Deathwatch: Captain Decius (First session)
This is my first post, and this play through was to test the rpgsolo system. I have tried numerous times to play Role Playing Games solo to various degrees of success. I've heard of and used most of the systems this site uses and is inspired by, though having it all in one place has streamlined everything. This site is a great way to learn HOW TO play solo rpgs.

So this was my first game. I've played with this character several times before as leader of a squad of Deathwatch marines. This is his first solo mission.
I'm using the Deathwatch Warhammer 40,000 role playing system, which is one of my favourite systems. Play was slowed a bit due to it being a little while since I had played with this system however.

My first impressions are very positive. I love this website and this has been the most fun I've had with a solo rpg.

I've gone through and edited this play through so it reads better, I realised I kept changing from first and third person perspective with my writing. First person feels better for being immersed in the story but sometimes third just paints a better picture, especially in combat.

EDIT:I'm sure everyone knows the 40,000 universe but if not, think StarCraft marines, its like that a bit.

And here is the play report. SESSION START

Brother Decius is Captain of a Deathwatch squad. However this mission, he goes it alone. He has been tasked to protect an important asset to this imperial world he now stands on. He walks through a dark corridor, his steps echoing loudly against the floor. No one was there to greet him save a lowly servitor, which simply pointed him in the right direction of his target. The complex was dark and grey, no signs of ornate embellishments to honor the emperor, this place was simply industrial. Decius came to a large room where he was instructed to go to. Stepping inside he looks around, having removed his helmet, his hard eyes peer into the depths of the room, looking for what ever he had come here for. What does Decius see?

Antagonise / Business.

There are two standing men towards the center of the room, they are arguing, obviously over something very important. Decius moves forward, his enormous bulk towering over the men. In his commanding voice he announces himself. "Greetings, I am Brother Decius. Whom am I addressing?" Do they answer him with who they are?

Yes, and...

They both turn and give Decius their complete attention. In turn they both introduce themselves.

Elderly magician who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to institute the populous, depress valor, and process narcissism; who speaks of scheming bewilderment and is focused on your superiors.

The first introduces himself as a psyker. His face is old and yet he appears very strong. He is most likely what Decius has come for, he holds an air of importance. The other man introduces himself.

Foolish inquisitor who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to drive enlightenment, explain myths, and work secret societies; who speaks of scheming proposition and is focused on your flaws.

The other man is an Inquisitor, though obviously he has seen to few years to be of a high rank. Though he seems powerful as well. Do the men speak to Decius further?

(Very Likely) No, but...

Anshelm produces a data slate, it sparks to life and a message addressed to Decius appears. What is the message?

Release / The innocent.

Who is the message from?

Postpone / Pleasures.

The man speaking to Decius in the message appears to be a lawman, he speaks rapidly of many men and women being imprisoned after committing no crimes. He utters something about the prisoners being .... abnormal, their minds see many things. He obviously means psykers. It seems they were imprisoned for this reason, but they are all of great use to the imperium. It is unheard of for such a large gathering of psykers going untapped by the imperium. The messages cuts out. How does the message end?

Release / Peace.

The lawman stops talking as a hole appears in his head. He was shot from behind, but he seems happy, released from his existence. Decius addresses the two men before him "So I'm not here to protect anything, we are to rescue these prisoners?" Is the answer a yes?

(Likely) Yes.

Is it Anshelm who responds?

(50/50) No.

Valerian speaks, "Yes, we must rescue them, they are of great use to the imperium" Decius asks "Who imprisoned them? Why have they not simply been released and taken to be trained?"

Attach / War.

Valerian answers again - "This world is far to attached to its ideals. They are at war with anyone sees differently to them. They see these beings as abominations and will not allow them to walk free!" Decius replies "Well then, take me to their leader, and I will make him see the errors of his ways. These sykers belong to the imperium." Do they agree with Decius’s idea?

(Very Unlikely) No.

They both shake their heads. What do they say to his idea?

Work hard / Attention.

Is it Valerian who still speaks?

(50/50) No.

Anshelm speaks "Every man on this planet is part of it. They are not simply under command. They are brought together by their hard work on this industrial planet and they all stand to uphold orders and ideals." Decius nods. "Then what do you propose?"

Malice / Suffering.

How is it said?

Kookily / Modern.

Anshelm smiles awkwardly "Simple, we destroy all who stand before us and take those prisoners! Anyone who tries to stop us will suffer." Decius asks "Why is it, that only we stand here then? Surely you would bring in the imperial guard? Or another chapter. Why request me? Why request the Deathwatch?"

