Classic Fantasy D&D 5e - Shadow of the Demon (for lack of a better title)
I did some research and could not find any information about the text size issue. I'm not sure what is going on but I'll keep an eye out.
Back at the Inn

Tatyana puts the scimitar and crossbow in the corner of his room and they enjoy the evening together, feasting on fine wine and fine cheeses. Renchant basks in yet another soul cleansing bath and another pleasurable deep tissue massage. Twice he had suggested they move to the bed, but she resisted. 

Resisted... who could resist Renchant?

For a serving wench, Renchant thinks she shows remarkable intelligence and interest as he pratters on about the many books and scrolls he has read. She responds in kind and seems genuinely interested. Most people’s eyes glaze over, but not Tatyana’s.

“You have a fine head on your shoulders, girl,” he says. “It’s a compliment that it so well complements the rest of you.” He smiled at his own wit and belatedly realized that might have sounded crass, but he was now on his sixth glass of wine and was intoxicated, blessedly so and didn’t care that much.

(He rolls a 2 on the intoxication chart. That means he gets advantage on charisma skill checks. Bam! He’s going to try something.)

“You’re wasted here, Tatyana.” he leaned closer to her and exuded his considerable charm. He sat in a clean robe and she was massaging his now stockinged feet as he nursed another globet of mulled wine. “Why don’t you come with me? I could use a good masseuse on the road. I’ll pay you ten times what you get here if you stay on with me for, say...a year? Tell me you will?”

She shifts and mulls it over while she refills his silver goblet with more wine. 

“Ten times the pay, you say? But Master Renchant you don’t even know what I make,” she responds with a smile. “You don’t even know me. And I certainly don’t even know you.”

He loves the way she says his name, the playful lilt in her voice. “Oh, but you shall, girl. I promise that I will be the most... intriguing person you have ever met. Think of the adventures we could have...together! Me attached to you and your unique...talents,” he raises his silver goblet and looks her slender form up and down, meaningfully, laying the charm on thick with a winning smile. “You could even become my apprentice. Think of that? I’ll teach you what I know about magic...and you can do...odd jobs for me,” he says airly.

“Where would we go?” she asks with eyes wide and innocent.

“The world is wide open, ripe for adventure, lass. But we’re going south, far south to where the winds are warm and the landscape is open with vast dunes of white sand.”


“I’ll buy you a silken desert dress. It’ll feel like the barest breath of air on your skin, so fair, and I must say I’m quite interested to see how you’d look in such a gown. Quite fetching, I’d say. Quite fetching, indeed! More fetching than the Queen of Kendrassa, and believe you me, she was renowned among women--one of the most beautiful of the desert people.” 

He got an 18 total on his persuasion.

Tatyana smiles and leans towards him. “Fine. I’ll go with you, but on one condition.”

“Anything, my dear.”

“If I am to be so...closely attached to you,” she places a hand on his knee. “With me being a young girl and you a solitary handsome bachelor. I would have certain assurances as to my well being.”

He raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “Of course. Say on.”

“I shall be more than your apprentice, Renchant,” she moves even closer to him and he can smell the heady scent of the light rose water on her neck. Suddenly, she is on his lap with one arm around his neck, caressing his neck gently, sending electric thrills of pleasure coursing through his spine. 

“How about I also be your friend, your confidant, and...lover?” she looks at him with those liquid eyes.

“I am liking this arrangement more and more,” Renchant smiles and pulls her closer. “Very well, I accept.”

“I thought you might. I promise I shall be all those things and more if--” she pauses meaningfully.

“Yes?” He can barely hear her, as he gently kisses her shoulder and then her neck. Magic was his passion, but this...creature, this girl--probably a bit more than half his age--and yet...yet she possessed a passion that was a magic all its own. “Anything.”

She pulls away slightly and touches his nose. “--if you marry me.”


The word hits him like an ogre’s club and sputtering, poleaxed, he stands up, so suddenly startled that he sends her falling with a yelp onto her rump onto the carpeted floor. The royal splash of wine marrs the white fur carpet. 

“What did you say?” He asks and wipes wine from one hand onto a nearby white towel.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me,” she pouts and moves to a sideways sitting position, tucking her legs to the side under her, her dark hair glistening around her form, framing her. Her simple modest white dress molds to her figure in distracting ways. “You saved my life Master Renchant.,” she beams up at him. “I already love you for that. And I am interested in you and what you do. But I am a proper girl, not some whore to be used up and cast aside. I will be wed know.” she glances at the bed.

Wed...? She was beautiful, there was no denying that, but... marriage? His analytical brain started firing alarm bells. Never in his life had marriage ever crossed his mind. He had seen that kind of thing destroy too many happy friendships! 

Marriage...? Him? With her?

It was preposterous! Out of the question! He was married to his...research, his books, his magic! That was his true passion, wasn’t it? 

His head felt fuzzy. He had had too much to drink. He knew it made him extra charming, but he couldn’t help feeling something had backfired here.

“But I barely know you,” he says, backpedalling the deal. “And you barely know me.”

“I know. I already said that earlier.”

“Marriage? Do you even know what you’re asking?” he asks.

“You look frightened, Renchant, are you unwell?” 

Such an alluring smile. Hells and Demons! “You sure you won’t just... come along as a friend? You know, just for the fun of it?”

The way she tilts her head and smiles back at him with those eyes...She slowly shakes her head still smiling at him. The motion, her form, those eyes. It makes his gut ache with desire.

