What genre do you want to see next?
(03-24-2014, 11:24 PM)Galladrick Wrote: Shadowrun!

From their website, "Shadowrun Online is Lord of The Rings meets Blade Runner..." Cool.
I've been using the solo-rpg tool to run a Deadlands Reloaded game, and steampunk would make a welcome addition. if it were possible to blend genres too that could lead to some interesting setups. Deadlands after all is it's own mashup of western gothic horror and steampunk.
Steampunk would be an amazing addition. I recently started using this tool, and had an idea for a thing, and steampunk would work great for it.
Slaad11 and I discussed a way to get people's genre's created and we came up with some kind of a system. So some things are happening in the background; slowly. Very slowly. In fact I think I'm holding things up right now. So, sorry everyone. I'll try to get the ball rolling this week.
I wonder if it would be possible to construct custom genres

it seems the general format is broad enough where one could feed a list of adjectives, nouns, locations and imperative phrases into a list and have it spit out like mad libs a genre-appropriate response. I was thinking about using my custom lists to do this the only problem being is that I am currently using my custom lists to hold onto words characters locations, etc from the existing sessions so that they can be called back should the need arise (ala mythic).
(04-13-2014, 02:51 AM)Mr. Saturn Wrote: have it spit out like mad libs a genre-appropriate response.

This is pretty much what it does now. All those sentences that you see come up are not entered one by one but are dynamically generated based on the selected genre.

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