Deceive / Suffering.

Anshelm replies "If we brought in that much power then we would not get very far, what we were up to would be instantly known. Pointing a gun in their face is not the answer, not until we are close enough to our goal. We don't wish to start a war, with just the three of us we can get in an out quickly and precisely." Decius nods "Very well, lead the way then to our objective" Do they start moving?

(Likely) Yes.

They both nod, turn and being walking. Decius follows them. Do they head to a transport?

(Likely) Yes.

They walk down more dark corridors, until they reach our transport. What kind of vehicle is it?

Mistrust / Energy.

The craft is a terrible looking thing, an old simple transport with wheels and a fully enclosed interior. Rusty and broken, Decius is surprised it is running at all. They board the craft, which Decius barely manages to squeeze his enormous bulk into and they begin their journey. "Is it far?" Decius asks Anshelm.

(50/50) No.

"No, we'll be there in about 20 mins" he replies. "Good, and what is our plan once we reach the prison?" Decius ask.

Ruin / Liberty.

"Simple, we storm the place. Sneaking in wont be much of an option for us" He replies. "Might we take a back entrance perhaps? A less guarded area?" Decius ask.

(Somewhat Likely) No.

"I'm afraid there is but one entrance into this facility" Decius nods. "Very well" Do we reach the prison unhindered?

(Likely) No.

What do we encounter? Is it hostile?

(50/50) Yes, and...

Befriend / Peace.

The vehicle grinds to a halt. And a tap on the door echoes through the cabin. Does either men open the door?

(Very Likely) Yes.

Valerian opens the door and peers out. "What is the meaning of this?" A lawman stands before him. Does he speak?

(Likely) Yes.

What does he say?

Separate / A project.

"We've been instructed to find you Inquisitor. Apparently you've summoned a space marine onto our planet?" How does Valerian respond?

Mistrust / Good.

"Is that so, well I don't recall doing any such thing" Valerian waves at Decius to stay still, he is sitting out of view of the hatch and Valerian wishes Decius to remain so. How does the lawman respond?

Celebrate / Legal matters.

"Well I can't take your word for it, you are to come with us so this situation may be examined. It is against regulations to call in outside military forces without authorisation" Does Valerian deal with this in a hostile maner?

(Somewhat Unlikely) Yes.

Valerian rips out a pistol and fires! Does is kill the lawman? (point blank range, unexpected)

(Likely) Yes, and...

The lawman dies instantly, and Valerian fires again. This time at an unseen enemy, outside the craft. Does this enemy die as well?

(Somewhat Likely) No, and...

It sounds like Valerian missed, and fire is quickly returned. Does Valerian duck back inside?

(Very Likely) No. +Event: Betray / A representative

He isn't given a chance to duck back as the door to the cabin opens the pilots raise their weapons, not wanting to get on the wrong side of the law they prepare to fight their passengers. COMBAT START

Anshelm = 12
Decius = 11
Lawmen = 7
Valerian = 6
Pilots = 5

Does Anshelm equip a weapon?

(Likely) Yes, but...

He brings up a chain sword but he has to get close enough to use it. Its to cramp in the vehicle to wield it. Does he charge outside?

(Likely) No, and...

He hits the back wall, waiting for Decius and Valerian to move with him outside. Decius rips out his Bolter and takes aim at the two pilots! He unleashs a full auto burst at short range.

8 = 8[d100]

Two hits each slam into the pilots! Do the pilots dodge?

22 = 22[d100]

21 = 21[d100]

Both pilots are hit by the full blow of the bolter rounds!

14 = 6[d10]+3[d10]+5

The first pilot dies instantly from the first bolter round.

17 = 4[d10]+8[d10]+5

7 = 7[d10]

The second pilot dies instantly in a shower of gore! Decius shouts - "Get behind me!"

Do the lawmen advance?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes.

The lawmen close in on the craft, firing single shots at Valerian.

90 = 90[d100]

The shots spatter around the door of the craft, failing to find their mark. Does Valerian return fire?

(Likely) Yes.

He fires his pistol into the group of lawmen with a semi-auto burst.

3 = 3[d100]

6 = 4[d10]+2

4 = 2[d10]+2

Decius command check for Anshelm to obey command.

24 = 24[d100]

Anshelm moves behind Decius, waiting for the hulking spacemarine to lead the attack. Decius moves to the hatch and fires his Bolter once into the group of lawmen.

