This is awesome
Just wanted to say it Big Grin
Thank you, Frake. I'm very happy you like it.
(04-02-2013, 08:03 AM)Frake Wrote: Just wanted to say it Big Grin

seconded. Just had a play through, generated setting: Elizabethan england with zombies. Hell yeah!

Thought about making this an app?
Thank you Sturm. Glad you're enjoying it.
Thirded, this is amazing. Not having to switch around 5 different apps or so while solo gaming has made it so much easier to be immersed and stay immersed, which is so valuable to me.

I have a feature to request, just another Mythic table. A while back, Tom Pigeon put out alternate action/subject tables, instead using descriptive words. I'd like to see this implemented in RPG Solo, as I use it frequently to add depth to my imagination of what places / NPC's look like.
An image of the tables can be found here.

And Mark, the newest post on that same blog is Check out!

Plan to show some appreciation soon!
Thank you Yougiedeggs. I appreciate the positive feedback.

Also, I am honored to be mentioned on such a great site like Solo Nexus.

Regarding the "Alternative Event Meaning Chart" I'll make a deal with you. I will add it if you or someone can either provide the words for me in text form or send me a link to the PDF so I don't have to type all the words out myself. I looked for the PDF in the Yahoo Group but could not find it.
I looked in the group's files before I made the last post, and had as much trouble finding it, the image was my last resort.

Found it though, it was kinda inconspicuous. The PDF is here, the link that says description.pdf
Wow, good job. Got it! Thanks!
Added. The new button's is named "C.D." for Complex Description.
Thanks much.

My first test for a generic NPC yielded:

Dangerously Watery

An NPC who is crying in hysterics over a dangerous plot thread.

A decent launching point.

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