I used was from I enjoy the work the artist does and I purchased his map pack. This snowy peak was modified with pillars and rubble and treasure add-ons to give the above result.

(Here's the drake's abilities if interested)

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