6 = 6[d100]

11 = 5[d10]+1[d10]+5

7 = 7[d10]

His bolter round tears one of their heads apart while another screams as his face is caught in the small blast from the bolter round.
Do the lawmen fight on?

(Unlikely) No.

The lawmen quickly turn and run! Terrified of the might that is a Space Marine! Does Valerian fire at the feeling men?

(Somewhat Likely) No.

Valerian holsters his weapon, watching the men flee for their lives. Decius steps down on to ground. "They will do us no good alive, we can't have the alarm raised to early" He slams the trigger of his bolter down again. Firing full auto into the group of men. Do the men all perish before they get away?

(Very Likely) Yes.

The carnage is terrible, but quick. The fire stops and every lawmen is destroyed. Decius reloads his bolter and turns to the men before him. Are they taken aback by Decius’s commanding attitude and un-forgiving actions?

(Very Likely) Yes, and...

They both take a step back, taken aback by how terrible a Space Marine can be, but understanding the need for such slaughter. Decius speaks "We should keep moving quickly, there is no time to wait" He gets in the vehicle and moves to the drivers seat, barely being able to fit his enormous bulk inside. Do the other two get in?

(Very Likely) Yes, and...

They both sit down and prepare for the coming combat that will surely ensue as soon as they arrive at the prison. Decius powers up the craft and they set off again.

Hi, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your first session, and using this mechanism to solo play the 40k rpg books is something that appeals to me quite alot so it was interesting to read someone elses take on it. (I have also tried in the past using various other sytems but none ever felt quite right, however so far I am hopeful this system will be what I have been looking for!) Thank you.
I'm really glad you enjoyed reading it. I would love to read any play reports you've got after you try out the system with the 40k systems, I would love to see how other people do it as well. I find the hardest parts are combat, it quickly becomes just number crunching until one side dies, though thats most likely because I still am not that experienced with the system.

I've played some solo games using Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and those work really well I must say. Having the simplified combat distances and a few basic attacks for each enemy really helps with combat. In fact that whole system works well solo I find, having all the components really helps draw you into the game.

I'm just now creating an Only War Guardsmen and hope to try that out in the next day or so, I love Space Marines but i'm not in the mood for playing them. I know they do have character but sometimes I find it hard to remember that while playing, they just become cold hard killers with little else to flesh them out. At least for me, though i'm not experienced in roleplaying as a whole either so in time it will get easier i'm sure.

EDIT: Oh, another big thing. While playing I found I needed stats for the Inquisitor and the Psyker though the thought of generating all stats for a character when I first meet them seemed stupid, it just slows it down to much. So I dug through the 40k rulebooks to find some description of characteristic levels and then put together a quick table to generate npc stats depending on their power level. Its not as variable as player stats but I wanted that, I didn't want my Psyker to role up a low willpower rating, that would just be silly. So as soon as I need to test their characteristics I role up the one I need and record it. This also keeps part of their character hidden until I uncover it in the story which I like. I'll send you the table in a personal message. Though come to think of it, this might be a simple thing that everyone does and I just hadn't thought of it. Non the less, I'll send it to you.
Have you considered using this for simplified combat: Using the Get Damage button.
That would be good for combat between npcs. I'll certainly give it a shot next time I play. I was thinking about simplifying combat for the npcs while my character used the full game mechanics. I really need to pay attention to all the buttons I have access to =P , thanks for pointing out what that one does.
Agreed the repetitive combat rolls was something that caused me to lose interest in solo play previously with the 40k system.
Since finding this I've been experimenting with the buttons and im fairly sure I will be using the damage button with modifiers to represent any difficulty in combat.

I feel for solo play it should work fine.

I was thinking it could get quite slow having all the stats for each npc done and needing to refer constantly. Hence my thought is to judge how likely an action is to succeed and then use the buttons provided here. (I want to try and be as contained in one place as possible as I find it helps the flow of my writing.)

Soon as I get a chance to do my own I'll post it, unfortunately I am on a revision course all weekend for work so not sure when I'll get a chance! Hopefully soon though.

My preference for characters run towards the rogue trader and dark heresy books although I've yet to decide what character type I'll start with here.

Is the new guard book any good?
I'm still reading through it, but from the looks of it, it all seems pretty good at representing what it would be like to be a guardsmen. Though I have much of the book to go and am yet to play a game. Still, since its the same system they can't go to wrong i'm sure.
Interesting story so far, definitely following this campaign.

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