“I’m surprised at you, Renchat, and at most men! Why would you settle for spending one night with me in some fleeting fling of passion rather than have me, the real me, devoted and joined at your side, for all time?”

He hadn’t thought of it like that. Why indeed? But...this was happening too quickly. “I... I just don’t think we should rush into something so...important as marriage.”

“Could it be that you’re afraid of commitment? I didn’t think you were afraid of anything.”

He stands up, anxious, and begins to pace. He snatches up the goblet and takes a long drink. Blast! He needed the fortitude it gave. “I’m not afraid girl. But we have to know this will work won’t we? What if we’re not compatible. We should at least have an engagement first.” He sputters. He couldn’t believe he’d just said that.

“Engaged? How sweet! Very well, I accept!” she claps her hands together and beams up at him, then suddenly she’s hugging him awkwardly, causing him to nearly spill the goblet of wine.

“Girl, I... “ he gently pushes her away with one hand. “Are you sure? Stars above, I’m old enough to be your father! What do you see in me? Certainly not...romance.”

“You think you’re not distinguished enough?” she asks, playful again. “Not handsome enough? Not young enough for romance?” she sighs and moves towards him again, taking the goblet from his hands, drinking some herself. She sets it down on a small table. “You are some years older than I, true, but you are not elderly. You are still young and strong. What? In your mid thirties maybe? You have a fine physique--I know--for a book-learned man anyway.”

“Well...yes, I do try to take care of myself,” he says, and he hopes the grin doesn’t look too foolish. He could feel the heat rising on his face. This conversation was absolutely ridiculous.

“I’m no fool, Master Renchant. You are right about my prospects here. With so many refugees and war threatening on the horizon, there is little for me here. You are a man with power and wealth. I know that you will go places. And I’ll help you! In turn, you’ll help me. Think what we could do...together!”

Indeed. His face felt warm again. “I...” he pulls at his beard. “Being married to me will not be easy.” And have such a charming specimen at his side, he deserved that didn’t he?

“The best things in life are never easy,” that’s what my father always said.

“Your father? Who is your father? Gods above, who are you!?”

“I’m Tatanya,” she smiles up at him again with those bewitching dark eyes. 

“I know that. But I know nothing about you.”

“I’m a mystery,” she smiles enigmatically in her playful way. “You like mysteries. You spoke so much about how many magical mysteries were yet to be had, contained in those musty old tomes you haven’t read.”

“I do like mysteries. I like them to be uncovered and discovered.” He sinks down into his chair. “So, tell me... who are you, Tatyana, the serving girl?”

“What if I told you I was a mere peasant girl, the daughter of a farmer. Would that spoil things?”

“You aren’t. I can tell that you know how to read and the way you speak, you have a keen intelligence and wit.”

“Are you saying a farm girl cannot learn how to read? That they can’t be intelligent?”

“Certainly they can be, but few have the time nor the inclination for reading. You have been tutored,” he says. “In the king’s own tongue as well. I can hear it in every word you say.”

She smiles at him and winks and then gives a courtly bow. “You have found me out. I am not a daughter of a farmer. I am, in fact, the daughter of Sir Collin Bolstead. Have you heard of him?”

He got an 11 on his History check.

“No, should I have?”

“He is--well okay--was a Knight of the Realm and the Duke Oaken Watch.”

Renchant finds her back on his lap, and she’s now tracing her fingers atop his hand, her head on his shoulder. “He’s been imprisoned on charges of treachery. It’s all a misunderstanding, of course.”

“Of course...” he mutters, pulling at one end of his mustache.

“I’ll need your help with that at some point.”

“Of course...” he says automatically.

“Good,” her lips find his and she kisses him long and deep. When she pulls away, he’s shocked to see his own desire mirrored in her eyes.

“Well, I had better get to bed,” she stands up slowly, one hand lingering on his shoulder. 

She looks down at him. “You’ll be here in the morning? You won’t run off, will you? We are engaged after all.”

“Run off? Me?” the coughing fit caused him to reach for the wine goblet again.

She folds her arms and looks at him with a stern expression, tilted head, expectant, like a demanding little queen, he thought. 

Stars and demons, but who was this girl? “I’ll be here,” he finally answers after his bracing gulp of wine.


“Of course,” he said. Then louder. “Of course!” And he gives her a big winning smile.

She flashes an answering grin that brightens the room and leans down and kisses his nose. Then, with a twirl, she spins away, causing her white dress to flair dangerously above her calf. His heartbeat is fast and heady as he watches her skip out of the room humming to herself.

He sank back into his chair. Engaged. He was engaged. 

“Upon my magic, what just happened?”
Quote:His friends figure there were lots of guards about earlier and that the guards must be taking care of things.

Are there guards about right now?
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

Of course not, but it made for a nice bit of comedy relief.
That bedroom scene must have been fun to write. It was very entertaining to read.
Glad you enjoyed it! Teviko.

It was fun to write up. 

I decided to keep playing off of the earlier post:
where the oracle came up with "Dangerously" "Cute". 

I was originally thought she was in on the plot to mug him, but no, turns out she was a victim of the crime just as he, and the situation just brought them together. Then I had to figure out how his persuasion roll would make sense to where she would willingly join him.

I'm glad how it turned out. 

While I like Renchant, he is a bit of an overbearing know it all, so it's fun to see an intelligent girl with wits and charm put him in his place.

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